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Josh Frydenberg accuses Alan Jones of peddling conspiracy theories

Josh Frydenberg accuses Alan Jones of peddling conspiracy theories


Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has accused broadcaster Alan Jones of engaging in conspiracy theories on the government's energy policies.

Jones, who has long promoted opinions on energy and climate change that are out of step with the well-established science, was lambasting the government's Snowy Hydro 2.0 project and questioning why some information was not made public.

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21 minutes ago

NTD Australia

The Oasis Restaurant, Texas. ...

The Oasis Restaurant, Texas.


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Where in Texas?

I don't call that an oasis too many people to be my oasis

Love that place

Wow awesome

Totally. Awesome


29 minutes ago

NTD Australia

Blunt Kommunity
Incredible magic compilation! 😱😳

Credit: Imad Magician |
Watch the full video here:

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SBS Australia

The NSW Government has decided not to change laws that allow renters to be kicked out for no reason. ...


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While landlords rort the negative gearing loopholes & govt does nothing about housing affordability.

Backward country in all aspects housing affordability top pf list. Transport and city of sydney mess second., of course then we get into the massacre of our gentle sheep. I rest my case all you politicians out there. Yes hang yr heads in shame when u check yr bank balance

yeah! democrazy

Jason Groombridge