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Malcolm, do not read this column

Malcolm, do not read this column


The Prime Minister may ‘stay sane’ by ignoring the ‘negative stuff’, but it won’t go away.

So 30 successive negative Newspolls have come and gone but Malcolm Turnbull continues his “happiest ever prime minister” routine. The Prime Minister obviously takes his own advice: “If you want to stay sane, don’t read all the negative stuff.” To him, “the government and the opposition a...

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Pippa middleton, who is expecting her own baby, has been the first to visit her new nephew at Kensington Palace. The new royal baby has yet to be named. #RoyalBaby #7News

Residents are angry with a Perth council's decision to issue parking fines during the dawn service, with some attendees slugged $200. #7News

A manhunt is underway across the New South Wales Central Coast, for an armed thief who held up a taxi driver at knifepoint. #7News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial in London, to mark Anzac Day. #AnzacDay #7News

Cronulla: 2 people are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized, unfortunately a fishman died in the accident. Police say all 3 were wearing life jackets. #Cronulla #7News

Some pilgrims almost didn't make it to the Gallipoli Dawn Service, when their bus erupted into flames. #7News

U.S. President @realDonaldTrump is obviously a huge fan of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. #7News

New technology combining bluetooth connectivity with an in-built hearing test has arrived in Australia, boosting everyday sounds at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. #7News

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7 News Australia

For more than 100 years, women have played a significant role in our military history. On Thursday, women veterans lead the Anzac Parade. ...


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On Thursday??????

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7 News Australia

The world's coldest Anzac commemorations took place at the Casey Research station in Antarctica. ...


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ABC Brisbane

Welcome to the Brisbane #AnzacDay2018 March hosted by Craig Zonca, broadcast on Facebook Live on ABC Brisbane and regional Queensland.

ABC Brisbane ABC Gold Coast ABC Western Queensland ABC Southern Queensland ABC Tropical North ABC Capricornia ABC North West Queensland ABC Sunshine Coast ABC Wide Bay


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In 1947, four peacekeepers sent to Dutch/Indonesian War. Since then over 66,000 Australians, including Federal Police, have completed 73 UN missions in 64 countries.

A bit of housekeeping: We'll leave this event before 12:30pm AEST - unless everyone's on time! - to take the Gallipoli service live on ABC News

They're F/A-18F Super Hornets, which ensure that Australia’s air combat capability edge is maintained until the full introduction of the F-35A Lightning II.

Specialist comments by to Lt Commander Craig Flynn, command safety officer for HMAS Moreton with Craig Zonca on all things navy now ...

It's the 75th Anniversary on 23 April of the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps Association, marching now. They've been in every conflict.

The 2nd General Health Battalion provides doctors for overseas deployment. Has the service's only deployable military hospital.

The 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment (2CER) is an Australian Army modular engineer regiment trained for sapper/combat engineer operations. The dogs are not mascots, they're bomb-detecting dogs.

And of course, on ANZAC day we mark the occasion with our New Zealand colleagues. They were there on the beaches of Gallipoli, an alliance that holds strong today.

Thousands of people are lining the streets of Brisbane to be part of the annual #AnzacDay2018 parade. How are you marking Anzac Day?

Onscreen, the first Australian unit into Vietnam and the last out, the Australian Army Training Team. It also has the distinguished honour of being the most decorated Australian army unit.

Guest commentator now is Major Richard Thapthimthong from 7th Brigade, based at Gallipoli Barracks in Enoggera.

And welcome to regional Queensland on your local ABC Facebook pages. Craig Zonca is bringing you the Brisbane Anzac Day March.

You're watching the Brisbane #AnzacDay2018 March hosted by Craig Zonca, broadcast on Facebook Live on ABC Brisbane and regional Queensland.

Did you see that sheep? That's mascot Corporal John MacArthur VII aka Stan the Ram

We're heading into the navy part of the program now ...

What does #AnzacDay2018 mean to you? Share your reflections.

Flight Lt Shaun Donnelly joins commentary, based at Amberley, the RAAF’s largest base.

In 1949 the Service became part of the Australian Regular Army and is now known as the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (RAANC).

Fleet Air Arm now fly the helicopters based on smaller warships.

Marchers turn left to acknowledge the Governor-General.

A Centurion Tank onscreen now, used in Korea and Vietnam. Weighs about 52 tonne.

Do we have any photos of NZ and Pacific #AnzacDay2018 services? Pop them in.

Closing our broadcast we'll watch the families of deceased veterans. They wear medals above their right breast, showing that they are not the medal’s recipient. Many thanks for joining us for #AnzacDay2018 in Brisbane.

Leading the British Ex-Services from his wheel chair is Vic Fitch. Vic is one of a handful of Dunkirk veterans still alive today, but also to be a veteran of D-Day and two other major campaigns is a rare thing indeed.

Hello Radio Australia and our Pacific friends! New Guinea Volunteer Rifles/Papua New Guinea Volunteer Rifles Association onscreen now. 'The keepers of the gate' were an Australian Army militia unit formed in Rabaul in 1939 with 500 officers and men.

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ABC Brisbane

Lest we forget ...

Lest we forget


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Those citizens lost in the senseless act in Toronto on April 23

Our dad..dispatch rider Corp Signals ww2 and Nan.s brother Gilbert lying in unmarked grave in Fromelles. Lest We Forget.

lest we fforget

All who died for their country. I also include those German soldiers who had no choice but to take up arms or face dire consequences.

My Grandfather William Douglas Matthews who was discharged from the army after WW2 on disability and told that the injuries he suffered from exposure to Mustard Gas were simple dermatitis, was never honoured or compensated for those injuries in action, and died poor and homeless drinking himself to death because he was repeatedly called a liar and told he was crazy when he told people he'd been used in experiments conducted by the British and American Army. Turned out it was real and he wasn't crazy. Lest we forget indeed.

As a Defence spouse I ask you to support our campaign, now with Federal Government bipartisan support and 45,000 signatures combined on two petitions, to honour our Defence Personnel & First Responders Killed-In-Service.

In my family we have had soldiers and nurses from all the Major conflicts from the Boer War all the way to as recent as the Middle East in 2013. Even a military medal from WWI proud of all who served.

My Dad, Allan Berthaly, kept his time in the Korean War and Japan very private. I well up with tears every Anzac Day March watching the men of his era go past. Today would have been his 90th birthday. Never forgotten.

Lest we forget...

Many of my family on both sides , including my Dad and myself were in the military. One relative on Dad's side - John Henry Heinjus was the 5th to sign up with the first of the Light Horse Regiments that went to the Boer War. He fought as a Cpl in two campaigns and was awarded the King's Boer War Medal with two Clasps. Sadly like 60% of the casualties from that war, he died of Typhoid and was buried at Cape Town , South Africa. His name is on memorials around our country, including Adelaide and the National War Memorial in Canberra. My maternal Grandfather is shown here on his retirement after 32 years service in 1962. He started out as a Light Horse Militia Trooper and finished up as a Lt Col in RAAOC. He served in Adelaide, Geralton, Western Australia and in the Pacific. He was present at Moratai when the Japs surrendered. He went on to do two tours with the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan at Kure and then Hiro. Kure is just 10 miles from Hiroshima and he was there just weeks after the first Allied troops arrived in Japan. He had some very old samurai swords surrendered to him at the end of the war. On his second tour of Japan, he perdonally tracked down the families who originslly owned the swords and returned them. He was a very forgiving and kind man and a very devoted and professional Soldier. He was promoted in 1939 from WO1 RSM to Lt and transferred to the Aust. Army Instructional Corps. He wasn't overly happy with this as many of his mates went to Changi while he survived. They finally posted him with a small Aussie contingent with some US forces to establish the major staging base at Morotai Island. He was promoted to Captain in the field and then to Major on return to Australia. He retired as a Lt Col and no doubt would have gond further still had a heart attack not put him out of contention to remain serving. He was chosen as Aide de camp to Princess Elizabeth for her first Commonwealth Tour, but the King died and she went home early. My Nanna was disappointed not to meet her but quite happy to have been supplied with a stack of new frocks, handbags and shoes in anticipation! 😊 RIP Pop and Nanna.You BOTH did your country proud, as did all my other relatives who contributed to the ADF in their own way as well.

The Fallen and those who served in the ADF.

all who served and still do

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ABC Brisbane

Organisers for the Anzac Day parade through Brisbane say the best vantage points will be along Adelaide Street.

The parade starts at 10am, and will be live on ABC TV and here on our Facebook page.

More here:

Organisers for the Anzac Day parade through Brisbane say the best vantage points will be along Adelaide Street.

The parade starts at 10am, and will be live on ABC TV and here on our Facebook page.

More here: