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I'm A Celebrity Australia winner for 2018 is ...

I'm A Celebrity Australia winner for 2018 is ...


It was a choice between singer Shannon Noll and the 54-year-old female comedian after boxing favourite Danny Green was eliminated in a result that was "clear-cut".

Australia has crowned the winner of this year's I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!

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A determined wasp has been caught on camera dragging a spider through an Adelaide backyard. #Adelaide #7News

Bidwill: Two people have been injured after a shooting at a home. #Bidwill #7News

A small town devastated by bushfires in Victoria’s southwest has been targeted by heartless looters. #Victoria #7News

It's been a privilege to get such raw and honest insights from @greg4hire on The Dribble podcast this season. On our final episode, the Wildcats vice-captain talks candidly about the uncertainty of free agency & what might come next

Where to now for Hire, Wildcats?

PERTH’S free agent vice-captain Greg Hire says he’s considered the possibility he may have played his last game for his beloved Wildcats.

Tathra Fire: "Shocking. On the bus, some people are happy, and other people just broke down" - Ray Coates - Tathra resident who was on a heartbreaking bus trip with neighbours that toured the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. #Tathra #7News

Tathra Fire: There's next to nothing left of Mitch Creary's home. The most important thing was spared, his family. "Just felt sick in the stomach" - Mitch speaking to @ChrisReason7. #Tathra #7News

Tathra Fire: Returning home brought relief for some today. Absolute heartbreak for others as many locals were taken by bus into the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. Passengers described it as a tour no one should have to make. #7News

An out-of-control space station is due to crash down to Earth in about a fortnight, and Australia’s in its firing line — several times each day.

7 News headlines with @MarkFerguson_7 #7News

Tathra Fire: "All of a sudden you shift to looking at anything, whether it's a house, a shed, a car, and go, 'is it worth it?' because every shot counts basically" - Brian Jorgenson - U.S. helicopter pilot who helped water bomb the Tathra fire speaking to @campricenews, #Tathra

Goulburn: An exclusive look now at what it takes to be a cop with rare, behind the scenes access to the NSW Police Academy. Key to testing our newest officers is a purpose built village complete with its own train where cadets are challenged under punishing real life conditions.

[email protected]​ + @FRNSW​: "It's not a new situation. It's been going for four decades, this turf war between Fire & Rescue and RFS. And, it needs to stop" - @ldruryfbeu - State Secretary - @FBEU Fire Brigade Employees Union. #Tathra #7News

Emergency services have combined to save a pet dog from a burning Adelaide home. #Adelaide #7News

Australia's biggest bank repeatedly tried to mislead the corporate watchdog over selling junk insurance to students, pensioners and the unemployed, the banking royal commission heard.

CBA sold junk insurance

AUSTRALIA’s biggest bank repeatedly tried to mislead the corporate watchdog over selling junk insurance to students, pensioners and the unemploy...

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28 minutes ago

9 News Perth

A gap year for teens is a well publicised institution but what about a year's break for people over 50s?
Grown-up gappers are gaining popularity after new research found more than half of those over 50 have plans to travel the world.


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Michael Kennedy will you fund this for me pretty please 😁

1 hour ago

9 News Perth

Only half of all Australians brush their teeth twice a day and 90 per cent of us have at least some form of decay in our teeth.
Teens and children aren't doing any better...


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Dentists like to drain the patients wallet after every visit. Somehow they gotta pay their flashy bmw. Brush twice a day and floss. Keeps the dentist away.

I used to only brush in the morning and only started twice a day after meeting my hubby, he brushed at least twice a day, flossed and mouth rinsed and he has had so many problems with his as opposed to my 2 fillings!

I went to the dentist a year ago, to get 2 teeth out because they were hurting. I haven't brushed in near 10 years and he said the rest were pretty good.

Wait, didn't fluoridating the water fix this problem...???

Shane Naughton this is why that guy was so upset this morning 😓

Hamish McKirdy in the 50% yew

Nitin Patel

Jodie Hodgson 😫

2 hours ago

9 News Perth

There's a new clue in the hunt for a man who carjacked a woman at a busy shopping centre.
The grandmother was pushed to the ground and left bleeding on the bitumen.


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Catch this coward! Sick of people taking what doesn't belong to them. And taking it with force and violence. Needs to be throat-punched.

When sentenced the courts only think about the accused whether the punishment will teach them a lesson rather than thinking about the victim and the public which is why violent criminals need to be locked up to protect the public from them.

2 hours ago

9 News Perth

An elderly man has been hurt in a home invasion in Perth's southern suburbs.
He was trying to stop a teenage burglar who bashed open his front door.


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Cut of there fingers they won't do it again

This is getting out of hand ay. Far out, bloody no respect in this modern age. Poor old fella just going about his day. 😐

Poor guy. Hopefully someone can change his locks for him fast and hopefully no car keys where on the set. I find it horrific people do this to anyone aged and disabled.

Coupla nyoongars looking for quick steal to swap for speed. Choo shame make your people look bad. I'm yamatji mob and I work for my money

Just chop one hand off! That way when there walking down the street or there down the shops everyone knows what they have done! You would only have to do it to a couple and they would wisen up!! They are no good to anyone! Wether they be blaxk, white, yellow or purple! Everyone else is out there earning a living and here they are breaking and entering thiefing everything the Poor old man has worked all his life for! Really feel for the poor guy he would be scared to death! But yet again the Australian police force are too soft and they will get a slap on wrist and be back out doing the same thing again! Really fustrates me! Feel for him and his family would hate to see this happen to my grandparents

Even staying at home is not safe anymore.

Be careful guys. Kieren Johl Lee Kevin'n Alina Lee Monique Lee

Agreed Stacey Morrison. 😠😠😠

Indigenous, surprise, surprise

FFS do something about this epidemic,put them away when you catch them,PLEASE!!!!!!

So many comments deleted.!! Did they all state the obvious.?🧐

Leandra Slinger do you still live around there? Be careful xx

Mitchell Lowbrow Downes tag your aunty audrey in this

Black C&$ts 😡

Tanika Eades hope you guys are all good

Dylan Sandiford, April Jarrett, Trevor Churcher, be safe


Tabitha be careful xx

Bloody hell that happens way to much now

Chantelle Black!!!


Dianne Sands

Chloe Oblak Tom Oblak

Mandy Bradshaw Leigh Campin Queen

Kathleen Mai

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2 hours ago

9 News Perth

9 Live Perth
Coming up on #9LivePerth this afternoon: Finance expert David “Sharpie” Sharpe on the rise of the grown-up gappers, people over 50s taking a year off work to travel. Also, our dental health is in the spotlight with only half of all Aussies brushing their teeth twice a day. Plus, incredible vision of a baby crawling on a Vietnam motorway.

3 hours ago

9 News Perth

COMING UP: Fast food rage fuels a vicious attack, a plea for help after a brutal carjacking in Ballajura and why more over 50's are taking a year off work.

Full details in 9 Live Perth from 4pm.


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Indian cnts they get cocky when the get a beating they cry like btchs

We are so ready. ...


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Marco Armanno Ange Penna I cringe every time she licks those things on her face

Kate Page this annoying thing she does with her lips is the worst 😖

you ready for this shite Rosemary?

Rochelle Natalie I was wondering what you were going in about with her licking her lips 😂

Chloe Wolske what I was talking about her licking her lips like this

Tam get off the comp its almost time 😃😃

Alicia Barker - how have I never noticed this??? Ewwww lol x

Don’t know if you guys have watched the last few episodes but tonight is the one I’m most looking forward to 😂😂😂 Stephanie Hayley

Tara Johnson 😂 now that is what I call a fake fish lip Ganga 🤔🤔

Blake Moloney Sarah Clayton group chat at the ready- I pulled my neck so no salsa tonight! Fate has plans for me

Katy Gaskell best episode ever, better than the cheating scandal and Tracey burn in the final commitment ceremony

Hazel Jenkins omg still haven’t caught up since I was with you 🤦‍♀️ hahaha please watch in my honor

Ximena Nvp 😂 apparently her surgeries have made her lips dry and thats why she licks them constantly

She is relying to work out whose lips they are

Stephen Caruana get those shot glasses ready for every time Tracey does this 🤣🤣🤣😇

Jack Kieran - the excitement is real

Alex Brown only a matter of time before she became a meme 😂😂😂

Sarah DeCelis I can’t stand this lip thing she does

😭 can you film it on your phone for me haha Rhylie Emily

Mel Dunn salivating at the thought of tonight’s episode

Lin Wei ... i should get a life on my own ....

Brooke McilQuham I will be watching on delay so no spoilers!!

this is me and your other half Peta Marlow

Paul Ekinci should I pick up some popcorn on my way home? 🙊

Michael fill me in when I get home please

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😑 ...



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I call bullshit.

Tanya Barton

Claudia Vaccaro

Bigly if true.

Cameron Mansueto Shaun Lewis

Ben Shaw

Daniel Pearce

Terrance Riley


Brad Thompson

Lauren Kent

Simonne Tarzia Giorgia Bordin Matteo Bordin

Blake Cameron Paula Renwick Cody Leech

Becc Hunter

Nicholas Di Virgilio

He can afford to 😉

James Bowley

Dani Veri

Julie Wilks

Ash Bartlett

Jack Delchau

Travis Ruth Shelby Plowman

Brendan Allen been a while

Rhiannon Kemp 😏

Cale Zippel

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We’re gonna build a wall, and we’re gonna get Victoria to pay for it! #southozmemes ...

We’re gonna build a wall, and we’re gonna get Victoria to pay for it! #southozmemes


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Lola Luciano hahahaha shit

Simon Turbill

Stuart Burns

Alec Kenneth Randall

Therese-Marie Madeleine Van Cini

Simon Sidey

Andrew Sleeth Lachlan Sleeth

Warwick 😂😂😂😂😂

Luke Kellett lol

Luke Wickham Geoff Wood

Sabrina Sghirripa

Jody Eckert Josh Rodgers

Scott Harrison

Cameron Bourke Timmy Young Luke Bird

Steve Pearce

Joshua Mosey

Chloe Warrick

Damon Siviour Matt Feltus Alex Krieg


Ali Bralic pay up bitch 💰💰💰

Mark Gravenall James Andrews you fkn mexicans

Caitlin SJ


Luke Tylor although with a liberal win, there'll be no shortage of memes from marshall being a complete spud

Kimberley Coombe Craig Coombe

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Woah #southozmemes ...

Woah #southozmemes


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Alex Vassiliev it’s all your fault

Katrina Jones 😂

Joshua Thomas Wilson I’m disappointed too, but come on

Dmytro Sydorenko


Desiree Nicholls

Rhys Kelly

Josh Ohanessian, good result?


Kirat Bakshi

Amber Pegoli

Jade Currie

Jackson Jury

Gorge Tengu Cooter Smith

Tayt Montgomerie Boylan

Aloysius Villaluz

Omar Hasna


Sofia Boras who did you vote for?

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Chris Bond

Cameron Barry

Who’s the idiot that put this up. Obviously they have no idea why ETSA was sold. Dum-Arse!


It should never have been sold, then again Tim Marcus Clark should have been jailed.

Marc Jones rip

SA, the city of the big toilet

John Andrews Caleb Michael Prince

Oh well. At least we will have no water in the Murray and more coal power


Joseph DeBono truth

Shazzy Sha LoL

The person who made this meme probably married his sister.





Ollie David Matthew 🤔


Tom King



Amy Kepler

John Unson ahha

So ashamed of the state right now... seriously why liberal?

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