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Kurt Fearnley's classy response to closing ceremony 'snub'

Kurt Fearnley's classy response to closing ceremony 'snub'


Kurt Fearnley has offered a typically classy response to the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony furore after TV viewers didn't get to see him carry the flag into the stadium. Story: #CommGames #7News

Kurt Fearnley has offered a typically classy response to the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony furore.

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Aussie who went to fight in Syria says he only "ate, slept and kicked a football" during his time in the war-torn country.

Rd closure 9:15pm to 11:15pm: Victoria Drive between Kintore Avenue and King William Road

Last week @SANFL_official unveiled the new Magarey Grove at #AdelaideOval – a living tribute to the winners of Australian football’s oldest medal. Located near the Oval’s northern entrance, there is a plaque for every medal winner since 1898 and a grove of trees.

Rd closure 21 Apr 9:15pm to 11:15pm: War Memorial Drive between King William Road/Sir Edwin Smith Avenue intersection and point 180 metres east

Lights, camera, acción! 🎥 The Spanish Film Festival starts next week - time to start shortlisting which of the 16 films you'd like to see!

10 Must-See Movies at the Spanish Film Fest

There's a special focus on films made by women, too.

Rd closure 21 Apr 9:15pm to 11:15pm: Sir Edwin Smith Avenue between King William Road and Kermode Street

Town Square, the heart and soul of @TastingAus, is open till 22 April! Head to #Adelaide's Victoria Square for a gastronomic journey through #SouthAustralia's culinary landscape, 13-22 April 🍽🍜

Rd closure 20 Apr 2pm to 11pm: Compton Street between Gouger Street and Wright Street

Sydney Air Quality for Saturday 21 Apr 2018 is forecast to be FAIR. Call 131 555 or visit

Plenty of Hazard reduction burns this weekend

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6 hours ago

7 News Perth



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About time they have Chargers that turn off when the batteries are full!

Is that all made in Korea?

Cy Samson hope our loupes batteries are okay

All Lipoli batteries are unstable .!

Bianca Porro


In one of the games of the year, Melbourne Storm showed why they're the premiers with a thrilling 34-20 win away at the Brisbane Broncos.

More here:


In one of the games of the year, Melbourne Storm showed why theyre the premiers with a thrilling 34-20 win away at the Brisbane Broncos. 

More here:


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Finally a win for the Melbourne filth

So from now on every time a player drops a ball and gets a toe to it they can say they were attempting a drop kick therefore not a knock on- nice #gamechanger

We are the Storm and we're number 1 ⚡ ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Salary cap cheats

Brisbane shooting themselves in the foot. Melb too good though

Our boys Ben Anderson

Suliasi Vunivalu - "I gotta go boys.... my planet needs me"

Rosemary Jones, go storm, lol

Warriors will flog them on Wed ... The real match today was Draons and Warriors

Justin Ruhle soz not soz

oh cmon what a headline.. it was 2 teams out of form... so scrappy... bad referring... any of the top 4 would have embarrassed them



In basketball it was a travel

Ash Foley stunning storm 😂😂😂

Not good enough to beat warriors next Wednesday!

They're just lucky they weren't playing the Tigers tonight

The only talking point out of this game was attempting field goal grubber 😳😂👌🏾 can only be a storm thing

What an absolute belter of a game Luke Goodlet Carn t Storm!!

Good . . . Anzac day is coming

Andrew Dee so many salty tears from all you broncos

Zeke Hausmann

Koby Martyn

Stan Ross

Aaron Lutter-Wood

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Issac Luke was best on field as the Vodafone Warriors ended St George-Illawarra Dragons' six-match unbeaten streak with a 20-12 win.

More here:


Issac Luke was best on field as the Vodafone Warriors ended St George-Illawarra Dragons six-match unbeaten streak with a 20-12 win.

More here:


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Refs tried so hard to help the dra gones

1st try for the dragons was a good play for the ref. Cameras didnt show a ball on the ground at all. So video ref had to go with on field decision. Ive seen better angles in other games. 2nd try for dragons was 50/50. Refs couldnt stop warriors tonight

Please man kiwi ref at a kiwi game bring on next week

Ben Marchant Matthew Williams how do you like them apples!!!

Alexander S. Luke who got the 3 votes?

Daniel Martin Cameron Vazzoler Tom Atkins how good

Best game they have played for years ,anyone want to buy Johnson and free up a few million

Does this mean we're going to stop hearing how the nsw team should be the dragons squad 1-17? 😂

Sad but congrats Warriors


Did you tip NZ? Patrick Fakiye

Just face it the two best teams in the comp played a great game. Could of gone either way but thse two teams are gold the eels they are rocks

Scott Hannan are they the real deal this season!?!

Aaron O'Dea Kalem Marsh couldn’t have happened to a better team

Michelle Laing you was right the warriors won ..... could of won that free pizza

Darren Looks like the bubble has burst, Wanna pay up now??

Dylan Waldron broncos lose to knights, broncos then beat warriors, warriors then beat dragons.. you might have been on to something last night haha

That’s one of Isaac Lukes 3-4 good games per year.

Stuart Donaldson the dragons lost the game.

Craig Barton, time for a profile pic update.

Gavin Warner up the mighty warriors !!!

Isaac was awesome great game big fella

Jason Linke and the downfall begins

Richard Thompson and so it begins

Vintage Rodney Troy McDonald

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9 hours ago

7 News Perth

Health experts have busted the myths surrounding low carb beer.


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Does no one proof read anymore?

Crab beer.....oooo is this new?

If they ever correct this n see all these crab comments... people ate going think West Aussies are strange.. . 😆😆😆😆😆

Not sure how sucking down the juices of fermented crab could be regarded as anything but healthy???

Too fishy either way lol

I thought low crab 🦀 beer tasted a bit fishy

It would be SHELLFISH of them not to share their findings!

Crab beer, I wouldn’t want that

Yeah and tap water thats full of chlorine, and heavy metals is more healthy 😂😂. Lets see unless you live in the alps grow your own organic veggies and drink virgin rain water that hasn't come through polluted skies, no emf from electrical systems including transmission radation from radio and mobile phones .Live like a monk and meditate 12hours aday .Yep it will feel like you live forever .Sounds great sign me up 😂😂😂

I don't think beer is good for crabs

I prefer Morton bay bug beer myself...

When I buy beer...I expect crabs at the end of my session

Low crab 🦀 😂😂😂 I prefer beer without crabs thanks 🤢🤮

Wow first time I heard that crab beer..

Crabs dont drink beer, that's silly

Lol low crab beer didn't know there was crab in beers now hope they edit their misttake

drinking too much beer gave researchers crabs

Hope there are no crabs in my beer.

Poor crab, killed and made into beer

Who ever wrote this must've been drinking low crab 🦀 beers 😂😂😂😂

Crab beer? If anyone can do that it would be Matso's Beer.

Low crab beer, sounds like your kinda thing Adam

I wouldn’t touch low crab beer 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Didn't know beer contained crabs 😲

Hahaha Didn’t know there was a low crab beer ..nothing low crab is good 😂😂🍺🦀 Sertan Derulo

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10 hours ago

7 News Perth

The boss of AMP has quit today - over a series of damaging scandals uncovered in the Banking Royal Commission.


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Shouldn't have been allowed to resign. He should have been sacked!! Double standards at the top as always

Only resign once theyve been found out. No integrity at all!

Good I,m glad. Now stop ripping people off! Who's next?

Mateil Mateil tu va t’excuser toi aussi?

10 hours ago

7 News Perth

A former Perth man, who admitted kidnapping his son during a midnight home invasion in Bali, has been arrested.


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You can’t kidnap a child if you are the dad 🤭 Mothers don’t have a automatic right to withhold visitation rights. She would need to actually win the rights to do so.

Poor guy, let him see his kid 😡

3 sides to every story. No one really knows why the dad was kept from seeing his son and was desperate enough to "steal" him back. I don't condone either action btw

His son? That's not kidnapping though?

So wrong the mother stopping the father seeing the child!

Unless the father has hurt the child the father should have 50% access. Men want to see their children and love them just as much as the mother. You can understand why sometimes men go to these extremes to see their children. 😡

People who do this only want to have access to their children

This is a load of bollox , arresting a man for trying to be a father coz the woman won’t let him 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 should be 50/50 stop holding the child in the middle 😡

Maybe she stole the child from him also ....... so why isn’t she being arrested also ........ only loser in this is the child

Poor kid neither of what they did was right. She should have let him see his kid, he should have let her see her kid. I understand why he did it though, he is the father and he has no rights.

He might not be a good husband, but don’t stop him from seeing his child, unless the child grows up and doesn’t want to see him or he harms the child. It is kind of a crime to not let a father see his child!

When the parents act like spoilt children. 🙁Talk to each other like grown ups and sort this out. This kid doesn't need fighting parents.

Where are the social services in this mess? Where is the rights of the child and the person over seeing this issues. Just because the the parents have issues doesn't mean one of them can be this way.

Not kid napping his child as much as hers

Well done mate i would of done the same and slap her also ❤

Hopefully they can sort it out between themselves.

No doubt another case of alienating to keep the child support high

Can't comment don't know the full story.


So sad 😭

Do sad Poor baby 👶

Lock the unhinged wife beater up.

Mandy Twomey

Belinda Johnson

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13 hours ago

7 News Perth



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Rocky Fischer it’s live!!!

Benjamin Throssell ... I know what I'll be doing at 2.30

Shaun Quinn

13 hours ago

7 News Perth

Musician Harry Styles has touched down in Perth ahead of his performance at Perth Arena tomorrow.

Who's going?

More at 4 & 6pm on Seven News.


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I know only one harry. He's plumber in Osborne park.

Harry who.

Tickets for sale both for $200

Why can't he just wave how rude are some famous people.

Never heard of him!!

Sarah Wright Rhiannon Rushforth!! We will have to keep our eyes peeled tomorrow!

The real reason you’re heading home 😏❤️ Nicole

Yasmeen Hawchar. I tried to tag Ciara as well but it wouldn't let me

Jaime Morice this is too much to handle


Olivia Storer surprise ur not going


Lol musician 😂😁😀

Let him be, let him enjoy perth, while he's here!! Tegan Tattersall tomorrow

Go find him please 😂 Tori Jackson

Megan Mickiewicz pfft spotted!! You're bloomin having dinner with him ☺️

Adam Mcguigan my side baes in town if you wondering where I’ve gone 😂😂😂

Colin! Did you see him?!?

Bae ❤

Lisa Hindmarsh when i said i was going to "work" i meant "airport"

SAN dra Arcari

David your mans in town

Sellena Aguilar ah imagine if we wentttt cries

Amy Iannantuoni thought u might appreciate this

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13 hours ago

University of Sydney

Faculty of Science, University of Sydney
Tempted to procrasti-bake this weekend? Why not try a student tested Anzac bikkie recipe as demonstrated by food and agribusiness students Sarah Dawes and Andrew Dong who came second in a national food product development competition recently. Hear more about their MasterChef like journey: Brookfarm Australian Macadamias


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Roman König pls put your skills to the test & bring to me for a taste test

23 hours ago



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Beautiful swimming there, so many fish you see snorkling around the wreck, like swimming in a see aquarium 😍😍😍😍

been there, often!!!

Adam Robert..some pretty nice spots for us!

Mat Bentley can we go!?

Love it there..anchored up many times..

Lesley Goulding we are going there! although I don't expect you to get in the water! 😂

David Nichol 😊😊 great memories 😘😘

It looks amazing I would love to go xx

Sharon look at this!


Incredible. Love it.



Jessica John

Kevin Barrett

Niklas Enskog

Rachel Smith

Chris Rudd

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