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Man charged over tomahawk robbery

Man charged over tomahawk robbery


He was allegedly out on bail.

A 23-YEAR-OLD man from Osborne Park faces multiple charges over an incident in which it is alleged he brandished a tomahawk and stole a man’s mobile phone.

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4 hours ago

9 News Adelaide

Adelaide can expect a partly cloudy day tomorrow, with a top of 29°C and low of 16°C.

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Bonnie Gibbs what we were talking about this week 🙌🏾

Catherine Rees

Vida Reid

WATCH: Police are calling on the public to help locate a missing restaurant owner that hasn't been seen for more than 5 months. #TenNews ...

WATCH: A Police Officer has been stood down and a second charged, over a disturbing incident where a man was tasered for no reason. #TenNews ...


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In situations like this when you know they are in the wrong... And you know the fight or flight takes over.. You are easily commendable to defend yourself to what extent is necessary...but of course you'd have a weapon pulled on ya because they "feared for their lives"

Should have tazered the one filming and the woman screaming like a banshee 😡😡😡😡😡

The fkr didn’t obey any of his fkn orders yet y’all wanna feel some type of way about the officer fkn ridiculous

1 of them charged ? Love to see the court case.

Run the dodgy pricks over, 75% of cops are just criminals with badges, feel sorry for the good few out there actually trying to help people.

This is the reason why people hate police lol

Makes you wonder what kind of elimination process there is to become a cop when you see this stuff. And it's quite common sadly. Once again, they've investigated themselves and found they did nothing wrong.

Frankly he assaulted and harassed a innocent man guilty of no crime together this man and his colleagues caused duress and harm to more than just the individual who was violently attacked with a weapon they also put everybody in danger and in a fearful situation . No consideration should be given to his uniform or that of the female who deliberately tried to mislead justice by giving a false fraudulent statement . Both these employees need to be stood down and removed from any position with in the police revenue system .

Thank god, there was someone to record the situation. It’s a clear that this situation was a abusive of power. You just wonder how many of those similar that got away with it. As a taxpaying citizens, I wouldn’t want to see having This kind of police officers serving and protecting our society.

3 times police investigate themselves only to find not one thing wrong.Thank God for the media.

Some coppers need to be bashed for stupid s*** like that if they can do it to us we should be able to do it to them f*** the dumb coppers

All cops involved should be fired to stand as a warning to other cops they're not Judge Dredd

Police officer upholding the law while making false statements. I hope it's the only time she has done this.

Kieren Holden the police officer will easily get a job at ECU hahahaha

Rene Rhodes

Chris Gunn watch this

Bloody scumbags

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11 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Perth

Ten News
CHARGES DROPPED: Shocking footage capturing the moment a Queensland police officer grabbed a young man by the throat has lead a magistrate to drop serious assault charges against three men. #TenNews


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Invading the cops space deserved a reaction !

I have no audio so can’t hear .. but some young kids these days like to push boundaries a bit

Led, not lead.

Jan Artuz probably not what to do

11 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Perth

Ten News
WATCH: Catch the latest sporting headlines from around the world with Matt Burke.
South Sydney Rabbitohs Star Greg Inglis has spoken about the racial slur directed at him.
Richmond FC will be without four premiership stars in the season opener against Carlton Football Club.
Kagiso Rabada is free to play the third test against Australia and check out this Badminton rally at the All England Open.
Full details at 5pm on #TenNews.

17 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

Learn more about Chris Smith's journey from Darwin to Sydney tonight on NITV. Great work Chris! #Represent

Sydney Roosters/Wyong Roos star Chris Smith took his skills and passion from Darwin to the home of league down south. Hear about his journey on #OverTheBlackDot tonight at 8.30pm on NITV (Ch. 34)