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IT crash sparks Woolworths chaos

<a href="">IT crash sparks Woolworths chaos</a>


It might be worth getting takeaway for dinner tonight....

Abandoned trolleys are banking up at Woolworths stores around the country as a national technical glitch has sent its check-outs into turmoil and forced shoppers to walk away from their purchases, leaving consumers fuming and the nation’s largest supermarket chain red faced.

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The Swedish-born producer and DJ known as @Avicii has been found dead in Oman publicist Diana Barón said in a statement. The 28-year-old DJ, was born Tim Bergling. “The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy.” #Avivii #7News

A conga line of NSW legal system screw ups: early release, insufficient monitoring, poor surveillance, bail granted despite violent history of accused; one arm of system not talking to the other. Meanwhile a 16 year-old girl and the original victims traumatised. Hopeless.

7 News Sydney on Twitter

“One of Sydney's most notorious and dangerous serial sex offenders, has been released on bail despite fresh allegations he assaulted a 16 year o...

Headed to Windsor today; #Commonwealth Leaders holding their retreat as guests of the Queen. Coverage from #7news 6pm.

Cyclists have been caught on a risky and illegal ride through the Lane Cove tunnel last night, with drivers having to cross a lane to steer around them. #7News

Macquarie Park: A new high rise Catholic school, two child care centres, an aged care home, shops, 2,000 private dwellings and 950 social housing dwellings will replace the Ivanhoe public housing estate on Ivanhoe Place. "A genuine integrated community" - @VictorDominello. #7News

A man has used his late father's lotto numbers to win big in Powerball. The Greenfield Park resident won $8 million in last night's draw and plans to share it with multiple family members. #7News

Hosting a room full of incredibly talented and kind young people at the @NSW_ACT_YAA Young Acheivers awards. The future is bright with these young community leaders. #NSWACTYAA

Fuel prices are slowly falling, tonight the average is $136.6 a litre for unleaded. #7News

"Excitement. Passion. Entertainment. That's what 'Big Darrell' was all about" - @ian_maurice remembers his friend Darrell Eastlake. #DarrellEastlake #7News

Dozens were arrested as hundreds of opposition supporters staged sit-ins and attempted to block road traffic in Armenia's capital Friday to protest ex-president Serzh Sarkisian's election as prime minister. #Armenia #7News

Arsene Wenger has announced he is to step down as manager of @Arsenal at the end of the Premier League season. #7News

First sheep carrier to dock in SA since 'atrocity' footage made public sparks protest

BREAKING: Part of a statement issued to me from Correctives NSW regarding Graham Kay - Following this recent alleged incident, supervision and monitoring of the offender has been increased. This has been in collaboration with NSW Police. @7NewsSydney

Close to two-thirds of Australian adults and a quarter of children are overweight or obese, but Duncan Paul refused to give up. He's now half the man he used to be. And is sharing the incredibly simple secret, to his [email protected] #Weightloss #7News

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A magician never reveals his secrets. Well, not unless a court mandates it. ...


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Christine the secret is out... 🙊

Farnoosh Nima

12 hours ago

Triple M Adelaide

“I offered him a company car, a lot of money, and he still knocked me back!” - Adelaide City FC's Scott Nagel joins the boys on this week’s Real Football Show, where Alby has a bone to pick with him! With Ditts on leave Andrew Jarman steps in as host. ...


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Scott Nagel

We can't believe we're hearing more reports about abuse of kids in prison. ...


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Please sign the petition:

As do the police, but they will say it’s procedure so don’t they attempt to commit suicide with contraband. I call bullshit.

Hmmm call bullshit on that one 13,000 strip searches over say 5 years that's what 7 per day 365 a days a year How about you harp on about white genocide in South Africa

Outrageous treatment and counterproductive for there future and respect for police

I left AI because it pursued Australia like a 3rd world dictator. So sad.

Are these prisons private business

Strip search is sexual assault.

That’s just wrong!


Ahead of Record Store Day Australia 2018 this weekend we're asking the tough questions. ...

Ahead of Record Store Day Australia 2018 this weekend were asking the tough questions.


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I would have thought ‘speakers’

Vinyl is far better than the digital 20 to 20,000 Hz spectrum which does not include the high and low harmonics that are on a vinyi record ... it's these harmonics which give feel to the music ... listen to a vinyl record and then the same track digitally remastered and you will have a totally different appreciation ...

Peter Annese Daniel Maciejewski Record store day 😂😂😂 sounds amazing😉 nothing like physical graffiti playing with the crackling sound😊

Probably not buts it's the memories no one had any money when I was growing up but we saved and shared and had parties and all bought our records

Vinyl has a tone and warmth to it totally missing on CD's

yes it does thats fact

Indeed. CD’s get too ‘high pitched’ when up really loud. I think anyway.

Sometimes and it's depends hugely on the quality of the system playing it


define better?

No comparison.

Yep !

for sure

Peter West Melanie West

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1 day ago

Amnesty International Australia

📺 Watch Gillian Triggs, former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, deliver a speech on an Australian Bill of Rights.

Amnesty International (ACT/SNSW)
Former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) Gillian Triggs will examine the state of play of human rights in Australia and revisit the case for an Australian Bill of Rights.


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OMG surely after everything she did she won't be given a hand in this.

1 day ago


Considering how close we are to Moore Park, it would’ve been rude not to take 300 of our students to the Sydney FC game on Tuesday night… ...


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Henry Zhang how was it

Matthew Man wtf are we doing

Rachael Cox unfortunately because of you at 0:15 they are gonna start losing now

Natasha Radmall I’ve tried to ignore this part about my uni..

Tom Serone you are one of UNSW's greatest students!! P.s. Eurosnob at 0:26 smh Michael Cui Liam Clark

Jonathan Ilinkovski the amount of plastic fans that go to my uni smh

Jeff Jin waow nice acting

Jayne Hon wow what an actor 👏

Os caras devem jogar muito mal para não mostrar nenhum lance do jogo hahahah

Daniel Palmer Daniel Kal yet another reason not to go to UNSW!

Gonna transfer to WSU now Fardin Rahman

Morad Obaid اسمع اول اشي شو بحكو هههههه 😂 😂 😂 😎😎😎😎✌️✌️✌️✌️


Cherie Wong gooo free pass lol

Josh Clay In-jhong Rhee Jennifer's little bros in it lel



James Gow I guarentee you paid UNSW so they could put you in this

Madison Munsie i go to unsw and wasn't invited to the match :((((

Really exciting

😜🎐🐭 BOTVIET. NET 18:26:43 19-04-2018



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