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Meghan’s royal bridal party revealed

Meghan’s royal bridal party revealed


The huge royal wedding bridal party will include some of Meghan Markle’s celebrity mates. But the real stars of the show will be these two.

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DUST STORM: Strong winds have whipped up an incredible dust storm across SA's Murraylands and Riverland - locals say its the worst since the 1970s - this shot was taken at Blanchetown.

Strong winds and heavy rain have lashed parts of the state, and kept @SA_SES busy with fallen trees and damage to homes. Conditions should start to ease this evening, @katefreebairn will have all the details in #TenNews at 5pm.

BREAKING: Peter Dansie has pleaded NOT GUILTY to drowning murder of wife Helen Dansie in South Parklands pond in April last year. He’ll be arraigned 13 Aug, and committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court. @TenNewsADEL

More strong to gale force winds to hit SA this afternoon - gusting at up to 110km/h - as a cold front moves rapidly across our state

Police have released this photo of 25 yr old Jake Dohnt. The public reminded that he could be armed and is considered dangerous. @TenNewsADEL #Wallaroo

NEWSBYTE: Adelaide's lunchtime headlines with @AlanMurrellTEN. All the details in #TenNews tonight at 5pm.

WALLAROO UPDATE: Police have revealed more details about alleged gunman, Jake Dohnt, who they believe is still in the Wallaroo area. Streets are still in lockdown as officers continue to search homes. #TenNews

25 yr old Jake Dohnt is known to Police, relatives say he only recently got out of jail. @TenNewsADEL

Police have left messages on his mobile phone & the last sighting of him was early this morning. @TenNewsADEL #Wallaroo

Police are urging armed fugitive 25 yr old Jake Dohnt to surrender peacefully. They believe others are assisting him. @TenNewsADEL #Wallaroo

WALLAROO: The last sighting of the suspect was in the Wallaroo area, early this morning. #TenNews

WALLAROO: Police say they have reason to believe that people in Wallaroo have been assisting the suspected gunman, Jake Dohnt, to evade police. #TenNews

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