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Govern borders as we see fit

Govern borders as we see fit


Australia's border policy is not for other countries to discuss. It is our right to own it.

Political relations expert and John Howard’s former chief of staff Grahame Morris says he is fed up with foreign activists “giving us curry” about the way Australia governs its borders.

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A man has been charged with drink driving after allegedly striking a number of parked vehicles in Blacktown. #9News

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6 hours ago

Guardian Australia

"We will never forget." The French prime minister delivered a powerful, emotional speech at Villers-Bretonneux in honour of the Anzacs:
"Looking at the names of the 11,000 Australians who died for France and for freedom, I could not help thinking of the terrible loneliness which these thousands of young Australians must have felt as their young lives were cut short in a foreign country."


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Read the speech in full: "We will never forget that 100 years ago a young and brave nation on the other side of the world made history by writing our history"

Malcom certainly didn't deliver a Paul Keating speech, felt sorry for him, it was boring, sack his speech writers! It won't go down in history, but the French prime ministers was beautiful, well thought out, historically accurate and powerful!❤️

The French Prime Minister seems to have a better grasp on the meaning and sanctity of Anzac Day than the commentariat at the ABC. His intonements at Villers-Bretonneux pay due respect to the Australians who gave their lives for France and freedom.

"We cannot relive these stories. The mud, the rats, the lice, the gas, the shellfire, the fallen comrades, we can never truly imagine what it was like. " Such a telling statement. He did an incredible job with this speech, which has been repeatedly shown here in France. As a French citizen and an Australian citizen, I thank Édouard Philippe for delivering this speech/eulogy.

$100 million to build the war memorial in France $500 million to renovate the war memorial in Canberra Money spent on remembering the dead while living veterans are homeless and living in poverty. I want a memorial to my family members who fought in that terrible war, I want a system of trenches dug into some muddy cold barren field. I want it filled with rats, lice, fleas, mud, damp, the rusty wire, the human sewage the stench of cordite gas and death. Fill the air with the constant noise of bullets bombs and the screams of the wounded and dying. I want anyone who takes office as a politician to live in this trench for a month, eating the rations and wearing the clothes of our diggers. No champaign, no polished floors, no climate controlled environment, no slick audiovisual production. Just the reality of what happens when politicians fail to do what they are paid to do. Lest we forget.

He was the best and most moving speaker on the day...

Thank you , Prime Minister. An excellent and moving speech.

reminds me of this excellent Don McLean song on a similar theme:

I enjoyed the Anzac Girls series very much.

Tahlia Peterson the most beautiful speech

Et les neo-zelandais?????

Great speach

Jennifer Macdonald

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8 hours ago

SBS Australia

On Anzac Day, we commemorate those lost in war... yet we often don't include the victims of this war. ...


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The leftwing lunatic toxic feminists are now poisoning SBS.

No. This is left wing PC garbage and has no place regarding Anzac day. How dare you !

I agree, the British empire invaded Australia, that's not the fault of the convicts or even the soldiers who were sent here to do it, and it's not the fault of the modern Australian law and standards of justice that rebuke that kind of behaviour of former authorities over these lands. The British Empire is dead and buried, officially dissolved back in the late 80's not long after the fall of the soviet union. So while Anzac's technically served the British in the World Wars all it means is Indigenous Australia was ahead of its time in the Frontier Wars, they were misunderstood but now the truth is clear, Indigenous were right, the empire was wrong. How awesome are Indigenous? Took on the then most powerful force the planet had ever seen, fighting for our freedom against an oppressive empire.

Speaking of war, Iran has conducted 23 missle test in the last 12 months, is refusing to allow UN inspectors into their nuclear sites, and increased enrichment production in all nuclear reactors. You should probably start reporting on Iran for the next war.

Yes, as Australians we don't have any loyalty to the British empire any more, the British empire no longer exists, even the British have no loyalty to it, those empire systems are debunk and were replaced by rule of law systems. So in that context it wasn't Australia nor Britain to blame, it's a Beast that is now dead that did it, we have no excuse not to recognise our Indigenous citizens over a dead and buried empire.

Errr... That has nothing to do with ANZAC Day, that's why. And we have a perfectly good War Memorial here in Australia.

Here we go again

Another interesting vid Emma Chapman

Who's the Penny 'Wrong' wannabe lookalike?

Crystal McKinnon

8 hours ago

SBS Australia

It's coming. #HandmaidsTale ...


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Montana you have to hurry up and watch season one!! Season two is out tomorrow

Kate Brosnan. Julie Clements. Jannine Severn. One more sleep

Tonya Lee Boddington tomorrow!!!!

Could be a late night ! Rachael Hoey Tenielle Starkey 👏👏👏

never mind this, where's Michael Portillo's Abandoned Britain gone?

Penny is this what you were talking about? 🤔

Benjamin Yates are you ready for tomorrow night?

Nerissa Watson have u watched this ?

Bronwyn Bray you need to watch this on sbs on demand new season starts tomorrow night

Nicole Crouch Lett tomorrow night!!! 😮

Catherine, Andrew, 😮😮

Tomorrow Mark 👍

Arlene Perrett!! Can’t wait!!

Nic Roach 😊

Heidi Melville Janelle Bronca

Erin Jay Emma Skeldon Susan Vanderslink

Mathew 😬

Elle Maree

Ebony-Lea Rahman

Meghan Ferguson 👌

Kerrie Bilson

Victoria Garden

Heath Treble

Belinda Wade

Kate Cook

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9 hours ago

SBS Australia

SBS Punjabi
Man Mohan Singh was one of the first Sikh pilots of British Indian Air Force, who was killed on Australian soil, in 1942. Here’s a look back on his 75th death anniversary #flyingofficermanmohansingh #australiansikhheritage

17 hours ago

Triple M Sydney

Lest We Forget. ...

20 hours ago

Triple M Sydney

What does ANZAC Day mean to you...? ...


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Listening to great Aussie Ecca Vandal. How about giving them a go MMM ?