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This month marks what would have been Jorn Utzon's 100th bithday, the famed architect of the Sydney Opera House. At Aalborg, Denmark, at the Utzon Centre, Crown Prince Frederick opened a new exhibition showcasing Utzon's personal archive, including original drawings and models of the Sydney icon, and letters from angry Sydneysiders pleading with him to stay after his controversial exit from the project. We spoke with his children Jan and Lin Utzon, and exhibition curator Line Eriksen.

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Pippa middleton, who is expecting her own baby, has been the first to visit her new nephew at Kensington Palace. The new royal baby has yet to be named. #RoyalBaby #7News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial in London, to mark Anzac Day. #AnzacDay #7News

Cronulla: 2 people are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized, unfortunately a fishman died in the accident. Police say all 3 were wearing life jackets. #Cronulla #7News

Mother Nature has provided another spectacular April lightning show, but continues to hold out on autumn rain. The state's farmers say the dry soil urgently needs a drink as they attempt to get this year's crop into the ground. @TimNoonan7 #7News

It could be back to scratch for a family building their dream home after a water main burst at Morphett Vale - the gusher also flooded several backyards. Download the @7plus free app: @TimYeatman #7News

A special little visitor in the studio today! Great to see you Ava :) @BasilZempilas #avazempilas @7NewsPerth

With shopping hours on the @marshall_steven government's agenda, confusion reigns over Anzac Day trade. @Rob_Lucas has told 7 News he will review current laws for this special day to find a common sense solution. @mikesmithson7 #saparli #7News

Fuel prices are going back up with regular unleaded averaging $1.38 a litre. #Petrol #7News

An investigation has been ordered into a spectacular fire at a remote West Australian iron ore mine. #Fire #7News

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6 hours ago

Guardian Australia

"We will never forget." The French prime minister delivered a powerful, emotional speech at Villers-Bretonneux in honour of the Anzacs:
"Looking at the names of the 11,000 Australians who died for France and for freedom, I could not help thinking of the terrible loneliness which these thousands of young Australians must have felt as their young lives were cut short in a foreign country."


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Read the speech in full: "We will never forget that 100 years ago a young and brave nation on the other side of the world made history by writing our history"

Malcom certainly didn't deliver a Paul Keating speech, felt sorry for him, it was boring, sack his speech writers! It won't go down in history, but the French prime ministers was beautiful, well thought out, historically accurate and powerful!❤️

The French Prime Minister seems to have a better grasp on the meaning and sanctity of Anzac Day than the commentariat at the ABC. His intonements at Villers-Bretonneux pay due respect to the Australians who gave their lives for France and freedom.

"We cannot relive these stories. The mud, the rats, the lice, the gas, the shellfire, the fallen comrades, we can never truly imagine what it was like. " Such a telling statement. He did an incredible job with this speech, which has been repeatedly shown here in France. As a French citizen and an Australian citizen, I thank Édouard Philippe for delivering this speech/eulogy.

$100 million to build the war memorial in France $500 million to renovate the war memorial in Canberra Money spent on remembering the dead while living veterans are homeless and living in poverty. I want a memorial to my family members who fought in that terrible war, I want a system of trenches dug into some muddy cold barren field. I want it filled with rats, lice, fleas, mud, damp, the rusty wire, the human sewage the stench of cordite gas and death. Fill the air with the constant noise of bullets bombs and the screams of the wounded and dying. I want anyone who takes office as a politician to live in this trench for a month, eating the rations and wearing the clothes of our diggers. No champaign, no polished floors, no climate controlled environment, no slick audiovisual production. Just the reality of what happens when politicians fail to do what they are paid to do. Lest we forget.

He was the best and most moving speaker on the day...

Thank you , Prime Minister. An excellent and moving speech.

reminds me of this excellent Don McLean song on a similar theme:

I enjoyed the Anzac Girls series very much.

Tahlia Peterson the most beautiful speech

Et les neo-zelandais?????

Great speach

Jennifer Macdonald

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1 day ago

Time Out Sydney

Honour our service people at these 5 dawn services around Sydney. ...

Honour our service people at these 5 dawn services around Sydney.


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Tarian Stephenson

Ken Wayne

1 day ago

Time Out Sydney

Strike a pose at the most picture-perfect locales around Sydney 🤳 ...


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Rainee Wu take me :)

Iris Cheng fyi

Ååh, babe Kate Hoang ❤️ miss this too much

Gia Leanne Luga Zhen Ru instagram tours

Shane Reyes have you done these? 📸

Dong’s time to shine.. Avirna Agnes

Oan Sirion some ideas for activities while you’re in Sydney.

Chrissie Magoulias few on the list we have to do

Michaela Boyle - depressed. Take us back

Holly Shallcrosss

Sean Deegan making our way through them nicely 👌🏼

@a Alisa for you :)

Nathan Waserman 😏

Caitlyn some inspiration for when you come down

Jess Britt

Abha Dubey

Christos Tsolakis

Jessie Chan

Josiah Halme

Laura Isabel Tepner

Paige Braunstein

Jay Townsend


Tomi Mo

Georgie-Rose Davey

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🖤💛❤️ Introducing our new Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education - The University of Adelaide Indigenous student ambassadors! ...

🖤💛❤️ Introducing our new Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education - The University of Adelaide Indigenous student ambassadors!


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Pictured are ambassadors (from left) Lauren Turner, Law; Christian Maskey, Mathematical Sciences; Kynesha Temple, Arts and Courtney Hunter-Hebberman, Law. The ambassadors will provide support and mentorship for our current Indigenous students and help promote the University to prospective Indigenous students - we are very proud and excited to welcome them to their new roles!

I confirm that the ladies here look really good! I, however, have a great face for radio 😂.

Woo hoo Lauren ❤️

Great photo Christian xx

Caleb Hayward

Courtney Hunter-hebberman 😀

2 days ago

The University of Adelaide

Congratulations to our students and alumni who have been nominated for the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards! We're proud to be sponsoring this years STEM category. Winners will be announced on May 11, Good Luck! ...


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Ashleigh Louise

Junk food ads are shown more frequently on TV at times when many children are watching, our new Heart Foundation-funded research shows: ...

Junk food ads are shown more frequently on TV at times when many children are watching, our new Heart Foundation-funded research shows:


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Paul 800 times a year and i still get got errytime :(

Mel Clark this is scary