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How to tell if you're really 'burnt out'

How to tell if you're really 'burnt out'


Feeling “burnt out” is a pretty common phrase in daily parlance, but we’re starting to learn more about its longer-term destructive effects.

Sufferers often describe feeling exhausted and disconnected, and as though they’re “going through the motions” without motivation or meaning.

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51 minutes ago

BuzzFeed Australia

omg EVERY SINGLE MUM literally has that phone case ...

omg EVERY SINGLE MUM literally has that phone case


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Mel Hemburrow secretly fancies keanu reeves, doesn’t even know the foxtel login in her own house haha

Erin Jane you

Darcy lmao Collene

Clarissa why is this me

Jay Russell aw man I only got the fruit one

Molly Seppelt top left

Alivia Sangrigoli ‘if you’re hungry there’s fruit’ HAHAHAAHHAHAHHAAHAHA bananas on the bench lmfaooooo

Julie Madeline lucky u only got 2 of these ur not a regular mom ur a cool mom

Who doesn't fancy Paul Hollywood....

Rose I read down to ice cream tub containing leftovers and thought of the pupper scraps. Same same

Omg Lilly Zerafa the stamps so accurate! But change one to “you having a shower?” 😂😂

Melissa Bayntun you are not any of these, you are a cool mum

Shenée Alexandra Brewer our Mum doesn’t even have a phone 😂

Carol Cross "Did you get that video I sent you on Whatsapp?" 😂

Linus Carey Gibson the ones on the left are Mum to a T

This is so mum Laura Sliskovic

Hahah Joanne Abbey

Annie the stamps and ice cream tub leftovers

Hahaha ice cream tub containing leftovers 😂 the best Jill Williams

Tania 🤔

Sue Peterkin Hamilton

Helen Sunny

Jess Warwick

Kerrie Rush 😂

Coco Sty Tamatou 🤭

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52 minutes ago

Sydney Swans

Isaac Heeney welcomed some junior footballers from his home club, the Cardiff Hawks Aussie Rules Club to the SCG today! ...


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How wonderful. Never forget your start & the people that supported Well done Swans. Many clubs dream to have such a player get involved. Great achievement Isaac Heeney.

He is one hell of a guy! Congrats Swans and Isaac too! Love to see him play - and Buddy and Reg and Nick............! The list is long!!! Thank you Swannees!

Great work Isaac! No doubt you are a future leader of our Great Club! All class! On and off the field 👏 and you'll always be our "milky bar kid "😁

Great work Swans and especially Isaac. This was an experience these kids won't forget.

we love our local boy! and all the others as well.............swans tragic us! nice work Isaac!

Woo. Go Taj n Rose!!

Caleb Wivell where was your invite

You've grown so much Jack Pratt

Emily Sutton Alice Rose Birrell

Taylah Johnson

Lyn Cooksley

Matthew Purins

2 hours ago

MTV Australia

Have Your Cake & Beat It Too!! ...

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Thomas Bradley why wouldnt you just eat it

Melissa Skeen ummmm yesss!!!!!

Annabel Richmond

Tee Irene

Sylvie Kate

Cody Anthony Zuecker

3 hours ago

BuzzFeed Australia

I'll deal with that later... (via SOML) ...


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Amanda MacSweeney I don’t know why but this just reminded me of you 😂

Pat you when I ask you to do something

Lauren Natalie Rhiannon Rachel Mel Lollllll this made me laugh more than I think it should ...

Danae Jayne this reminds me of you lol except the work part!

Paul Truong .... I DO NOT want to gym on Thursday 😭

Sharni "That's a tomorrow problem" - you.

Stacey Chris future Adriana’s problem 😂😂

Meswa not sure if I should laugh or cry 😂😂😭😫

Chris this is kind of the thoughts on the highway 😂

Jordan Roberts Hussain Akn mine goes the other way around, they all chuck me into the fckng deep end every damn time

Bahaha Chony, I’ll tidy the house on the weekend...

Definitely me this and pretty much every week.

Kerena me rn. 3 more days....

Bec Trapp haha.... Next weeks problem... 😂😂😂

Ben Wright Chelsea May 😂 every minute of every god damn day ahaha

Iva Miloskovska reminds me of you when you got home from holidays hahah

Tiffany the good old tomorrow pile

Chloe Mulheron me... listen with sound even better

Bahar Rehan add hopes and dreams and it will be like looking in a mirror

Greg Spink how I'm treating this course.

Nicole. Sherry. I'll let future Lee deal with that.

Cameron except its always next week every week

Mick Green it speaks to me in a whole different levels.


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7 hours ago

Sydney Swans

There were plenty of satisfied customers on Saturday night on Driver Ave at the Sydney Swans Canteen presented by Broadsheet Sydney! ...


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Please have these food trucks every home games at the SCG!!! Plus the Organic one, Agape Food Truck, I think it is called! Please include that one, too!! So much better food than the one inside the SCG!

Great idea and great desserts! Should be more of it because the “food” inside the SCG is expensive and tasteless.

The food was delicious. Much better than the rubbish they serve inside the SCG. Hope it’s there every game.

Idea of food trucks with yummy food was great, but there wasn’t enough seating or even bar type tables to eat at.

Paul Simpson, Benjamin Simpson

7 hours ago

MTV Australia

Snowtunes is BACK in 2018 with Rudimental , Violent Soho, MEG MAC and MANY more! Special guests still to be announced...❄️😍🎉

Tickets are on sale now >>>


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Tiarna Oakes