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Meghan’s royal bridal party revealed

Meghan’s royal bridal party revealed


The huge royal wedding bridal party will include some of Meghan Markle’s celebrity mates. But the real stars of the show will be these two.

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43 minutes ago


HOLY CR*P! These people are lucky to be alive😮🚗 ...

4 hours ago


Me trying to escape my life problems like... 😂😆😞 ...

The Federal Government has forced billionaire Clive Palmer to expose the impacts that his mega-mine would have on the Great Barrier Reef.

Authorised by D Rowe, 2/33 Mountain Street Ultimo 2007

The Federal Government has forced billionaire Clive Palmer to expose the impacts that his mega-mine would have on the Great Barrier Reef.

Authorised by D Rowe, 2/33 Mountain Street Ultimo 2007


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Pauline wants a coal powered station built in Queensland 🤪

How horrible that Clive Palmer can return after destroying all his loyal workers lives, when not giving them their entitlements.....

That fool should not be allowed to build a sand castle on a beach.

Never bloody happy until they are destroying beautiful things.

Clive Palmer has proven that he is not capable of running a chook raffle, let alone this monstrosity.

Clive couldn’t build a cubby house unless he got government funding😂😂😂

Why isn't he is gaol yet? Whoops, forgot, he's rich.

You know it will go broke in no time.

No more coal or pies for you Clive, didn't your mother teach you; don't be greedy!

So is Palmer going to need external finance for this monstrosity? If so let's hope the banks treat him the same ad Adani and refuse finance.

expose the fool

No way!!

Why is this man not in jail?

As the Libs and Murdoch hate Palmer he probably wont get away with this . But they are quite happy supporting Adani .. .

His dream our living nightmare.No thanks.

Has he paid the workers he ripped off from his other company yet?

That's probs why he commissions heaps of sick memes on fb, so he can slide under the radar with this shit but have everyone on the internet think he's great because memes. Boourns.

How about we do not build any more mines?!

Is he planning on swimming in it then ?

Jerk! 😡

Jobs for all Clive bring it on.

Tell these two destroyers where to go.

a great Australian and major poet!

Oh yes and he's such a reliable and trustworthy person hey cuzies

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10 hours ago


'We so should have thought this through' 😩😂 ...

We so should have thought this through 😩😂

15 hours ago


Simply BEAUTIFUL! 😍😍 ...


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What a beautiful video thank you for giving us the chance to see this

19 hours ago


Keep watching to 42s to see the POV footage! 😯 🐊 ...

20 hours ago


This kid's pool skills are epic AF 🔥👏🎱 ...

Sprite claims to care about sustainability, but did you know the company has been linked to illegal deforestation in Argentina? 😱

Get the facts — then take action >>


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Drink more sprite it’s a good drop

That's why it tastes so good. The only thing missing each tree was a greenie!!!

Alan Agustin Daniel thought you guys might like this!

Thanks, it's well know, and very sad

Don't drink Sprite ever -- yuck!

Keren Graham now I have to purge my sprite from last night too 😔

😂😂😂 more bull shit

Bruce Tiumalu

"I think not-for-profits are important because they truly express people's opinions without the influence of government."
- Elaina, Greenpeace work experience student

Stand with Elaina to protect Aussie charities from new laws that restrict our ability to speak out. Email Bill Shorten MP and tell him to oppose these laws:


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Love inspirational human

Greenpeace why do you not educate the foremost and real reason behind the collapse of the worlds environment? #cowspiracy

Love her!!! Go Elaina!! xx

You go girl, the world need young people like you. 👍Best wishes from Norway

Hi , Thank you so much for your activites . With best wishes

Beautifully said Elaina 💕💕

<3 hit the nail on the head!

What a legend!

Meet Kayne. He was diagnosed with brain cancer just before 2nd birthday.

Find out why our research is so important for kids just like Kayne:

Meet Kayne. He was diagnosed with brain cancer just before 2nd birthday. 

Find out why our research is so important for kids just like Kayne:


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I would say they are all heroes, including those that don't make it. Even just for their attempt at fighting such a heartbreaking condition that a child shouldn't have to go through.

what a nice smile, hope all goes well for you,i had the top of my right lung out 10 years ago and still here doing what i like to do, best wishes.

Doing wonder things with research. They are making a difference!

Its hard enough to find out your loved ones have cancer and then lose them i have lost three of my family members and my husband lost 4 of his

More than happy that we donate towards research to help these children.

I wish children did not have cancer hope one day they find a cure one day Sooner than later the

Poor little boy, cancer is a terrible thing, but must be so devastating to have your child diagnosed with it.

Please help if you can

Good job Kanye. I know cos 40 years ago I beat a rare leukaemia that ate a hole in my skull. ✌👍Hi5🖐 Keep gettin better 😎

Sadly our darling daughter Therese was misdiagnosed twice at age 44 & passed away at 45, gone from this life but never forgotten ! <3

Kayne you have the most beautiful smile and I wish you lots of luck and happiness

Totally right.poor little darlings.

Little kayne you are a superhero little legend :-)

What a beautiful smile ,welldone good luck

All the best sweetheart and thoughts are with your family also. Gorgeous boy ❤

All the very best young man. Beautifull smile

You are a super hero little man , bless you and best wishes for a wonderful future xxooxx

Well done to a Superhero and Clever Surgeons .

Little warriors these kids..good luck buddy x

I wish you health and happiness sweetheart 💚

Good on you little man your a strong kid ❤

Why baby's they so fragile and can't help them selfs same all young children and teenagers hospitals and parents can only do so much for them thinking of all of you I wish their is a cure found sooner rather than later good luck

best news iv heard all day stay strong little one

What a star! Onwards and upwards little fella. X

well done beautiful child,keep fighting.

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This weekend we celebrate and thank:
The seasoned-pro mums.
The new mums.
The mums who have a child that is unwell.
The mums who have lost a child.
The women who yearn to be a mum.
The pregnant mums.
The mums who are sharing their childhood cancer journey to help our research find the cure, just like Sasha.
And all the mums in between.
Happy Mother's Day <3

We are privileged to share on our blog the words of this incredible mum Sasha (pictured) who will be spending her first Mother's Day without her son. Byron sadly passed away from Neuroblastoma on the 12th August 2017 aged just 2 years old. Read Sasha's beautiful words:

This weekend we celebrate and thank:
The seasoned-pro mums.
The new mums.
The mums who have a child that is unwell.
The mums who have lost a child.
The women who yearn to be a mum.
The pregnant mums.
The mums who are sharing their childhood cancer journey to help our research find the cure, just like Sasha.
And all the mums in between.
Happy Mothers Day


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And so do the grandparents....lost my grandaughter 3 years ago on the 6/5.

Sasha I'm so sorry for ur loss my daughter Leah passed away from nuroblastoma last year in Feb at 3 1/2 no words will ever describe the sadness we have to live with .😔

I am very grateful to have 65 years before I got cancer it just breaks my heart to see stories about babies children and teenagers dealing with cancer.

Happy Mothers Day to Sacha and all those Mums who have lost a dear child to this insidious disease thinking of you all. 💕🌻💕🌻💕

Thoughts and wishes towards a woman whom lost her 5 yr old suddenly due to meningococcal. Meanwhile, She had an 18 mo old girl, and was 3 months pregnant. Fortunately, She's married to a very good man. This all happened 2 weeks before last Christmas. My heart goes out to her. Please note her in your prayers tonight. Thanks. ☺

Kylie Tani the most amazing mum I know and love 💖💞💞💖

Dear Sasha ,I extend my heartfelt condolences to you and your family ,I wish I could hug you ,no words ,they're not needed as our hearts as a mother are one and the same ,our precious children always and forever in our hearts . Mothers day to you ❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤😘

There will be sunshine again for you Sasha <3

Yes ,being a mum is the best feeling and yes hard work as you navigate those developing years of your child . To be a mum to a sick child ,no matter how old they are is beyond words ,you fight every inch along side of them ,desperate to take away their pain ,fear and struggle . Watching your precious child battle this incideous illness knowing you cannot do a damn thing about it ,other than take them to all the appointments ,get their meds/treatments ,hold their hand and try to keep them strong mentally ,emotionally and physically ,all the while your head is screaming NO NO NO THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING TO MY CHILD ! THIS IS MOTHERHOOD!This is the ultimate ,hurt ,pain and suffering too a mother can ever have in their lifetime .The feeling of helplessness ,wanting desperately to save your child's life , I wish I could have given mine for my son Jordan ,it should have been me ,not my son ❤💙💔.To all the mothers out there in this path beside your child fighting ,may you have the strength ,the hope ,support and love to never ,ever ,give up hope ,god bless you and may the angels surround you in their protection for your precious child ❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤In honor and memory of my precious son Jordan ,forever 22yrs old ,battled Ewing's sarcoma for 5years ,lost his fight on Sunday ,1.10am. 29th January2017.forever missed ,never to be forgotten as long as I still breath ❤🌈❤

A Mothers Day full of everlasting love and memories Sasha for your beautiful Byron ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Been there 20 years ago, never forget it, gratefully my son made it through, l wish people would understand that it may have been years ago but the ache of a diagnosis of your with cancer never leaves you😢

Tomorrow will be my 12th Mother’s Day without my daughter. It never gets any easier you just learn to live with it differently as the years pass. Thank goodness I have a lovely son and beautiful daughter in law 💗

Oh I miss my girl - love to all you other Mums ❤

i hope your angel is with mine Karen was 2O and died of cancer ♥️.💙

I can’t believe how many of us have lost children !

My little girl had Ganglio Neuroblastoma but has survived. My thoughts are with you..

My mother gave me this years before she died

All the with him i i have cancer to all my love phil.

So sorry Sasha, what a precious baby, its a cruel disease, miss my girl everday😩

Too all the Beautiful Mums, Grandmothers & Aunties . Sending love , hugs & plenty of wishes your way . 😘❤️❤️

My heart breaks for you Sasha Jones and every other parent who has had to say goodbye to their child. There. Is not one day that I take being a mum for granted. Thinking of you and sending extra big hugs and rainbows tomorrow 😘💕

We never forget the loss of a child but can only hope for cures in the future for other parents children 😘

They sure do never had that tragedy in my life so i send all my love to the mums who have been touched by that tragedy have a awsome day ladies

Thoughts & prayers go out to all mums going through difficult times 💞⚘

So sorry for your loss Sasha sending love and also for all the mums whose children are suffering ❤️

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Meet Nikki, Mackenzie, Eli & Harper - they are all childhood cancer survivors.

Kids just like them who are affected by childhood cancer need your support! 239+ riders have been riding from 7am to 7pm raising money for our research at #EndureForACure you can show your support by donating here:


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I just hate ut when i read of children with cancer,they havent had achance of life and some are really battling,i pray for children and all people with cancer every night,these little darlings are really doing it tough.x


Little champs. God bless them😗

Bless them and keep them safe from sickness.

God Bless every child with cancer 🙏

God bless you all

Thank you to everyone riding today ❤️

Where there is love there is hope. God love them all

ask julie for a donation .see give it to every one who askes .mal


Nikki Quinn Errin Isedale Luke 'Rollo' Rollinson

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ANZACs, we can’t thank you enough.
Lest we forget.

ANZACs, we can’t thank you enough. 
Lest we forget.


Comment on Facebook

Lets always remember the ultimate sacrifices these young men gave so we could have the lifestyle we enjoy now! LEST WE FORGET.

Remembering all the young men who went to war and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Lest we forget 🌹

I ądmire and love all those young brave men and all the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live our lives in peace. Shame on anyone or organization like local councils who forbids their workers to wear a poppy or any symbol that represents Anzacs in fear of offending immigrants from war torn country. We are period Australians and dearly love our Anzacs.

Amen & forever remembered for there fearless gallantry in fighting for this Country!

Beautifully said. Thankyou to all those who are in the services keeping our country safe and to those and their families who have lost their lives for our country. God bless you all

We salute and thankyou for fighting for our country and our freedom..we will remember......

My Dad would have been 102 this month but lost his life at 26 when executed by the Japanese, so many beautiful young men gave their all for us I will be forever grateful.

This is why you should NEVER change Anzac day LEST WE FORGET

Lest We Forget not just today but always. Shame on those that come from different countries not to respect this day so thankful to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice & those in the forces now a big Thank You 🇻🇬🇻🇬🇻🇬🇻🇬🇰🇭

And we Thank Them every year and They will not be Forgotten 🌹

Remembering my uncles, father-in-law, step- f-i-l and all who did their part back home for the war effort. We should never take what they did for granted.

Thank you for the life you gave us Rest In Peace.

Very true we owe our soldiers so much,Thank You

My uncle is on one of these Buried in France

They will always be remembered for their bravery and sacrifices. lest we forget

THATS A FACT! So dont waste today !

Beautifully said 💔🌙✨🌏🇦🇺

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. Lest We Forget."

Lest we forgot we thank all the young men and women for the wonderful work my you all enjoy your day together xoxox

Great fighting forces we have,R,I,P, for those who didn,t make it back home.Lest we Forget.

Thank you to all those young men who gave us freedom to do as we please... not be dictated to by an ancient culture... do we truly appreciate freedom to be our true self?

We salute everyone of you brave soldiers,

My grandfathers brother is on this wall.his name is ken mcleod who was only 17 when he went 2 war .he was at war 3days when he died

Lest we forget ❤️❤️❤️

And we will always thank them for that. Lest we forget.

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