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ISIS targets Ronaldo, Messi ahead of World Cup

ISIS targets Ronaldo, Messi ahead of World Cup


ISIS has threatened to behead soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at the World Cup in chilling new propaganda. WARNING: Graphic content

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TRAFFIC: The entry ramp from Kororoit Creek Road to The Princes Freeway outbound is closed due to a police incident. Updates to come. #7News

We have devoted listeners. Michelle is nearly 90% vegan but she decided to give a steak sandwich from the Cavan Steak Van a go as it was the #Adelaide experience she'd never had. And she liked it. @SonyaFeldhoff would love to hear what you've been meaning to do.

Health Min Jill Hennessy: too many private hospitals in Geelong. Disappointing Healthscope closing. Feel for staff and patients. #7NewsMelb

Author Colleen McCullough wrote fresh will leaving estate to husband, court hears

[email protected]EPA_Victoria is trying to pinpoint the source of a foaming pollutant in Dandenong Creek. #7News

The federal government remains determined to pass its company tax cuts after "wiley operator" @PaulineHansonOz appeared to backflip on her support for the plan. #auspol #7News

A man claimed to have a bomb on a bus travelling from Sydney to Melbourne this morning. The 46-year-old called triple zero from inside a toilet onboard. Police tracked the bus to Melbourne's outer suburbs and confronted him in the bathroom. No device was found. #7News

A Melbourne plumbing firm has been fined $40,000 after an apprentice was seriously burnt while working alone on a housing site in 2015. #7News

Prof Martin Cole @CSIROnews tells @NadiaMits by 2050 we’ll consume as much food as the previous 500 yrs. How can we maintain this while also caring for the planet & watching our health? We’ve had 2 Aus GENS who don’t know hunger nor where food comes from. #agchatoz #perthnews

Dozens of truckies stop traffic in the Adelaide CBD protesting against supermarket chain Aldi, saying they have poor driver safety standards and pay @abcadelaide

Some very angry drivers as TWU members sit down in the middle of Victoria Square intersection. Traffic banked up, police now on scene trying to redirect traffic @abcadelaide

Need a sweet treat, cake for the office or fresh bread to take home? Read our list of must-visit bakeries and patisseries

A former Perth student has been found guilty of murdering three members of his family three years after the gruesome attack took place in their home in South Africa. #7News

Gerri Hinkley tells @NadiaMits in the next 8 yrs there will be 70K more jobs in farming sector, due to ageing & retiring nature of the ag industry & it's growth. 80% jobs will be beyond the farm gate.
#agchatoz #perthnews

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18 minutes ago

SBS Australia

In 1998 Iranian migrant Azita Milanian found a deserted baby in the bushes - the pair just reunited for the first time. ...


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Claudia McDonald

48 minutes ago

SBS Australia

The NSW Government has decided not to change laws that allow renters to be kicked out for no reason. ...


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While landlords rort the negative gearing loopholes & govt does nothing about housing affordability.

Backward country in all aspects housing affordability top pf list. Transport and city of sydney mess second., of course then we get into the massacre of our gentle sheep. I rest my case all you politicians out there. Yes hang yr heads in shame when u check yr bank balance

yeah! democrazy

Jason Groombridge


2 hours ago


'We so should have thought this through' 😩😂 ...

We so should have thought this through 😩😂

7 hours ago


Simply BEAUTIFUL! 😍😍 ...


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What a beautiful video thank you for giving us the chance to see this

11 hours ago


Keep watching to 42s to see the POV footage! 😯 🐊 ...

12 hours ago


This kid's pool skills are epic AF 🔥👏🎱 ...