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Monster fish caught in Australia

Monster fish caught in Australia


Well that's a decent size.

SUE Elcock went on a fishing trip to keep her son company — and was shocked to hook a 62kg monster fish longer than herself.

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5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Beanhunter has just named the top places to get a coffee in Queensland.



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Essie Lagumdzija we gotta find it

Lachlan McPhee coffee anthology hahahahahaha

Espresso legends on Adelaide street Brisbane cbd is the best coffee !!

Overtons Coffee for me 💯

Greg Vann what do you think of these coffee locations? Have they got it right?

Miss oz coffee so much! ☕️

How about 7eleven coffee! It’s not even named!😯

Once again the south east is Classed as Qld!


Catherine Elise we need to get amongst it and get some proper cup tasting going on 😂🙌

Mohammed Haif you should try this coffee lover😄

Liv Kenne tror det var här vi var haha

No harmony Felix

Duong Kim Anh coffee kiaa

Allan Quach

Priscilla May

Joshua Rayment Nicky Jade

Safeera Sabdia

Natalie Au

Gidgett Santowski Scott

Fordson Ford


Martin Rhys Brumpton

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5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

New data shows Ipswich and Brisbane's north are proving fertile ground for house-flippers who renovate and sell properties for profit.



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Just get a old house and renovate yourself don’t buy a fancy house 🏡 which would cost you a big $$$$

Tony Hansen might have to go back to your trade 😂

Marcello Chello


Christopher Zuniga

5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken another wedding tradition, by not choosing the usual fruit cake.



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Fruit-Cake > DONT THEY ALREADY HAVE ONE ,The Prime Minister ..

Fruit cake for a wedding is old fashioned tradition. New generation new traditions.

Who carreeess

I don’t know how people live like that??? Like u can’t eat something on ur own choice🤭

for heavens sakes channel 7 as much as i love ya news give it a rest, your constantly bashing it about these two everyday sick of hearing about em

I'm sure that baker makes some delicious food, but am I the only one disturbed by her hair not being tied back? 😬 Basic kitchen hygiene 101....

Good on em.


5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

More than half-a-dozen new hotels are set to open soon across the South East.


6 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Myer has reported a net half-yearly loss of nearly half-a-billion dollars.



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Myer has a large “high end product” placement. They are spending too much on these brands, they’re too expensive, people aren’t buying them. They probably should do away with alot of the departments and focus on, clothing, homewares, footwear, beauty and accessories.

It's becoming a lot like David Jones.... I reckon the prices need to go down. Otherwise, I'm backing down

Maybe adjust your prices to be more competitive. Meyers is famous for inflating their product pricing.

They have closed too many shops and lost customer base as a result.

When all the shops are gone everyone will be happy. We are outsmarting ourselves here in Australia when your kids finish school uni etc and can’t get work how good will you feel then, I suppose your blame the government! We should support local businesses..

The prices aren't anywhere near being competitive even compared with other bricks and mortar retailers

Uniqlo Zara are taking over about time

Keep going people buy online and put australians out of work 😠

Not surprised!

They have to go online and we lose jobs

Sandra Ann told u

Katrina been a while since you been shopping hey?

Lol Jaclyn Heinrich

Jess 🤯


Emma Sanday

Iris Ngo

Jennifer Van Haaren

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Great news if you're planning some 4WD action this Easter. The one-way section of the Border Track in #NgarkatConservationPark is reopening early on Thursday 29th March.

#NationalParksSA |

Great news if youre planning some 4WD action this Easter. The one-way section of the Border Track in #NgarkatConservationPark is reopening early on Thursday 29th March. 

#NationalParksSA |


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Can you ride registered motorbikes on the border track?

Daniel McClounan Tony Archer Brett Kannane Might be a good weekend out :)

Tyler Joseph Alex Southby Hannah Southby. Ive just about recovered from our last 4x4

Elly Mary Smith we need to try this

Sam EllisEllis how do you think the paj would go

Jp Kordahi need to catch up again here sometime soon

Andrew get keen

should head here next trip Tadek.

Matt Rowe have you been here?

Hope they all enjoy our hard work this weekend to get it ready. Tony Millsted

Jacqui Harley with Iain 😁

Annabelle Mugge, for Dad

This would be a good place to check out Jane Morris

Dale we need to a camping trip here

Matt Willo Matty Edwoods Matt Jenno Ryan Pym

Jiron Blacket time to book a trip

Steven Johnson Kale Adam

Chris Short

Mark N Jade Lawrence

Ty Clayson

Benjamin Bull

Jared Askham

Sam Lord

Trent Durbidge

Adam Prest?

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Don't forget to enter our competition to WIN a stay in Deep Creek Conservation Park thanks to Southern Ocean Retreats. Simply tell us what you would most enjoy about staying in the park and like our page and Southern Ocean Retreats to go into the draw. Competition closes March 25. T and C’s

#NationalParksSA | #ParkoftheMonth


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My family is going camping there at easter and I am staying back cos my yougest son has surgery. Such an awesome place lucky we been there before so many different sites to chose from once we woke up to kamgaros all around us. Hopefully we can get back there again soon!

I would love everything about the; Dazzling Expansive Estuary Providing Countless Remarkable Experiences Especially with Kangaroos 🐒 (we really need kangaroo emojis 🙊)

I’d love the opportunity to practice the Japanese art of “forest bathing”, and simply take it all in!

Seeing the wildlife and enjoying the ocean and beautiful walking trails. As a family we have never been to deep creek so would enjoy every opportunity.

I love how clean and well signed the park is. A beautiful place to holiday any time of the year.

I've camped in Deep Creek it's absolutely stunning waking up to tons of kangaroos just outside yer tent is something everyone should experience

I love running/hiking the trails. Would love to explore Deep Creek Conservation Park and share the experience with my family 😊

Oh would love this been talking lately about taking our grandson camping for the first time he's just at the right age.

Myself along with hubby and our 3 kids walked to Blowhole beach and back! An absolute gem, the views are breathtaking and that beach 👌🏻☺️

Brandon O'Reilly and I would love to stay at Deep Creek conservation park to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. We love adventure, connecting with nature and exploring everything great about SA. This stay would allow us to explore Deep Creek Conservation Park as it is very different to our usual national parks we visit since it is so close to the coast!

I love deep creek because of the differing landscapes, the 'moon' rock at blowhole beach, the stringy stringy bark forest and the friendly kangaroos. Mostly though, my kids and I had the best time during winter looking for and finding amazing fungi!

I would love to take my children & for them to explore the natural beauty of the area. Go on a bush walk, run along the beach see the native fauna & flora but for them but the most special thing to me would be for them to experience the beauty of night sky at deep creek to be able to see all those stars twinkly so clearly it almost feels like you can touch them!

Couldn’t get anymore closer to nature I use to go there growing up would love to share the same experience with my children

The serenity.... Truly beautiful, & the real Australia.

Spending time with my family in a beautiful part of South Australia. The wildlife, the views, the serenity, can't get much better than that.

Truely one of SA’s best parks. Gorgeous ocean views, walking tracks and an array of birds and wildlife. A treasure of the state ❤️

Love staying there for the warm starry nights, cosy campfires in winter, great choice of walking trails, and break from civilisation ⛺

I would most enjoy having 2 days to explore all the Park has to offer. I went there as a child on school camp and would love to go again with my partner. Thanks 😊

Ohhhh it would be so nice!! Fresh air, peace and quiet, the kids can run wild, see the stars at night BUT mostly it would be so nice to spend time together as a family! ❤️

Summer and winter have brought me so many great memories... with family and friends. Deep creek offers so much just being on your door step.. each adventure I have had has given me a life memory that I will never forget. Thank you for keeping this beautiful landscape accessible for all to experience. That’s all.👍😜

Time out of our hectic lifestyles to enjoy the scenery, peacefulness & wildlife! We love exploring all the beauty that’s right here in our own backyards! #sagreat

Heading that way late April this year ...3 x birthday celebrations Daughter and family love to free camp Kids 8 and 6 love the adventure and thrill of being in country yet so close to beach, best of both worlds. Thank you

The most enjoyable things about staying at deep creek for our family would be the space, the infinite amount of trails to walk, the amazing nature to observe. To spend time together away from phones and laptops, away from the traffic and pollution of the city and to be able to look up at the night sky and see solar systems with no interruptions due to high rise buildings and endless street lights. South Australia is such a gem, my children are so lucky we get to live and explore here.

The salty sou-wester whipping up the gully as one descends down to Aaron Creek Cove. Listening to the breeze in the stringybarks at Trig as the superb blue wrens playfully dart in and out, fearlessly close to the campsite. Such a magical place so close to home and my heart.

What a beautiful place to take my family for a well deserved mini holiday 🙏

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Stand taller. Shine brighter -> Increase your employability skills while gaining recognition for your extracurricular activities through the Adelaide Graduate Award: ...


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Fantastic initiative! Volunteering opportunities are also available at Children's University Adelaide which also count towards the Adelaide Graduate Award program.

Benjamin Grindlay :)

Liberty Papas

Liam McInerney

Bella VS!!!!