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Google tests flying taxis in New Zealand

Google tests flying taxis in New Zealand


The future is here.

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Court has resumed after lunch break. Peter Nemeth was trained to use the river rapids ride, for 15 minutes, in May 2016 @7NewsBrisbane @7NewsGoldCoast

Tune in to @7NewsSydney tonight at 6pm to see Liz Scully, Labor candidate for Parramatta @NSWLabor talk about fighting to protect Willow Grove from @GladysB Government’s bulldozers!!!!!!

#SaveWillowGrove #Parramatta

Big-wave rider Ross Clarke-Jones has been filmed successfully navigating one of the waves of his life in Portugal. #7News

The NSW treasurer has revealed a budget surplus of $3.9 billion and promised to use "the holy grail of numbers" to address cost-of-living pressures across the state. #nswpol #7News

Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson will be sentenced on July 3 for concealing child sex abuse by another priest. @DeeWilliams7 @7NewsAdelaide

Peter Nemerh says he pressed the slow stop button more than once but the ride didn’t stop until after the rides collided @7NewsBrisbane @7NewsGoldCoast

Peter Nemeth still works as a ride operator. He now works at White Water World @7NewsBrisbane @7NewsGoldCoast

“The community will no longer tolerate endemic and institutionalised cover up of sex abuse against the most vulnerable members of our community .. namely children.” Prosecutor in sentencing hearing for Catholic Archbishop Philip [email protected] @7NewsAdelaide

“Until he was charged, he thought he’d gotten away with it” and “There’s been an absence of remorse and contrition.” - Prosecutor in the sentencing hearing for Archbishop Philip Wilson convicted of concealing child sex abuse by another priest. @7NewsAdelaide @DeeWilliams7

Electricians and fitters have replaced diggers in the final months ahead of the new M4 tunnel's opening with Sydney set to get a taste of Westconnex's benefits. #7News

Prosecutor in Archbishop Philip Wilson sentencing hearing says an offender should not escape punishment because of the condition of his health and the magistrate should make him culpable for his [email protected] @7NewsAdelaide

Cyclonic southerlies hammering the NSW coast. A gale warning covers the entire coast. 7 News meteorologist @DavidWBrown7. #7News

Its finally reached double figures just in time for lunch! The sun is lovely, but it is only 10 degrees out there #janesweather #melbweather

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