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'How the hell is he getting this?': 'Coward' deputy gets $130,000 pension

'How the hell is he getting this?': 'Coward' deputy gets $130,000 pension


He began receiving his $US8702.35 monthly pension in April.

A former sheriff's deputy who did not enter a high school in Parkland, Florida, during a massacre in February receives more than $130,000 in an annual pension.

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[email protected]_Victoria is trying to pinpoint the source of a foaming pollutant in Dandenong Creek. #7News

The federal government remains determined to pass its company tax cuts after "wiley operator" @PaulineHansonOz appeared to backflip on her support for the plan. #auspol #7News

A man claimed to have a bomb on a bus travelling from Sydney to Melbourne this morning. The 46-year-old called triple zero from inside a toilet onboard. Police tracked the bus to Melbourne's outer suburbs and confronted him in the bathroom. No device was found. #7News

A Melbourne plumbing firm has been fined $40,000 after an apprentice was seriously burnt while working alone on a housing site in 2015. #7News

A former Perth student has been found guilty of murdering three members of his family three years after the gruesome attack took place in their home in South Africa. #7News

A green sea turtle with only three flippers is getting ready to be released back into the ocean after a long recovery at Cairns Aquarium. #7News

Prince Harry and Meghan are continuing to break new ground, revealing what are being described as the 'boldest and most intimate' Royal wedding portraits ever. They show the Duke and Duchess of Sussex surrounded by bridesmaids and page boys, and their new extended family. #7News

A former Perth student has been found guilty of the horrific axe murders of his parents and brother in South Africa. Henri Van Breda claimed an intruder was responsible for the 2015 attack, but a judge ruled the evidence against him was 'inescapable.' #7News

A teenage girl has jumped from a balcony to escape a fire at her Sydney home. The early morning blaze destroyed the Strathfield property. @laurakatebanks #7News

A woman has been hit by a bus and killed at a busy intersection in Brisbane's CBD. Paramedics worked desperately on the 57-year-old, but she couldn't be saved. #7News

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The Queen has attended the Chelsea Flower show in London. The monarch has only missed attending the show once in her 65 years on the throne. #7News

[email protected] Australia has gone into voluntary administration months after the US and British retail giant's collapse. Directors of the company made the decision after the withdrawal of the final bidder for the sale of the Australian business. #7News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding portraits released. #7News

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38 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

The Federal Government remains determined to pass its company tax cuts after Pauline Hanson has appeared to backflip on her support for the plan.

"The people of this country want leadership. They want honesty and they want trust."



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Not a backflip, but a much needed correction.

Wait for the next backflip

While highest paid pm

1 hour ago

7 News Brisbane

UPDATE: The discount on unleaded fuel at Coomera has now ended. Price is back to 153.9c/l. #qldtraffic #7News

7 News Gold Coast
UPDATE: The discount has now ended, unleaded petrol is back to 153.9c/l.

Cheap fuel is causing dramas on the Gold Coast - traffic is backed up southbound on the M1 as motorists queue for 99.9c/l unleaded at Coomera. The discount at Shell ends at 1pm.

#qldtraffic #7News


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UPDATE: The discount on unleaded fuel at Coomera has now ended. Price is back to 153.9c/l. #qldtraffic #7News

I got $1 a litre a couple of months back. But only cos the attendent read the Litres instead of the price ;) I can usually go looking for something in the high $1.30 range just under $1.40 in my area in newcastle but most of them around 1.50

Sorry but fuel that costs $1.40 plus is very expensive. Sorry Channel 7. Please don’t be stupid.

Yeah no thanks the traffic jam to get their & save a few cents wouldn’t be worth the effort

$2.14 in NZ going to be $3.00s soon a litre by end of year

That’s cheap? Really? Is that over $1.50 on the sign?

Adam need some cheap fuel? 😉

If one service station can sell petroleum cheap then we are getting ripped off everywhere else

So where is the CONSUMER WATCHDOG while this is happening. I doubt Shell are making a loss on the fuel selling it 99.9c so they should be bringing the price down. What are these people getting paid to do. Never seen them actually change anything. Might as well get rid of them and put the money elsewhere.

No doubt they were asked to end it, there was chaos.

It’s other stations aswell as Springwood an any signs that state 138 u got to bowser an it’s either out of order or has a different price at bowser, go to freedom servo loganholme it’s always under 150 if not under 130

makes you wonder doesnt it, how can places sell it for so cheap and others out the roof??? Oh thats right, profiteering.

The traffic is horrendous 😡

Well played servo, well played.

Stirling Loach feel like a drive to the coast for some fuel 😂


Shaun Andrew the new garage of our exit

If only diesel was this cheap hahaha Scott Stasauskas

Tim Somers-Layet.... Need to fuel up??

Nam Dinh 😂😂

Harshveer Mehta Sandy Saman

It’s open Deb Rouse wonder if Oliver’s is too

Himani Verma

Mikayla Knight

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2 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

7 News Toowoomba
Toowoomba: Police have released vision of a man who assaulted a police officer after a disturbance report at a licensed venue on the New England Highway at Harlaxton.

Recognise him? Call Policelink on 131 444.

Report on 7 News at 6pm.

QPS: Police have released vision of a man who may be able to assist with inquiries following the assault of a police officer at Harlaxton on the weekend. At around 2.40am on Saturday, May 19 officers attended a licensed venue on the New England Highway following reports of a disturbance. After speaking to a number of patrons police accompanied a man into the carpark for the purpose of obtaining his ID card. The man entered a vehicle and started the engine, at which time a 31-year-old male constable attempted to intervene and prevent him from leaving. The man punched the constable a number of times in the chest before driving away at speed over a footpath and directly across four lanes of the highway, striking a traffic island in the process. The police officer was not seriously injured as a result of the incident. The man is described as Aboriginal in appearance, aged in his 20s, around 183cm tall with black hair and brown eyes. Police have released CCTV from inside the venue of a man who may be able to assist with investigations. Anyone who may recognise the man is urged to contact police.


2 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

7 News at 6pm: How a new wave of Chinese investment is buying up the South East.

Not near the TV? Watch on the free 7plus app.



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Some 35 short years ago we had Jobs everywhere, we had Iron Ore and great steel industries, we had ship building, Car manufacturing, we built TV’s, radio’s, washing machines, lawn mowers, hills hoists & furniture manufacturing. We built Car parts and we even made our own tyres! We had fishing ports and cheap Petrol that was made at Port Stanvac SA, Bulimba Brisbane. Mortlake Sydney Refinery’s from oil brought from Bass Strait, North West Shelf and Timor Sea. We built Aircraft, Boats and Buses. Locomotive diesel electric trains as well as the tracks and everything was “PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA”! We had Corner stores and Hardware shops all over the city and country. We had work available as a driveway attendant at all our local Service Stations. And at ALL these places you could find a JOB!!! We had PUBLIC UTILITIES like Power Stations, Water & Gas which would employ thousand around the Country. Then Government sold our soul and started to Corporatise itself and began to compete instead of Govern. Then we started going down hill! All our companies started going offshore or closing down because this new corporate government did deals with other countries under free trade agreements that allowed them to totally wipe out our business and manufacturing by selling us their cheap crap. These Foreign Countries took over our Mineral resources. They drove our Farmers off their land and started selling it to these foreign countries and set up 457 visa’s as well which would let these countries bring in their own workers! These things left our once beautiful Country in tatters! Then these Politicians allowed Foreign Countries to buy our Power Stations and guaranteed them that they would always make a profit at our expense no matter what. Now because we have lost so much the Government then realised they don't get much income anymore and have to find new ways to make money so it hits it’s own people further in the pocket. They cut funding to our Education and over the years led us to import skilled workers because we didn't have any! They cut funding to our Emergency Services, they cut funding to our police and Public housing. These new Corporate Government Politicians laughed in our faces and gave themselves MASSIVE pay rises and they all pat themselves on the back knowing that we are so dumb and stupid we would not know what is going on! Now they tell us we have to tighten our belts and lose what little we have left to pay back the MASSIVE DEBT they left us all in. Now I drive the main roads and all I see is the empty buildings that once housed all these great manufacturing companies and I begin to cry seeing them all run down or for lease!!! This over paid government need more taxes to live on so they are now going to force our elderly (God bless them, for they are the ones that built this Nation) back into the workforce until they are 70. and tell everyone to go out and get a JOB!! So can someone in this new Corporate Government tell us EXACTLY WHERE THESE BLOODY JOBS ARE???????????????????????

Why are non citizens allowed to purchase investment properties or land here? It's because of them that many Aussies can't get a foot into the market due to prices getting artificially jacked up. And for those who think it's good for the economy.. it's not good for ordinary Australians and it needs to be reigned in by state & local governments.

Why invade a country when you can buy it

We can't buy land in China they should not be able to buy our land never.

Soon we'll be the 2nd Republic of China.

Don't allow this to happen....wake up

So why is the Australian government letting non Australians buy up all housing and assets????

Victor Lee 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Ishpreet Sharma

Chris Cole 😱

Nam Dinh

Pushing up house prices and in turn making the market out of reach for Australian locals.

It’s the year of the dog it’s the time to buy land no doubt about that . Glad they have a little vision .

So what happens when the war against China starts ? do they break the land and houses up and take it with them ?

Awesome bring in the money we need all the projects in Queensland

The Sydney effect.

Dam disgraceful government lost my vote

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3 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

UPDATE: The discount has now ended, unleaded petrol is back to 153.9c/l.

There's a big queue at the Shell in Coomera on the Gold Coast, where the price of unleaded dropped from 155.9c to 99c per litre at 11am.

Where's the cheapest fuel you have seen in Brisbane?

#qldtraffic #7News


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UPDATE: The discount on unleaded fuel at Coomera has now ended. Price is back to 153.9c/l. #qldtraffic #7News

So how does this work? How can you fathom 1.60 prices but can so easily drop it to 99.9 goes to show that it's the fuel companies themselves pocketing all the extra coin when there's no need for it to priced that high at all

Last week shell and Coles express shell were investigated by the ACCC. This week this happens... marketing ploy much?

Which shell in Coomera??

If they can do it, why can't the rest of them.

If one servo can drop the price so can all the others! 😠

If they can why can't others.

Wonder how many are gunna run out of fuel waiting lol

If one can drop the price why cant all states of Australia? We have been getting milked for decades the motorist. It has to stop.

About time and all servos should do the same and stay that price

A pity all servos aren't that cheap

$159.9 for cheap unleaded in Brisbane!!!!

JatindEr SiNgh NaTt just in case you are off to gold coast 🤣

So if it’s 99c on the Gold Coast why is it almost 1.80 in Brisbane

We're paying $159.9 in some areas of brisbane 😤

that petrol station is just opened price will change soon

Best way to clean new tanks at a servo.

Kasi Hurley how commited to cheap fuel are you?

bring the special to the redlands please !!!

Kirk Dias wow wish we lived on the coast

Zac Brown get in there quick

Greg Moore if only in young id fill every container haha

Dianna Paese need to drive to coomera lol

Ethan Gill wow! Imagineeeeeee

Peter Nacho Vogt shame we both have to work

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3 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

"We felt like our hearts had broken and they had... so I held my son in my arms that evening hoping it was all a bad dream."

Grieving relatives have started giving evidence at the inquiry into London's Grenfell tower fire. 72 people died when fire engulfed the high-rise last June, spreading quickly via highly flammable cladding.


2 days ago

Perth Wildcats

Meet Wilbur at today’s Warehouse Sale until 1:30, and grab some free popcorn!

Plus, meet Clint Steindl (til 12:00) and Jesse Wagstaff (12-1:30), while saving up to 80% on exclusive stock.

2 days ago

Perth Wildcats

The Perth Wildcats Warehouse Sale is underway! Up to 80% off prices, limited edition player apparel, your chance to meet and greet players and much more!

📍 Willetton Basketball Stadium
⏰ 9am - 2pm

The Perth Wildcats Warehouse Sale is underway! Up to 80% off prices, limited edition player apparel, your chance to meet and greet players and much more!

📍 Willetton Basketball Stadium
⏰ 9am - 2pm


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Apinktop wouldbe great

Are you able to give any idea of prices and whats available?

Would have gone but the footy is on... good timing guys... what was wrong with having it on Saturday???

Andrew Spencer Wendy Spencer did you guys go?

Jack Lu Taylor Motteram this would've been good!

Brady Harbidge could you go for me please?

As an interstate supporter, does this extend to the club online store?

Scott Brown can you get me some merch please

Kris Green what did you buy me?

Jesse Hill Paul Johnston can you blokes get me a signed Steindel jersey 😜

Kelli Hollands are you already there lol

MikeyBone Vo next weekend at Warwick stadium they’ll have similar sale

Karen Prince Bargain!

Got a heap of gear for $80 normal wood of cost near $200 very happy

Marie Nunes Mary Coelho

Benny Jacklyn grab us a Vlahov jersey 😉

Alvin Lumanau , Jemara Maciver Dean Robinson hurry hurry hurry...

Dylan Small surely you’re there

Michael Chinotto better hurry mate

Amie Nash not sure if this is of interest to you. Although if it is, you probably already know about it. 🤔

Matthew Ingham... you'll be up that way, if you need some gear

Mimi Pohl because u are taking the boys to more game ✌️✌️✌️

Jason - just Incase you need more

Brian 😳😳

Teighan Kelly Shannen Kelly Leanne Kelly Jo Waterhouse Rebecca Waterhouse

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