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Loose luggage blamed for doomed New York flight

Loose luggage blamed for doomed New York flight


New York Helicopter Crash: Loose luggage blamed for doomed flight that claimed five lives. Video: #NwYork #7News

Pilot Richard Vance, who was the sole survivor of the crash, has told investigators a piece of luggage may have hit the emergency fuel shut off button.

7 News Sydney:

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A determined wasp has been caught on camera dragging a spider through an Adelaide backyard. #Adelaide #7News

Bidwill: Two people have been injured after a shooting at a home. #Bidwill #7News

A small town devastated by bushfires in Victoria’s southwest has been targeted by heartless looters. #Victoria #7News

Police are considering charging a man caught on camera launching a racist tirade inside the Salisbury Centrelink office. Witnesses watched in horror as he singled out African immigrants and threatened to smash workers. @MarkMooney7 #7News

Tathra Fire: "Shocking. On the bus, some people are happy, and other people just broke down" - Ray Coates - Tathra resident who was on a heartbreaking bus trip with neighbours that toured the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. #Tathra #7News

The devastated parents of a 6-month-old baby killed by the meningococcal B-strain have told 7 News the disease took their son's life in just two hours. He hadn't been vaccinated because the family couldn't afford it, which will now haunt them forever. @ElspethHussey7 #7News

Tathra Fire: There's next to nothing left of Mitch Creary's home. The most important thing was spared, his family. "Just felt sick in the stomach" - Mitch speaking to @ChrisReason7. #Tathra #7News

Tathra Fire: Returning home brought relief for some today. Absolute heartbreak for others as many locals were taken by bus into the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. Passengers described it as a tour no one should have to make. #7News

7 News headlines with @MarkFerguson_7 #7News

Tathra Fire: "All of a sudden you shift to looking at anything, whether it's a house, a shed, a car, and go, 'is it worth it?' because every shot counts basically" - Brian Jorgenson - U.S. helicopter pilot who helped water bomb the Tathra fire speaking to @campricenews, #Tathra

Goulburn: An exclusive look now at what it takes to be a cop with rare, behind the scenes access to the NSW Police Academy. Key to testing our newest officers is a purpose built village complete with its own train where cadets are challenged under punishing real life conditions.

[email protected]​ + @FRNSW​: "It's not a new situation. It's been going for four decades, this turf war between Fire & Rescue and RFS. And, it needs to stop" - @ldruryfbeu - State Secretary - @FBEU Fire Brigade Employees Union. #Tathra #7News

Emergency services have combined to save a pet dog from a burning Adelaide home. #Adelaide #7News

Australia's first scooter taxi service has launched in Melbourne. #Melbourne #7News

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15 minutes ago

7 News Perth

An 86-year-old man had to be taken to hospital after a frightening home invasion in our southern suburbs.
Hear from the victim at 6pm on Seven News.


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Great footage! Surely someone will be able to bash...I mean identify these people.

“Could help with the investigation” ? I’m pretty sure they can help 🙄

There should be higher sentances for attacks against the elderly.

I'm sure they are just misunderstood victims with a bad upbringing 🙄

Looks like a Mother and son, they couldn't give a knack as nothing will happen to them.

Perth is getting worse by the day with violence

Invade my home ya oxygen thieves ya wont walk out🖕

sexy talk, huge and passionate kiss!masturbation, double penetration, anal and oral🤤🤤

Man? Surely that’s a child? Disgusting

Darren Charlie you back already ? That was quick

It's time pests like these are eradicated from our earth!!

Caroline Voordendag

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3 hours ago

7 News Perth

The world's last male northern white rhino has died.
This leaves only two of its subspecies alive in the world.


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Its sad that 2 people think its funny

So so very sad 😢 what are we doing to our world 😢

So sad hope it’s a male and female that are left and hopefully they will breed

I'm sorry God we humans didn't do job you give us of take care your animals I'm sorry.

As humans on this planet we have a lot to be ashamed of the way we treat our very priceless animals wake up he governments of the world and stop poaching and the trade of animals for Medicare programs and ivory. 🐕

And we have the humans to thank for this 😢

Well done humans for ticking one more off the animal kingdom list 😤 All for money 🖕🖕

As the all conquering all killing Human race leaves another victim of its time on this Planet their wont be much left when we eventually breed ourselves out of existence and what few animals are left can once again roam free.

When the last ingnorant human dies...maybe this planet will stand a chance

Shame on human society, we are NOT the superior species on this planet, that's for sure :(

Thank the greedy money hungry poachers for this. 😡😢

How sad 😢 Good one humans, another animal species destroyed 😡

I hope once all humans are gone and the world restores itself all decomposed animal DNA extinct and non regenerate and the world can return to its full beauty..

Nooooo 😱🤦‍♀️.. the World has lost Big Time 😢😢

In the future our great grandchildren will only see most wild animals in a zoo this is so sad 😭 shame on the human race

All for the horns 😠 what a shame. But shorly you would think they can take the DNA and recreate

How sad for the world as I know they were hoping he would mate and produce off spring ...

We should be ashamed of ouselves.

Congratulations China, made something else extinct!

Another notch in the eradication belt, of other species.. yayyyyy... us 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

I’m sorry to hear this. It’s thanks to humans that this has happened.

That is really sad. This species is now extinct. 😢 What has the human race done??

We've killed off yet another species - humans are a disgrace 😠

Yeah f the great white debate there's more species we should have put first !!!

Our animals belong here. The world has lost the plot.

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4 hours ago

7 News Perth

There's a new LEGO exhibition at Melbourne Museum featuring a full-scale car!

Report at 4pm on Seven News.


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Tony Agnello you want to bring your nephew? Haha

Thank you ! Cara Louey-Bradley We love 💖 LEGO but unfortunately we have no room and money 💰...! 😜😂

They built a Toyota Thought they would have built a European car 😂

Toyota have far too much spare time on their hands...

I love to have taken my son he would have love this, we live in the wrong state pity it is not coming to Perth.

Gina 😱iam coming back to Melbourne

Kristy should take the kids to check this out!!! Would super amazing to see!!

Love that it is a Camry :) :)

David Duncan you will have to take Josh to see this when you go to Melbourne if it’s still on

Louise Gav I guess we will be going here 🙂

I so hope you do a tour , come to Perth , please

Brody Hart jayce would love this

Ruby Shannon we're going to melbourne

Michelle Wench Esplan check this out 😊

Reece Alicia Abbott should take the kids if you haven't don't it already... Bree Abbott I'm so jealous of them lol

Saajan Joseph chef babu reddys cakes are more amuzing

Callum Scherman Kyle would’ve loved this 😏

I’m guessing you’re going Will seeing as though you’re vip and everything

Scott Townsend old mate already bought tickets to Melbourne that’s why he can’t pay a deposit 🤣

Kat something to see?

Josh Brown how do they own all this lego

Michael someone has WAY too much time on their hands haha

Nicole Battle. Looks like you may need to visit mum and dad! Callum would love this

Jake Swanson how weird after watching those videos last night hahaha

Chinh Cong Huynh. Simon might like this.

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7 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

Our official team poster is here and they look fantastic!🙌 They are double sided and feature your Sydney Roosters and the The Roosters Girls 🐔 Pick yours up at the Membership tent at this Sunday’s match. While you’re there you can have a chat to our friendly Membership team about all the great benefits of a Roosters Membership! #RiseUp

Our official team poster is here and they look fantastic!🙌 They are double sided and feature your Sydney Roosters and the The Roosters Girls 🐔 Pick yours up at the Membership tent at this Sunday’s match. While you’re there you can have a chat to our friendly Membership team about all the great benefits of a Roosters Membership! #RiseUp
Tickets- attachment


Comment on Facebook

How about posting posters to interstate members

What are the benefits??? It seems the you get less and less each year for being a member especially interstate, Not even for being a member for more then 10 years gets you bugger all.....

I agree as an interstate member we should get these posted or emailed to us to print

Can you send a couplempf copies to interstate members.

What about your Ball Boys.🐔🐔🐔🐔

long distance member i cant get too the game on sunday shame ill miss out on this awesome poster.

The GIRLS look great ... yeah, I guess the guys do too 😂😂😂 Go the mighty ROOSTERS 🐓🐓🐓🐓

Which team plays football

Love ds team... cnt wait to watch da games.❤❤❤gudluck for ur next game against da knightz...

Just awesome

Wheres Rocky ?

This is you Jordan Coleman

Looks like billy slater far right 😂 and theres a mullet 😂

Tessa Huët 😁🙌🏼

Stephen O'Sullivan

Get with the winners Grahame Maher

Tom Logan

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7 hours ago

7 News Perth

Frantic efforts by emergency services to resuscitate a Husky saved from a house fire in Adelaide's south.
The beloved family pet was rushed by ambulance to a vet.

Report on Seven News at 4 & 6pm.



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What an amazing gesture by paramedics to use their ambulance to transport the dog to the vets! Beautiful! Hope he survives! 🙏🏼💙

Not all heros wear capes ❤️

I LOVE this but I would love a follow up story to know if he’s ok?

good job boy's, firies and ambo's are true aussie hero's

Thats the Aussie spirit I love, nothing of that political correctness BS. People and animals need help? Yes use any means. Hope he puts thru.

God bless you all and especially the beautiful Husky xxxxx

Krysten Natale how to cry in 22 seconds

Thank you for caring this is wonderful of the ambulance people

Excellent job to the firemen & paramedics hope your ok doggo 😢❤️

Marnie Clarke absolute legends. I hope the pup pulls through!!!

Bless!! 🐶 Lots of loving healing coming your way!! 🐶💕🐶

Brendan 😥 become a fireman and you could save doggos

My faith in humanity has been restored.

James Lyons basically would use the rig for this reason any chance I get

wow thats fantastic they did that .. does anyone know if it survived ? finegrs crossed it did

Amazing efforts by all. Hope he is ok.....

Gemma Pallentine I'm on the edge of tears 😢

Aw god my heart 😩 Joneen Kerry

Ashleigh Louise 😭 they put him on a stretcher 😭 I’d do the same for Howler 😩

Tahlia Russell. How to make yourself cry

Louise Andrews-Adams they put him on a stretcher and took him in an ambulance 😭😭

Renee Tenda 😥😥 it isn’t saying if he survived

Jess Gavalas they had him on a stretcher 😭😭

Lauren Beatson how beautiful of them

What an awesome story Brad Kynaston.

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9 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

Join us in wishing Fergo a big happy birthday! Have a good day mate! 🐔🎈🎉 ...


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Happy birthday Fergo, a win on the weekend against the Roosters seconds would be a great way to celebrate 🎉🎂🤙🏻🐓

Happy birthday Fargo it’s great to see you are playing so wonderful continue the form and smash those knights

Happy birthday Fergo many blessings kumn ur ways have a wonderful day n gudluck for da weekend gamez against da knightz

Dam hes started season great. Looking extremely fit way hes hitting defensive line when bringing ball back reminds me of Wendell saolor.

Happy birthday Fergo, have a bloody awesome day and take it to the knights in sunday.

On behalf of PNG we wish you a Happy Birthday..Ferguson.🐔🐔lol

Happy Birthday Fergo. You've had a couple of great games so far this year. Hope you spend your Birthday just as well mate...Roosterd to win this weekend 🦃🦃

Happy birthday Fergo have a wonderful day

Happy birthday, Roof Top Drinker!

Having a Breezer on the roof for you Fergo! #goblakes

Happy Birthday Ferguson... from Jenny!! LOL!!

Happy birthday Fergo, dont party to hard, we need you to keep up your sensational form, have a great day.

Happy bday fergo smash the knights this wk end

Have blesed day brah for a deadly cuzo, proud of ya, keep ya head up and stay strong,

Welcome back good fergo. You played well, hope you have a great day and season

Happy birthday Fergo have a great one and another win this weekend

Happy birthday blak ferguson. Roosters are awesome

Happy bday Fergo have a blinder this weekend 👍👍

How many cruisers tonight pisshead

Happy Birthday Fergo! Great to see you playing so well, just go up a notch on Sunday so we can smash the Knights!

Happy Birthday Fergo. Hope you have a good year

Happy birthday Fergo celebrate with a win and score a few try's

Happy birthday , hope you have a great day.

Hey we share the same day woo hoo 🎂🐓🍺🍺🤪 happy birthday 🍰

Happy birthday mate hope you have a great day enjoy

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