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Helicopter, thermal imaging camera used to find lost dog in NZ park

Helicopter, thermal imaging camera used to find lost dog in NZ park


"He was stuck to a log by the lead unable to move more than a few steps in any direction."

Benny the beagle put his owners through nine days of hell as they launched a mammoth search to find their beloved pet.

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Erick Kanzo Bashemule

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OMG how one eyed can you guys be? All I have seen all day is Gossage and Ten bag out Freo! 😂😂😂🖕

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Happy outcome

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Lest we forget

Is it Anzac Day there Jayden Monk?

Steve Clare

13 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Perth

Ten News
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16 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Perth

Ten News
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Amiright? ...


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Danny Nguyen that umbreon onesie!

Jye 💁‍♀️

Brittany Taylor Will O'Brien

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