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Griggs slaps down Tracey Holmes

Griggs slaps down Tracey Holmes


Johanna Griggs has slapped down ABC journalist Tracey Holmes after she took a swipe at Channel 7 over the closing ceremony farce.

THE ADVERTISING agency behind the disastrous Commonwealth Games closing ceremony has shared its “disappointment” at the reaction to the event, as Seven host Johanna Griggs hits out at critics online.

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so this guy walk in a store without a shirt but with some chilli powder?

Put it in his eyes!

John Vo


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I had sex with her and she was disappointed!

Seriously ? Dares ? Since when moral values of decency has been A MUST in this badly corrupted industry ?

'Is Melania about to drop her own version of Lemonade?' 😂😂😂

Melania Trump’s statement white hat inspires hilarious memes


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She's an alien one that don't look happy at all

She looks unhappy.


Naz Nariné Hahahahahaha the lemonade subtitle I can’t stop laughing

Bella Jovanovski

4 hours ago

7 News Sydney

Perth's city council is under fire for issuing hundreds of parking fines.

#Perth #7News


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Council is all about how to make money and rip off people

What, some at 4:30am on Anzac Day....what a CORRUPT Council...

Yeah low has a whole new level

What else would you expect from self serving egotistical blame game politicians.

It’s time to make money


Bloody money grab alright

Safety first 😂😂 Money first


Wahib Haych

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Happy World Penguin Day! 🐧
This little penguin is terrified of heights! 😂😂


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Sagar Chhabra See the end😂😂

Dats me to the T!!!

Happy world penguin 🐧 day Gemma Cleverley

Mayday mayday... bad landing 😂😂😂😢😢

Adam Chai Vince Bui wasted penguizzaza


Yvonne Teng penguin is much cute than 馬來貘,haha

Christine Savanah what a cutie 😍


Sabeen Khan Aysha Hassan cute 😍

Ha Ally - hehe

Lydia Evans this is me lol 😂

Sean Quigley 😍😍

Brent Torrey!!! 😂

Maryanne Mcc Claudia Lowry

Jon Murray

Aemily Amp

Wong Lok Yiu

Stacey Gabrych

Lisa M Wright

Siena Dexter

Philip Weber🤞

Scott Phillips

Cat Rahme

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5 hours ago

7 News Sydney

Cronulla: 2 people are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized, unfortunately a fishman died in the accident. Police say all 3 were wearing life jackets.

Report on 7 News at 6pm

#Cronulla #7News


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Abu Marwan

Thompson DoanPhilip Mai