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Kendrick Lamar is the first rapper to win a Pulitzer

Kendrick Lamar is the first rapper to win a Pulitzer


Sit down, jazz and classical musicians, be humble.

The Californian rapper took out the Pulitzer Prize for Music for his album DAMN., the first time a non-classical or jazz musician has won the award.

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JUST IN: @PAFC defender Hamish Hartlett is expected to face an expected break from football after suffering a suspected ACL injury at training. MORE in #9NewsAt6

TONIGHT: A drugged driver jailed over a crash that left his four-year-old daughter paralysed. This story and MORE in #9NewsAt6

.pafc confirm they are fearing the worst after Hamish Hartlett injured a knee at training this morning - will be definite after scans this afternoon.

Also snippet here from an interview with Andrew Denton who chose the "full buzz saw" for his recent heart surgery.
Just 4 mins... Have a listen.
@abcsydney @robbie_buck

Andrew Denton opens up

Denton at his most vulnerable and revealing, grappling with his mortality.

2 pedestrians injured after 2 cars collided and 1 mounted curb on the route between #Redfern Station + @Sydney_Uni

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1 hour ago

Mix 94.5

The Rush Hour’s Lisa and Pete are LOVING Blue Light Thursday!
If only we knew how to work the studio lights to make it look like a disco...


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Love the music always I’m an 80s girl ❤️😎

North shore residents have been subject to jackhammering and excavation six nights a week. And the end is not yet in sight.

🔊 Turn the sound on and hear it for yourself


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But they should be working with sound blankets. I worked on a project where the EPA was called in because we did not meet the sound levels we stated in the construction plan. The other thing is why does the work HAVE to be done at night? I mean, other than the morning and evening peaks, there is a fair slice during the day that the work could be carried out.

Soooo let me get this prayerfully straight - the North Shore residents have to put up with 3 years of this while many other areas of Sydney have to put up with it 24/7 and sometimes give up their homes? - where's that violin? :-)

It’s atrocious. Surely there is a responsibility in the construction companies to relocate Eric health shouldn’t have to suffer. Everywhere in Sydney there is construction work going on all the time.

That would suck! I know from living close to the cbd that noise like this starts driving you insane, especially when it results in constant sleep deprivation

...Not just in Sydney...everywhere in major Australian capitals...the effect is the same on peoples' lives as a low level "terrorism" is even worse than terrorism because there is No End to it...and there's nothing you can do about it... except do like they done in America... fight for your turf, hire the Mafia to clean up the town.

They could always move to the western suburbs

Well what do you expect for a couple of million dollars ? A view and Chirping birds?

Might be some karma for being LNP voters. :)

Yikes. I almost go crazy listening to this video for a minute. Let alone 3 years !

Well they have made a lifestyle choice to live there. Like Aboriginal people in remote communities ;)

Sneha this is what you hear

I thought there were noise regulations where that sort of noise was not permitted after a certain time of night. They talk a lot of noise restrictions on The Block TV show.

Oh no, building something causes noise. The sky is falling.

Cary - I really feel for you 😵

Poor little diddums try living next to the Westconnex or light rail.


Three years, poor buggers 😢

Fiona Theresee

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2 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Adelaide

NOW: Chief Executive Officer of the Port Adelaide Football Club Keith Thomas states the clubs side of the story regarding the Powell Pepper incident. ...


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Listen to that crow loving maggot from 7

How good is KT? I would have reacted differently to mike smithson 😉

How he hell is it possible for the CCTV to be handed over to anyone but the Police ? Even Police must have a court order to go through CCTV

Media has a lot to answer for and they don’t let up

Another words she was payed hush money. If only everybody was given the chance to tell their story before news was reported. What makes him different from anyone else.

Only when these young women take it to the police instead of media should these situations be taken seriously. Agree with club suspending him for being out though

K.T. is being hung out to dry by Channel 7Take them going to Unley yesterday and gathering Sturt people to take their side was totally unacceptable. Channel 7 you are a disgrace.

Media are trying to dig themselves out of a hole here by the look of it

Whats to stop opposition chicks making up stuff about players before big games

Then why did she go to 7news and not cops

Surely the victim would have made a complaint to the police and the perpetrator would have been interviewed by police. Apparently the victim hasn't reported the matter to the police.

Smithson you don’t need to know, give up mate, well done KT 👍🏻

So i am confused...there should be no either did or didnt happen....if it did then we cop the whack...if it didnt then we dont accept it and go after channel 7 and this chick.

She needs to say that on tv so everyone can hear it

Hopefully the club is able to help SPP get his life back together, no one needs to have this sort of thing hanging over their head for years to come. Well done KT and Kochie and the club for standing by Sam

Mike Smithson so disappointing, certainly have now seen a very different side to your reporting. Thought you were more professional than this 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Glad to have Keith as a member of our club. His calmness is so inspiring. Coming from one of the Clubs traditional foes on the field, he has embraced our team as his own. Kudos to him and Kochie. Smithson is a dog.

Certainly has thank goodness the Club is making sure Sam will be looked after

The media doesn’t need to see the video and girl should have reported it to the proper authorities and the media make everything worse than what it is grrrr

PAFC done wrong exepting 3 games from AFL but as club needed to give Sam 3 games just to let players know you cant this if you wanna be professional player.

Seem to label one party but it doesn’t seem to be working the other way

Channel 7 being dogs, no balance from them.

Because there was a Channel 7 reporter there

Yes that is the biggest problem 3 am Sam is there !!!!

Media want too absolutely crucify him

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3 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Adelaide

NOW: A task force to investigate giving meninococcal B vaccines in South Australia. #TenNews ...


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Parents as with any vaccine ask your doctor for the leaflet contained in the pack in regard to adverse reactions and watch your doctors response 🌱💚

Make it free 😔

Why they are given in every other state



Sarah Parkyn

NEWSBYTE: All of the latest news headlines with @RebeccaMorse10.
* A man jailed for injuring his two children in a crash.
* A task force to investigate rolling out meninococcal B vaccines.
* The police officer charged with murdering a woman, will plead not guilty.
* David Koch says Sam Powell-Pepper has been railroaded.
Catch the details tonight at 5pm on #TenNews.


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thanks hun

Haylie Jade

5 hours ago

Mix 94.5

Did someone say buttermilk chicken and waffles?

Or a surf and turf sanga?

This Sunday The Merrywell Perth is donating $5 from every Derby combo to charity.

Did someone say buttermilk chicken and waffles?

Or a surf and turf sanga?

This Sunday The Merrywell Perth is donating $5 from every Derby combo to charity.


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Scott, Tayla, Krysten, Liam, Barend lunch anyone

Carol Cochrane

19 hours ago

Mix 94.5

As we remember those who served on this special day, we couldn't help but share this. Spine tingling.

Lest We ForgetAustralian Soldiers in World War 2 singing Waltzing Matilda

Video image


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So proud of these brave men.... they set examples for Australians for generations to come....🇦🇺

Lest we forget. Watching this and can’t help but wonder how many returned home. They gave their tomorrows for our today.

Lest We Forget......Long May We Respect !

Goosebumps. Lest we forget

Ebony Pilkington

20 hours ago

Adelaide Zoo

Still haven't met our Colobus monkeys yet? Leap into Adelaide Zoo soon to watch these amazing primates in action! ...

Still havent met our Colobus monkeys yet? Leap into Adelaide Zoo soon to watch these amazing primates in action!


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Just love that face with that cute nose!

HAHHHA Tyson Prak

Kerry Hart??

WEATHER: ANZAC Day has brought lovely conditions across South Australia. Kate Freebairn.. The commemorations are kicking on in the city? #TenNews ...