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This month marks what would have been Jorn Utzon's 100th bithday, the famed architect of the Sydney Opera House. At Aalborg, Denmark, at the Utzon Centre, Crown Prince Frederick opened a new exhibition showcasing Utzon's personal archive, including original drawings and models of the Sydney icon, and letters from angry Sydneysiders pleading with him to stay after his controversial exit from the project. We spoke with his children Jan and Lin Utzon, and exhibition curator Line Eriksen.

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The Swedish-born producer and DJ known as @Avicii has been found dead in Oman publicist Diana Barón said in a statement. The 28-year-old DJ, was born Tim Bergling. “The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy.” #Avivii #7News

A conga line of NSW legal system screw ups: early release, insufficient monitoring, poor surveillance, bail granted despite violent history of accused; one arm of system not talking to the other. Meanwhile a 16 year-old girl and the original victims traumatised. Hopeless.

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“One of Sydney's most notorious and dangerous serial sex offenders, has been released on bail despite fresh allegations he assaulted a 16 year o...

Headed to Windsor today; #Commonwealth Leaders holding their retreat as guests of the Queen. Coverage from #7news 6pm.

Cyclists have been caught on a risky and illegal ride through the Lane Cove tunnel last night, with drivers having to cross a lane to steer around them. #7News

Special report: Calls to overhaul SA's third world secrecy laws

Macquarie Park: A new high rise Catholic school, two child care centres, an aged care home, shops, 2,000 private dwellings and 950 social housing dwellings will replace the Ivanhoe public housing estate on Ivanhoe Place. "A genuine integrated community" - @VictorDominello. #7News

Australian scientists have developed what could be the first treatment for sufferers of motor neurone disease. #7News

A man has used his late father's lotto numbers to win big in Powerball. The Greenfield Park resident won $8 million in last night's draw and plans to share it with multiple family members. #7News

Bad news tonight for beer lovers who thought they were doing the right thing by drinking low-carb beer - health experts say they're no better for you than any other brew. #7News

No criminal charges will be laid over the drug overdose that killed Prince. #7News

The Queen has urged Commonwealth leaders to support Prince Charles as her successor. #7News

It's slow progress - but there was a step forward for the Turnbull government's energy plan today. #7News

Hosting a room full of incredibly talented and kind young people at the @NSW_ACT_YAA Young Acheivers awards. The future is bright with these young community leaders. #NSWACTYAA

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4 hours ago

7 News Australia

If you've been drinking low-carb beers to help keep off the kilos, researchers have some disheartening news.



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Suckers, If your gonna drink a beer drink a real beer! What are you scared of, messing up your millennial man bod. Lay off the avocados perhaps!

See, I told you so ....... bloody “Girly” beers ....

I'm getting fat anyway I dont need beer hahaa

Now everything makes sense 😂

Sonya Serafin show rob 😮

Taylor Warwick hahaaha

Bhargav Kataram for you

Dillan Makins Ben Wood

Yussy Arkam

Ahmet Avder

Sheree Rysanek

Karl Rob Pilkington

Maiwand Er

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9 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

Since Susan Hannaford vanished from Australian TV, her life has taken strange twists even Hollywood couldn’t dream-up. She’s absolutely nothing like little Kitty, “The Sullivans” star we knew and loved.
Don't miss this Sunday Night Exclusive at 8:30pm, this Sunday on Channel 7.

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Thats my x gf

Geoff Day

10 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

Join Mark Bouris and his online community for everything small business! 🙌✨

#TheMentor starts Monday at 9.00 on Channel 7 |

Channel 7
Join Mark Bouris and his online community for everything small business! 🙌✨

#TheMentor |


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A take off from a good show called The Profit.... check out the original as I doubt the Australian low budget show will even compare

12 hours ago

Nova 919

Here's hoping we all get individual hellos from Harry Styles on this tour like he did in Nova's Red Room... 👏😂

12 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

Get ready for a Super Saturday of footy LIVE on Channel 7 Perth
2.00pm Eagle Vision
2.30pm AFL: Carlton v West Coast Eagles LIVE
5.30pm 7 News Perth *Special Time*
6.00pm AFL: Fremantle Dockers v Western Bulldogs LIVE

14 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

Dr Harry travels to Perth to offer some pawsome advice for Stella & Jazzey's pooch problem! 🐶
Better Homes and Gardens Australia tonight 7.00 on Channel 77 |

Dr Harry travels to Perth to offer some pawsome advice for Stella & Jazzeys pooch problem! 🐶
Better Homes and Gardens Australia tonight 7.00 on Channel 77 |


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hands off the girls dr harry - creep.

Those two girls are gorgeous, 😘 I’m lucky ☺️ I took some photos with us at crab 🦀 fest .