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HBO producing documentary series on Serial's Adnan Syed

HBO producing documentary series on Serial's Adnan Syed


The series will feature "groundbreaking revelations that challenge the state's case".

Adnan Syed is about to be tried - again - in the court of public opinion.

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Student pleads guilty after fight at #Busselton Senior High School #wanews

Author Colleen McCullough wrote fresh will leaving estate to husband, court hears

The Court of Criminal Appeal has heard Chad Badcock, who a jury found guilty of the murder of young father Jayson Doelz, maintains he wasn't present during deadly 2012 assault. Mr Doelz sustained 80+ injuries. @TenNewsADEL

Adelaide Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson has left court after being found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse in the 1970's. We'll have a full report on worldwide repercussions of the verdict, tonight in #TenNews at 5pm.

Parishioners at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral express sadness at the guilty finding against Archbishop Philip Wilson for failing to report child sex abuse. @TenNewsADEL

Looking for somewhere to chill out?
Replace the rush of the city, with the rush of water.
Come explore Fitzroy Gardens.

Prof Martin Cole @CSIROnews tells @NadiaMits by 2050 we’ll consume as much food as the previous 500 yrs. How can we maintain this while also caring for the planet & watching our health? We’ve had 2 Aus GENS who don’t know hunger nor where food comes from. #agchatoz #perthnews

Gerri Hinkley tells @NadiaMits in the next 8 yrs there will be 70K more jobs in farming sector, due to ageing & retiring nature of the ag industry & it's growth. 80% jobs will be beyond the farm gate.
#agchatoz #perthnews

NEWSBYTE: Your lunchtime news update with @katefreebairn. All the details tonight in #TenNews at 5pm.

Prof Martin Cole from @CSIROnews tells @NadiaMits Aus could be the delicatessen for Asia, by 2030 there will be 3.5 billion middle class people looking for premium food products #agchatoz #perthnews

#BREAKING: Police on Manus Island say a refugee has died after jumping from a moving bus

Traffic at a standstill as protestors sit in the middle of one of Adelaide’s busiest intersections demanding better working conditions for truck drivers at Aldi @TenNewsADEL

The latest update from Acting Inspector Darryl Brandis at the command centre is Mr Collett was spotted by a member of the public at the intersecion of Albany Hwy and Jarrahdale Rd around midnight Saturday @abcperth @abcnews

Katherine Abdallah jailed for killing cousin who used her car without permission

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14 minutes ago

ABC Brisbane

IT’S PUB TRIVIA TIME! Now’s your chance to play LIVE against legendary Quiz Master Harry and Katherine Feeney! ...


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Netflix 1st answer

Hello from the other side!


Honey dew





Boost juuice



Boost juice






Boost Juice


Lady bird




Ipsy whimsy spider

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Things got a bit fiery in Senate estimates today ... ...


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Tempers flared in Senate estimates as Penny Wong grilled Mathias Cormann on One Nation's backflip

Penny Wong’s temper did not flare. She had every right to say what she said. That was not her temper. That was her defending herself SMH, against Cormann, who was absolutely out of order. Next thing you’ll be saying women get too emotional. SMH you are just as bad as Cormann. Penny Wong had every right to say what she did to get make her point because he was taking over the top of her and not listening.

Cormann should have gone when Hockey went.

Penny dishing out some mighty truth!

Cormann is a straight out twit along with Sco mo and Trumball..

Looks like Hymie's bolts are loose and need tightening again.

Cormann, as a Belgian citizen, you are embarrassing me with such comments.

Go Penny, he is as bad as them all. Should have gone with Hockey.


Well said Penny!

Go Penny!

Getting you nickers in Not Wong!!

Wong is a waste of space

Anna Symonds get him penny

Cormanns as weak as water. Two faced as well. Let's see him call Pauline a vibble vobbler

Wow. You know things are bad when even the SMH spins things and twists facts in favour of the LNP

Girly man should go back where he comes from

Sam Manns

She must’ve thought there was an Oscar up for grabs,

Janice Trethewey

talk about irrational, lucky she has no power l

She is a dead set show pony,no idea.

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1 hour ago

BuzzFeed Australia

this is how twitter responds when "experts" tell them that by 35 years old, a person should have twice of their salary saved for retirement ...


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Legit almost all of these apply to me and I’m only 22

At 38 I just opened a packet of embroided face washers that had been in the bathroom drawer for 10 years. I figured at 38 years old I'm probably grown up enough for embroided towels. Boy are they soft

I'm 34 and still not sure if I qualify as an adult yet.

Kenz Glazbrook Lochie Glazbrook I kept the single socks 15 years too long but finally caved in on the weekend and threw out the entire laundry basket of socks!

I'm almost 26 and all of these apply to me 😂😂😂

Polly Macaulay I really relate the fork post

Mikayla Mason wow um I am feeling personally attacked because most, if not all, of these currently apply to me at 28.

I’m 35 and relate to exactly all of these. 😂

Bongz Sbongile you not yet or even close but my God the accuracy in this post... are sure I’m not 38 this year???

Laura Kerber All of these Esp the small bags in a bigger bag

High achiever. I have all these things and am only 32 😂

Charlotte Jane Umm...I don't even have a salary

Robert things to look forward to?

Matthew Cascio some of these are so relevant 😂

Natasha Kirwan I feel like I’m 80% there with all of these 😂

Jonathon Gilchrist I relate to a lot of these already 😭😭

Ollie Flavel also applicable at age 29 and 30 😂

Bec Mitchell but I do all of these already

Stef Victoria .... feels all too real

Komal Mittal you know what I'm thinking...

Kate Wojcik things to aim for...

Kristie wow we got there early!

Bobby Francis fucks sake. Achieved most of these before 30 #overachiever

Jennay Lai I'm only 23 and I already have some of the traits 🤦‍♀️

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1 hour ago

ABC Brisbane

Cutlery count in the office kitchen

Forks: 0
Spoons 0
Knives: 21


How's it looking at your workplace?

Cutlery count in the office kitchen

Forks: 0
Spoons 0
Knives: 21


Hows it looking at your workplace?


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ABC Brisbane I want to have a good reason for continuing to follow you on Facebook but posts like this make it very difficult indeed

You might find this a useful study about missing teaspoons..

Same here, every day hey Kath O'Keefe

Same at my work, knives make good coffee stirrers though which is good

In life you will realize there is a role for everyone to meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it's worth it.

Get to the nearest op shop!

Which is why I have my own personal set of cutlery.

Can I have them for our kitchen where the knives are always the first one to go.. Agree with those though who'd rather see, you know, Brisbane news, than office jokes. Ta.

1 hour ago

ABC Brisbane

In this beautiful new animation, featuring IMAGINE THIS host Bri as Emu and academic Jonti Horner as Turtle, join them as they discuss a special word, which can be used to describe a twinkling night sky. Tune in to ABC KIDS listen for three days of star-riffic content as we celebrate star gazing : #StargazingABC ...

2 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

How long are you willing to line up for cheap fuel?

A service station on the Gold Coast is selling unleaded for 99c/Litre.

This is the line up!


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Waste a tonne of fuel and time, in addition to causing traffic chaos. Yep awesome.

Not at all. If I see a queue I'm driving on because next station will be near empty, happy to pay a few cents extra and save a lot of time and aggravation.

Not that long . I have better things to do. Besides, with my luck, they would run out of fuel as I got to the pump. :-)

Ok if you live down Coast. No point driving 50 - 100 km or so just for cheap fuel. End up costing you more in the end.

Filled up for $1.35 at the servo next door to my work. The last servo in Ipswich to put their prices up methinks. Winning.

I don't think all of them are lined up for fuel. Some of them probably think that's the queue for the roundabout 🤣

What's the diesel price? Also why is truck diesel regularly 2cents/L cheaper than the same diesel for my little VW?

Keeping out of a stressful situation in the que is more important to me than a couple of $ at the pump.

Waste of fuel, so oil companies still win.

Poor desperados... I got it cheaper in Brisbane this morning! And didn’t have to queue...

How long before monitoring turns into actioning???? And what about Diesel users ???

Line up for ages to save $36 or do 1 hr overtime to make an extra $36....

Price board says different?


That is not cheap.

Where is this

Where is this

It finished at 1

Not that long.

$1.50+/l. F*ckem.

Coomera shell





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2 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

🤖 How cool is this? You can now get your portrait drawn by robots! 🤖

These three bots are all called Paul and while they don't know the features of the human face, they can mimic different artistic styles to create amazingly accurate drawings. They also learn as they draw, so your portrait can get better and better!

Spotted at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.