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I won’t be silenced, says Josh Frydenberg

I won’t be silenced, says Josh Frydenberg


Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg says he has no regrets about ridiculing Tony Abbott... despite getting a call from Peta Credlin.

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg says he has no regrets about ridiculing Tony Abbott for undermining Malcolm Turnbull.

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3 hours ago

BuzzFeed Australia

lmfao this is me ...

lmfao this is me


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Christian Vanscoy yo creo que tu eras el 2do desde el principio hahahah

Mariah JoAnn Beard Caylee Nichole years not weeks*

Mary-joy Leung-shing Jessa Bugnosen sounds familiar?? lmao

Dan Le I feel like this would be you

David Singler poor dude lmao

Ashley me

Harry Monroe omg hahahaha

Josh Pulford your face

Breanna Jones we know why he like that lol

Violet Tan Jane Pui Yee

Cindy Pham

Megan Smart Jayden Donald

Bronte Berry

Sarah Hayes

Emma Hanlon-Paul

Sam Lilly

Brooke Duffy


Laura Absalom

Cimarron Laborin

Nathan Bardsley

Steven Hatzivagianis

Renae Bishop Kris Williams


Lili Leng

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2 days ago

Australian Dance Theatre

Time flies! 8 months since our performance of construct by Tanja Liedtke at the 2017 The Helpmann Awards. ...

Time flies! 8 months since our performance of construct by Tanja Liedtke at the 2017 The Helpmann Awards.

See exams on the horizon? List of due dates increasing? Check out these 6 tools and services to help get you on top of your study game ...

3 days ago

University of Sydney

Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney
She runs her own studio and is passionate about solid, simple design: Meet Jennifer McMaster, Bachelor of Design (Architecture) 2010 and Master of Architecture 2015.

We’re celebrating 100 years of innovation by catching up with our alumni. Stay in touch, update your details now:


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Tyler Price its all those hitouts aye?

Dylan Brooks

David Kulikowski Mina Sam

No excuse we were shit


Yawn... Nothing said when crows lose, yet when its port, its the same old pathetic pictures. Just curious admin, you have an entire thumb drive sitting next to your computer ready to go when Port loses?

Amy Warncken Julie Collins

Bobbie Eaton

No excuse, they were better than us tonight🤷🏾‍♂️

Nathan Johnson

Daniel Button Dave Smith Steven Hill

Not a peep for a whole week when crows get flogged by COLLINGWOOD but when port lose how comes the same old memes.

Lewis Groenn

Volume 1

No excuses. Outplayed by a team that fucled up less.

Christian Piteo ahhaha

why haven't you posted anything about the crows losing to Collingwood last week? All you do is post the same boring memes that are years old

Rob Cohen

Lindsay Clark

The admin was missing last week... must of had internet issues

this ole fav Dean Bernard Scroop

Emily Smallman

Christophe Guyonnet

Umpires Sam Kokotis?

Jake Jake

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Accurate summation of tonight’s events ...


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Ashleigh Egberts

Tian Knoblauch

Oakley Abela lol

Deb Hanna

Glen Graham

Linda Emma

Rhys Kosonen

Bradley Neumann

Kevin Kemp

Adrian Johnston 🍐

Brett 😂

Josh Debattista

Christopher Motley Dont know why someone did this. But I had too tag you in it

Hehehe!!! Sooo good 🤣 DDianne Mitchell

Rosemary Berlingeri

Daniel 😳

Ed Stewart

no rock throwers on the southern expressway tonight cos they're all at adelaide oval.

Nark Drake Mark A Drake

Mia 😪😪😪

Jack Gosling Bailey Marzola Brad Close

John Zegarac

Mark Russell

Louie Fedele

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5 days ago

South Australia + Adelaide Memes

🤭 ...



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Chantelle Trowbridge I’m hoping you find this amusing at the most hehe

Dash Lee

Brodie Hutton

Dylan Brooks

Tess Maree

Ah so the game went well then? Ben Laube

Evin Andrews

Paul HeitmannEdward HeitmannMartin Dikkenberg

Adam Hubbard Jett Johnson But they were undefeated for 3 games! Next minute, 7th.

Gerard Horton will probably see the tarps back out soon too 😂😂

Kevin Kemp

Belinda Drosd

.... and tear us apart!

Tyrone Lowe

Chris Bennett

BUT BUT WE were on top.Those terrible Crows fans did this.

Lindsay Clark

Maybe should wear your guernsey like this Binh Ong 😏 Noverd Nguyen

Vicky Pelkman

Jess Worthley Daniel Abbey

Darcy Armstrong

Kailin McGregor

Michael Nutt Bradley Nutt

Scott Vanson

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