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Kendrick Lamar makes history with Pulitzer Prize win

Kendrick Lamar makes history with Pulitzer Prize win



Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music, making history as the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the prestigious prize.

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NAME DROP? Prince William may have dropped a major hint about the newborn prince's new name, replying "funny you should say that," when Australian High Commissioner Downer suggested 'Alexander.' It comes as the royals attended an ANZAC Day service in London. #TenNews

BORDER SUMMIT: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on the south side of the military demarcation line, in the first summit between Korean leaders in more than a decade. #TenNews

NEWS HEADLINES: The latest update with @Quartermain10. More details at 5pm on #TenNews

PARTY ANIMAL: Sea World Gold Coast's adorable polar bear cub Mishka celebrates her first birthday in style with toys, ice cold treats and a special fish-flavoured birthday cake – which got the lick of approval. #TenNews

Wildlife rescuers have saved rare twin joeys, after their dying mother was discovered on a property in Victoria. Report at 4pm on Seven News. #7News

BIRD'S EYE VIEW: Glide underwater with penguins as they swim the Antarctic... thanks to 'penguin cam', the British @BAS_News has a unique window into the birds' lives at sea. #TenNews

Also snippet here from an interview with Andrew Denton who chose the "full buzz saw" for his recent heart surgery.
Just 4 mins... Have a listen.
@abcsydney @robbie_buck

Andrew Denton opens up

Denton at his most vulnerable and revealing, grappling with his mortality.

Pollster Gary Morgan on his feet at @MelbPressClub lunch featuring 6 Lord Mayoral candidates. He's passionate about keeping the @VicMarket exactly as it is... But will put a car park underneath @tennewsmelb

25 year old Sri Lankan national Manodh Marks pleaded guilty to attempting to take control of an aircraft through threats or force. He pretended a USB battery pack and a speaker was a bomb. He’ll be sentenced on June 7th.

2 pedestrians injured after 2 cars collided and 1 mounted curb on the route between #Redfern Station + @Sydney_Uni

Gary Morgan has promised to not touch alcohol if elected as Lord Mayor. Says he will "take the Bob Hawke approach": "He was a good Prime Minister when he was off the booze!" @tennewsmelb @MelbPressClub

City of Adelaide Prize nominee: 84 Halifax St by Oxigen shows the value that even small buildings have in contributing towards a street's character. Spaces are created that flow from indoors to out, from street to public to private space. Cast your vote

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4 hours ago

BuzzFeed Australia

lmfao this is me ...

lmfao this is me


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Christian Vanscoy yo creo que tu eras el 2do desde el principio hahahah

Mariah JoAnn Beard Caylee Nichole years not weeks*

Rip Black Panther

Mary-joy Leung-shing Jessa Bugnosen sounds familiar?? lmao

Dan Le I feel like this would be you

David Singler poor dude lmao

Ashley me

Harry Monroe omg hahahaha

Josh Pulford your face

Breanna Jones we know why he like that lol

Violet Tan Jane Pui Yee

Cindy Pham

Megan Smart Jayden Donald

Bronte Berry

Cristina Dumitru

Sarah Hayes

Emma Hanlon-Paul

Sam Lilly

Brooke Duffy


Laura Absalom

Cimarron Laborin

Nathan Bardsley

Steven Hatzivagianis

Renae Bishop Kris Williams

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6 hours ago

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

🐶 Our patients and escorts do come in all shapes and sizes, but at 3 kilograms, Spot, a Lions Hearing Assistance Dog, didn’t impact too much on the pilot’s pre-flight weight/balance calculations.

We're so pleased Spot was there to help keep patient Maureen at ease during her 500-kilometre direct flight to Adelaide and then on to Royal Adelaide Hospital for specialist care.

Flight Nurse Chris couldn't resist a cuddle with the cheeky Jack Russell! 🐕


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Australian Lions Hearing Dogs 🐕🐶 😍

Good article. I have seen the Lions Hearing Dogs work in a real home situation - fantastic. I think the dog's initial training starts in South Australia?

That's so awesome.. as the blessed recipient of an ALHDog.. I just know how important it would have been for Spot and her owner.. Not to be separated during that flight.... Thanks Flying Doctors for your care. Get well soon Maureen.

Just beautiful they are so clever 😍

Thanks for the great care you took of ALHD Spot and his owner

#Assistancedogchampion award to RFDS!! That’s someone who lets an Assistance Dog get on with the job Vest on = on the job Vest off = off the job I love that Flight Nurse Chris waited until Spot was available for a cuddle 🐾🐾🐾

I’ve got a jack russel her name is Tilly the wonder dog they are just the best

Reminds me of my Jack Russell cheeky Holly who I lost just before her 18th birthday.

Awwww some dogs are very clever and very loyal to owner and knows their health problem they will stay beside with owner at all the time

Roxanne Neill Paul Fitzgerald 😍

Rajitha Eroshan

Chris Blackham-davison

Ingrid Joyce Leigh N Kim Morgan

Gosh! That would be a first then? Maureen, I hope you are getting better.

Maureen so pleased to see Spot travelling with you! Wishing you well. Awesome work team RFDS.

Julie Walsh a topp russell!!!

Thelma Millerr

So so special .

Well Done To All Involved

Aww, this is awesome.😜😘

All jack Russell’s are cheeky, Caitlin Jane

This is precious!


The dream Rachel

Nick Cee Hayche, just saying

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson takes things to new heights in #SkyscraperMovie - coming to cinemas this July. ...


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Trevor Calderr Melly Moo

dear universal pictures> please replace 'the rock' in most future movies with female leads. thankyou

Genevieve Ednie-Lockett 🐎🐎 that horse is dark, look at him damn climbing that crane hahah

Benjamin Ebersbach another ripper

AJ Hunt

Brodie Irwin

Paul Jeffery

Nathan Johnston

There is always one. 🚢 #BlockersMovie ...


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Olivia Psyhogios hahahahaha we get it, such an awesome movie so f-ing hilarious

Bryce Mouzer I didn't know you were an actor

Joanne Elise Deftereos 😂😂

Kerrie Whackett

Sean Mcgill


Kristie Marie-Dawn Humphries