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King of Queen Street lifts veil on new Moroccan bar

King of Queen Street lifts veil on new Moroccan bar


The man behind Caballitos Perth Varnish on King and The Flour Factory has revealed his newest venue.

With the outlook for the small bar sector becoming more positive, hospitality entrepreneur Andy Freeman has embarked on a $2 million Moroccan-themed venue in Perth’s east end.

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Seven and a half week old puppy Holly is in good health and back with her owner and siblings. #7News

At just two percent, this loan allows homeowners to pay off mortgages in record time. #7News

The new key that could help find missing Perth grandfather Ian Collett. @moniquedirksz has the latest on the desperate search. #7News

Meet Fred the Labrador, the number 1 babysitter in the UK. #9News

LIVE NOW: Perth’s 6PM news with Rick Ardon | Watch on @Channel7 or on the go: #7News

WEATHER: The city should stay dry, and an overnight low of 12°C will warm up to 16°C. #9News

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15 minutes ago

Daily Mail Australia

Inside the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s spectacular reception!

Meghan and Harry get down to soul classic for their first dance


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Linda Dodds


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I dont have enough hands to show some politicians what i think of them and it comes generously as all they look at is taking more money off the australian citizen instead of improving the citizens needs instead more interested in filling their pockets

wtf, fined for showing disapproval of a politician?


If he done it Victoria he would get let off

Turnbull is a joke ...

36 minutes ago

7 News Perth

The new key that could help find missing Perth grandfather Ian Collett.
What his family want you to know as the desperate search stretches into night four.


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The bush shelter might belong to the guy that rides along the Hwy with his water bottles.

Dont they have helicopters with that night time heat person finder?

I haven’t stopped thinking about him and his distraught family. Please find him!

Please look out for Ian 💙got to find him 💙

Just a day after the store went into administration

Toys 'R' Us new gift card rule leaves customers up in arms


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Expensive store

Naomi Brooker

Renae Geddes

2 hours ago

7 News Perth

At just two percent, this loan allows homeowners to pay off mortgages in record time.
But it's not available to everyone - and there is a catch.



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Norrie Wirihana..... now?? 😊

Jacqueline Cali for you and your hubby

when i was married my wife and i paid off our house in 8 years then we divorced doh!!

Isn't this "cash for comments" ?

Louis Harlow Jaz Harlow

Sarah Jade did you see this tonight??

There is always a catch!

I did see it

Rebekah Haigh check ato ruling Great publicity but I seen it !!! The old saying anything to good to be true generally is


Charlie Haddad, ask Con about this

Lee Drayton 🤔🤔🤔

Andrew Figliomeno worth looking into or not?

Crystal Jane

John Lamp

Samuel Barsby

Benjamin Garnerner

Jirapa Maneechan Saiko Katafuchi Sun Jeong Han

Bey Carla Taggart

Emma Brown

Ethan Smith

Terry Dobson

Kylie Justin

Silvio Conte

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The supermarket giant has revealed the secret behind their store layout

Why do Aldi stores seem BIGGER?


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3 hours ago

7 News Perth

Meet Maverick, Jester and Goose!


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Beau Turner the ears 😍😍

Sooo cute!! The pooches I mean 🤣

I hope they,re all Top Guns too! 😁

Love the names.

Katie Harold rmr the other day when we were talking about juras breeding??? watch this they’re so much like jura 😍😍


Love the names!!

Ryan Forster omg they’re so cute

Jon new recruits bu!


Elliesha O'Reilly


Hannah Boughton

Chloe Sparnon

Gavin Maverick

Robert Worrell

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3 hours ago

7 News Perth

The government's new plan to help protect West Australians from sharks.


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Found another way to waste the taxpayers money. You want to surf, provide your own protection.

Surfing is a sport? Any other sport the individual supplies their own PPE, why should this be different?

If you wish to swim in the ocean then you risk being eaten by a shark. If you swim in rivers up north you risk being eaten by crocodiles. Your choice! I think we could be spending tax payers money more effectively and usefully than this.

So hike everyone’s power supply charge up, rego costs, as well as other bills...and yet you’re prepared to give away $100,000s to people who use the ocean. WOW! It’s no wonder people in this country, and others who come here, have a sense of self entitlement! they whinge they get it, when They should buy their own. That’s taxpayer money...remember!

My father is a retired professional fisherman, was in the crayfishing industry for many years. He has commented that years ago, there was a certain period of time every year, where they were allowed to catch sharks. Guess what, there were very few shark attacks back then. The sharks were not looking to be endangered, but their population was kept under control. The government is looking to send people broke. Every idea they have these days, is always costing the rate payer! I say we should opt to use procedures that have proven to work in the past, rather than spending thousands on pathetic technology for surfers that is only 60% efficient! Crazy how the country has changed for the worse in the past 20/30 years.

Oceans is a sharks natural home people who go in the ocean should do at their own risks.

govt wasting money again. personal choices should be the responsibility of the individual not everyone else. pity they couldn't subsidise life saving medications as easy as they have done with this.

It is a personal choice to go into the ocean! U need to keep yourself safe not relying on public monies to do so. The responsibility belongs to the individual.

Just take the GW off the endangered species list.

Seriously! They want to waste money on peoples recreational activities. How about Epirbs for boaters? Satellite phones for gold prospectors? Helmets for bike riders?

More people die from kangaroos on the road than in the ocean. Can I claim a rebate on deterrents as I drive every day, not surf on a Saturday morning.

Just open the shark fishing quotas to professional fishermen again. Sharks were never this bad when fished to keep numbers down.

So when is the government going to subsidise boating safety gear that you must carry. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 What’s good for one should be good for all

Could just approve the surf park then Perth would have waves all year around plus wouldn’t cost the Gov a cent.

Since they won’t take responsibility for their own safety, All surfers should buy more nappies. At their Own expense.

Oi mate where's your body board Reilly Hanley. 😂

There is no shsrk subsidiary for surfers in wa its a $1000 dollars for them to get it attached to there boards and the latest budget stated it only is a discount for divers and other ocean users

Horse riding is more dangerous, I'd like a subsidy for a new helmet please 😁

Can’t believe this is the answer for a 60% success rate...

How can surf bums afford it, I know get our taxes to pay for it

this is better then drumlines... this and eco shark barrier

Are they going to subsidise my motorcycle helmet

I think driving is more dangerous may I have a subsidy on my car rego please.

60% of the time it works everytime.

What are we going to pay the sharks not to eat people?

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4 hours ago

7 News Perth

The fifth puppy that was taken from a family home in North Fremantle has been returned and is back with her owner.


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Jayde Sarah yay she’s back

Thank god

Chelsie Bolton she’s been found & returned- YAY

Lisa King 😭

Jess Goodlich

Lily-Anniese Pearson

David Mercer

Angie Carr

Julia Mastrantonio

Adam Walter

Desiree Chua


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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4 hours ago

7 News Perth

Officers ramp up their search for missing Perth grandfather Ian Collett.
If you see Mr Collett - contact Police on 131 444.


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I drove to roughly north bannister and back today. There were so many police, ses, people on horseback and people driving their Utes through the bush, trying to find Mr Collett. In the middle of no where, I could here people calling out. So many wonderful people trying to bring him home. I hope he is safe 🙏🏻

My dad has dementia and I can’t stop thinking about this wee man to , please god hope he is found soon the thought of him out in that cold🙏🙏

Can’t heat sensor helicopters have a look for him??

Every single person who can drive and get out there.. PLEASE do!!! I’m a single mum of 6 and I want to get out there!!! There are SO many people who could look! Remember when little 2 year old Sam went missing in Landsdale? Hundreds went out searching! Come on people of Perth!! He needs to be found TONIGHT! 😩😩😩😩

He is possibly trying to get somewhere where he lived years ago and got confused 😢I hope he is found safely. Does anyone know who gave him the jacket the first day he went missing .

Is there anywhere we can go drive now to look for him

Are they still searching tonight? This is breaking my heart! 😭

Is there anywhere we could start looking !? I am happy to head out tonight and have a look?

Why hasn’t someone come out with a little gps chip of some sort that can be implanted under the skin for people with dementia. Would hopefully avoid a lot of worry

The more people that can help the better. He may have stopped somewhere to sleep? Hope he’s found safe very soon.

Any dietary requirements that we need to know about if we find him and take food with us?

Tiana Ward i went looking today the cops were very thankful that i was helping

I can't stop thinking about this poor man and his family!!!!

Have the started searching the tracks etc around rollystone ways that come of Albany hwy

Hope they find him soon , Shared 6112

Our prayers are with you and all your family for his safe return.

Hope they find him soon

His poor family, I hope he is found soon.

Someone please find this poor man soon 😕😕

Omg poor man and i hope they find him soon and prayers 😢🙏

Hope they find him soon

Hope he is found soon

Prayers Hope he is found soon Amen

So sad


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