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How to tell if you're in a dysfunctional relationship

How to tell if you're in a dysfunctional relationship


It may take two to tango, but sometimes one person can completely throw off the dance. | OPINION

Behaviours only tell part of the story, and emotional abuse can be a matter of opinion. Instead, focus on feelings.

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6 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

Michael Mills was more than 4 times the legal blood alcohol limit when he crashed into a Sydney home in February.


21 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

She's known as Madame Butterfly but after today, Susie O'Neill, can officially add AM to her name.


36 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

India's biggest ride sharing service has officially launched in South East Queensland.



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Are they gonna accept boob and vegane pictures as payments?

dont forget the bacon for tips

Thought they were already here, B&W cabs?

India’s ride sharing been here for years black and white cabs

Jot Athwal 651 😜

!!!! Anthony

Singh ParminderMandeep Singh Thindਮਨਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਵਿਰਕMeet SinghHarry Makkar ola ola

Oh my, so now more Uber drivers will have to drive on the footpath?

Navjot Singh-Kaler

Mohit Gulati

Will avoid.

Gautam Sathivel OLA

51 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

Hundreds of Commonwealth Games athletes and officials are yet to leave Australia, despite overstaying their visas.



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Kindve like the first Europeans that came to Australia 😂

What did they expect...easy ticket here compete to gold Coast Olympics

Why aren’t they just being sent back they came over here to compete in games they can’t just expect to stay here wtf

Hundreds now!!! It's growing every story

Tien Tran

Brendan Wong

Onkar Hir

And they are still here ..why

Go home! We don't want ya!

Filthy dogs all of them

1 hour ago

7 News Brisbane

A gunman has been charged after he opened fire at Donald Trump’s Florida Golf Club.


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Hang on! Doesn’t he have the right to bare arms etc In the US of A? Maybe he was just protecting himself? Lol who am i kidding, another loon.

Deborah Knight where’s Reece?

1 hour ago

7 News Brisbane

A turf war has erupted between GPs and pharmacists over a plan to give patients access to some medical treatments without going to the doctor.



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Viagra antibiotics and a whole range of products are a available over the counter in Mexico have been for years

Viagra is available over the counter here in UK. We don’t have to go to the drs for everything.

🤔 where will the line be drawn

Angela Nikou

Andy Lau

Time to get with the times Australia GP ‘a are just greedy

2 hours ago

9 News Perth

Forensic police are scouring a Queens Park home following the discovery of a body. The early information is that a man in his 60s has been found dead in a suspected murder. ...


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Kahala Hart yours

Emma Sinderberry

Aaron Pain

2 hours ago

9 News Perth

The hunt to find a missing grandfather is now stretching from Perth to Albany in what police describe as an unprecedented search. Ian Collett has now spent three cold nights out alone, and is heading into his fourth. ...


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What aboit using thermal infra red cameras in a chopper at night & sending crews in to investigate that way? 1 night spent with the camera in the areas he has been sighted should find him.

Use the helicopter

So sad, I hope he’s ok 😞

Gosh I hope he is found safe and well xx

He is like Jason Bourne

This is so sad. 😢 hope he is found soon

Bcn makit an nmu Jay Granaderos

Leanne Minervini Jess Currell

Wanna bet? ...


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Marilou Pichol moi quand je joue avec les chiens 🤣

Carl Mazzolo Mykonos 2010

You two 😂😂 Theresa Jade Anna Vu Ushakov

Nicholas Wellfare Me ...

Ally Robb-Rangitonga Rhys Iggulden OMG this is actually me

Zoe Hickey it’s you

If you participated in sports Claire Chandler 😂

Literally me 🤪

Matty Walker me at tennis

Is this you Elena Omidzadeh

Norman Tu McGoon lol 😁😗

Anna Pham Olia Haitlin Kim Vu 🤣

Linda 🙈

Laila Severino u lol

Nathan James Walsh Jack Caffyn Jeremy Saville Matt Aston Matt Grant Amber Humphrey 🙋‍♀️

Claire J Bedford

Ashlee Madden


Taras Ch

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3 hours ago

9 News Perth

It's been revealed women are using dating apps not to find a partner but to check if they've 'still got it'. According to a new study - while men use these apps to find casual connections, women use them for an ego boost.

9 Live Perth
It's been revealed women are using dating apps not to find a partner but to check if they've 'still got it'. According to a new study - while men use these apps to find casual connections, women use them for an ego boost.


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But I'm just happy my wife likes me 😁

Sadie I think we’ve both been there and found someone anyway 😂😳

Ryan Hopper - i knew it, it's worse than Instagram

Danielle Lee lol wtf. mind u i had fun playing with urs haha

What a good idea.

Sarah Nash

Nihar Hirani