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How Stephen Hawking has survived so long with ALS

How Stephen Hawking has survived so long with ALS


What made Stephen Hawking able to survive for so long with ALS? This 2015 article explains.

52 years after his diagnosis with a disease that generally kills in five, the man who explained time is just as unsure about the cause of his longevity as experts in the field.

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2 hours ago

Triple M Brisbane

In the latest part of The Moment, Mark Howard talks to the legend himself, Mick Fanning. This is the story of sacrifice and triumph. A story of dealing with unimaginable tragedy and coming out the other side.

Tune in to the full story here >>

#OneForEveryone #PodcastOneAU

A 30-year loan to an aged pensioner – already scammed, but the bank lent him more to lose. Tuesday night at 6.30.



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How does he lose out if he dies they get nothing

Catch Up: What will a State Liberal Government mean for you? New premier Steven Marshall joins us in the studio. Rosanna Mangiarelli and Hendrik Gout report.



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Deregulation of trading hours WILL NOT create more jobs, the same staff will be spread over longer hours. Very short sighted indeed.

Already stopped the solar panels and home battery

Half the ESL !!! Will wait and see if he does or doesnt...

SO He wants to cut the number people in the Public service. = Less Jobs. Then he wants to stop the young people leaving SA Because they cant find jobs!!!! He has NFI What he is doing or saying..

After decades of labors corruption and perversion it was time for change and hopefully justice.

It is very unusual that the Premier has already sworn in and taken is position because the final ballot papers hasn't been counted yet.

Give the guy a go. Seriously, it's been one day. You're either part of the problem or part of the solution. We will have a Liberal Government for the next four years. Give the guy at least a year before you burn him at the stake.

4 hours ago

MTV Australia

FIRST LOOK: Jersey Shore Family Vacation 🍕🇮🇹

Premieres 10am April 6 same time as the US #JSFamilyVacation


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Taylah Allard come on this is way better then Geordie shore

Scott Walker for old times sake I feel like we need to watch this haha

Penny Jerrett Amber May

Taylah Clark

Sandy Burr incase you haven’t seen this yet

Nicole Ann you reckon you will watch this?

Mande Lee we used to watch this at your house all the timeee ❤️❤️❤️

Katherine Loomes fuck I’m so excited for this😍

Betina will have to have a binge watch session

Jill Ryan the OG haha

Sam!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 record for me please!

Marianne Papettas series link it now!!

Jade Willmott this is the best thing I have ever seen

Skye Jackson Nat Gilbert did you guys ever watch this? I’m so keen!!!!

Ryan Ronn Christian “situation is now the inspiration” hahahahah

Nat Trajkovski im actually so excited hahahah

We have to wait until this is all out, then have wine night and binge it all!!! Like the good old days hahahahaha Rowie Kilbourne

Michael Johnstone omg I seriously cant wait now !!

Tarna Twomey i am so fucking keen lol

Caity Bawden did you ever watch jersey shore?! 😂

Georgia Kidd pls say you’re excited as I am hahah

Sam Kelly holy hell parents gone wild this will be great 😝👌🏻

Shannon Manley I'm tempted to get foxtel just so i don't miss out 🤔😕

Hope Anne Mae Hansell 14 year old me is hyperventilating 😂

Stop it right now I can’t deal this is amazing Ruby Pudig

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From prison to paradise – Australia’s notorious refugee camp to become a luxury holiday resort. Tonight 6.30.



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Now close Manus and Nauru and make paradises from them.

Australia’s rock kid – the little guitar prodigy about to hit the big-time. Tonight 6.30.


Australia’s rock kid – the little guitar prodigy about to hit the big-time. Tonight 6.30. 



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Absolutely incredible. You should give his parents the phone number of that little boys family you had on the other week that played the drums. Just think, in ten years or more they could have a pretty amazing band. Does any other viewers have kids that are so young and naturally talented? Get in touch with TT Adelaide. Might have the makings of an awesome band. Home grown is always the best. Good luck to you all.

Reminds me of Nathan Cavaliri I wonder what he’s up to now.



What's next for South Australia? New premier Steven Marshall joins Rosanna Mangiarelli in the studio. Tonight 6.30.


Whats next for South Australia? New premier Steven Marshall joins Rosanna Mangiarelli in the studio. Tonight 6.30.



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I hate him so much. He hasn't been in 5 minutes and wants to cut a program for the poorest people in S.A.

SA will now be screwed beyond its limits , as these lib's are only in it for the rich to get richer and make those of us that struggle , be only struggle street even more

The only thing liberal got right was LABOR SUCKED! SA has gone downhill so much it would be hard to stuff it up even more.

I hope im wrong and marshall is good the state

The next NBN debacle is on the cards.! Hahaha

How about public housing Mr Marshall? No mention of more public housing. I heard earlier today that your going to scrap jays solar, battery and power project. Is that a fact? Needs more transparency on everything I feel. Good luck convincing us battlers that your on our side. You try living off $2.16 per hour like I do on a carers payment. That’s way below min wage.

The Liberal party remind me of the 2 brothers from Trading Places, where they try to screw Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd but end up getting screwed when they lose everything all for a bet of $1.00 The only difference is the Liberal Party hurt everyone.

Go Nadia........we have become poor with Labor...25 yrs... and.........poverty ...more poverty....Marshall has to clean up 23 yrs of labor and their accumulating debts which every person in S.A. has to pay...The rich dont get richer,they pay the taxes for the prisoners,how accomadating,the unemployed who say they cant work do i go on....please if it wasnt for the rich people and their taxes they pay we really would be in poverty

Not on my tv he’s not...

What public housing were selling all Are houses , or pulling than down putting two back on per ,land for every 10,pulled we sell 8 ,rent 2 back for S,A Housing so no one is going to get housing are they??

They forget that they work for us, not us for them, and him being elected is a joke.

Maybe now our school kids will be able to use the toilets when they need them and whole class punishments will stop. ( ARE YOU LISTENING TEACHERS? ) Labor never gave a dam about these abusive practices in our schools. Liberals anti bully policy will make our schools safer, so tell your kids to let you know if their teacher or other students are bullying!

Hire a marshal, will fill his pockets , quicker than Scott Morrison. Re-pain , all the post in Unley red, and draw aline at Goodwood road to stop all the siver spooners from leaving the bank.

Is there a way to watch Today Tonight online catch up, 7plus link?

i just hope we dont end up like WA

Turnbulls lapdog !!

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