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Minimum cost of raising a child is now $140 a week

Minimum cost of raising a child is now $140 a week


From $140 to $170 a week. The cost of raising children has risen sharply over the past two decades because of changing expectations of what they need to live a healthy life.

The cost of raising children has risen sharply over the past two decades.

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TONIGHT: Port Adelaide launches a counter-attack over the treatment of Sam Powell-Pepper.

More details at 5pm on #TenNews.

Former police officer Hayley Greenwood sentenced to 4.5 years jail for 3 counts of trafficking meth in 2015. 28-year-old handed 18 month non parole period. @TenNewsADEL

DRY 2018: Adelaide's only had 28mm of rain this year - just 1/4 of the 100mm we'd usually expect by the end of April - with no rain on the forecast for the next 7 days

Also snippet here from an interview with Andrew Denton who chose the "full buzz saw" for his recent heart surgery.
Just 4 mins... Have a listen.
@abcsydney @robbie_buck

Andrew Denton opens up

Denton at his most vulnerable and revealing, grappling with his mortality.

2 pedestrians injured after 2 cars collided and 1 mounted curb on the route between #Redfern Station + @Sydney_Uni

KEITH THOMAS: "We viewed 7 hours of video from every angle..this has been a hefty lesson for Sam Powell-Pepper in regards to respect for women." @TenNewsADEL

Keith Thomas confirms Hamish Hartlett has been hurt at training, early reports suggest a knee injury. Terrible timing for the power. @TenNewsADEL

KEITH THOMAS: " The difference between what happened and sexual assault was vast." @TenNewsADEL

NOW: Port CEO Keith Thomas says reporting by some media "way overplayed " the Sam Powell-Pepper nightclub incident and that his conduct was a long way from sexual assault. @TenNewsADEL

TONIGHT: A man who seriously injured his two children in a crash at Roseworthy will spend at least two years behind bars.

Full details at 5pm on #TenNews

LIVE: Now we are heading live to the Chief Executive of the Port Adelaide Football Club Keith Thomas regarding the Powell Pepper incident. #TenNews

Watch live from:

Yet to confirm with the club, but I'm hearing Hamish Hartlett has been hurt at Power training today and taken away in an ambulance. Possible knee injury...
Hopefully not true.

NOW: A task force to investigate rolling out meninococcal B vaccines in South Australia.

Watch live on:

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38 minutes ago

SBS Australia

This mum transforms food into stunning artworks, originally to ensure her daughters ate a healthy diet. ...


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Oh wow! This is brilliant. But as the second youngest of nine kids, there was no 'refusing to eat' for me... I had to be quick before someone else ate my food!

Bethany Baynie totes would have done this for you if I had any artistic ability, instead you just got hidden veg puree :)

Susan Wong bet the boys still wouldnt eat it 🙄

1 hour ago

Guardian Australia

"From the age of seven, when I came here, I have been stuck. I had so many dreams but they have all blown away." In Nauru, a 12-year-old boy begs for medical care for his brother and mother. She is suicidal, forced to wear nappies for incontinence, and has been repeatedly recommended for urgent medical transfer. 14 months on, there is no immediate plan to move her. ...


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#EXCLUSIVE: Ali shares this mould-infested tent with his mother. He has been held in detention on Nauru since he was seven.

I am ashamed to be an Australian and I am ashamed of our government for for not helping the refugees who have asked for our help. 😥

It's a total disgrace that this child and many others live like this. I hate our government. I can't WAIT TO VOTE YOU OUT.

Why is this happening to me? Because Malcolm Turdcoat's evil Libtard Party seeks to profit politically from this insenate cruelty

Murderers are better treated in our jails. And they receive adequate medical treatment.

It’s called get a visa.

I don’t understand how that religious fanatic from Iran who shot and killed people in a terrorist attack (Martin Place shooting) was given asylum even though the government of Iran (corrupt af) warned the Australian government that this person was dangerous and wanted for crimes in Iran. And yet, these people with no criminal background with no danger to society are being treated like this. Why tho? These people are literally escaping the one you gave asylum to and you refuse to let THEM in? I don’t get it 😕

1 hour ago

SBS Australia

You're going to need to leave your ladders and handcuffs at home if you’re attending #Eurovision this year, sorry. ...


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They did syringes twice

Stu Miller Now I want to go to Portugal to see what they take into events! :)

Good music.

Oliver Cartwright

Richard Suters

Ari McCauley


Rosanne Borg

Bronwyn Robinson

2 hours ago

SBS Australia

In this workshop, bereaved kids in New Zealand find comfort alongside others in the same situation. ...

3 hours ago

SBS Australia

Bánh mì is truly the complete package. 😍A crisp baguette filled with bouncy fried fish cakes, drizzled with soy & Sriracha - this banh mi is hitting the street food hot spot!

Bánh mì is truly the complete package. 😍


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Luke Nguyen’s Food Trail airs 8pm, Thursdays on SBS.

Surely this is Australia's national dish.

i've never had one with Sriracha on it. i have questions.

Danny Mamic

Lizzie Delaney