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George and Charlotte to be page boy and bridesmaid, Kensington Palace announces

George and Charlotte to be page boy and bridesmaid, Kensington Palace announces


In some much-needed royal wedding good news, it has been confirmed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be among the ten children chosen for the page boy and bridesmaid roles.

Unlike in the US and Australia, royal wedding attendants in Britain are typically children.

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8 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

Toys''R''Us has collapsed going into voluntary administration and putting 700 jobs at risk in 44 stores.



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Haha Ashriya Prasad. When big stores go down... big sales come up 😜😜 it’s shopping time.

18 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

His name is Dawkins and he caused quite a bit of monkey business at a Texas airport today.

#Texas #7News


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Souharda Chakraborty how'd you end up at Texas????

well he was sure showing who was boss lol

Euta badar aayera k k nabhako jasto😁😁

Merna Nissan😂😂

Genevieve McAuliffe

47 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

Labor's Penny Wong - Senator for SA has fired up claiming it was offensive for a Government Minister to compare her to Pauline Hanson because of her Asian background.

#auspol #7News


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One large fried rice please

She needs to stop using the race card she is inept at her job. Should be dismissed

Penny Wrong gets called out an immediately pulls out her race card

If she pointed that pen at me like that - I know that she would have received a surprise as to what I did with it in return.

Penny Wong you are completely laughable ... as all lefties do, play the race card. No substance just identity politics. What a JOKE!

Wong can’t take the truth

Sooo lemme get it straight you get called out for doing the wrong thing then your only defense is to play the race card 🤔

Cry me a river Penny Wong Play the victim card

Penny Wong waving and pointing her pen in a very aggressive way!

Good on you Penny play the race card for cheap points

She should be sacked

Andrew Wheeler the real Penny Wong

Go penny Wong fight for our rights

Just mean Pauleens policies are making more sense to an educated lefty now that things are being bad. The left should follow Pauleens policies. Its the only logical future for Australia and now labour is seeing this

She’s so, so Wong

Doug Mokbel I think this woman would be too stupid to cook two minute noodles 🍝

Why do people get so hung up on what race they are we cant all be Anglo-Saxons just deal with who you are .

She is the racist just trying to get the heat of her because of what she done what a piece of work she is typical Labour

Nothing to do with your asian background, all about your natural ability in stupidity

She’s probably mad there aren’t any Asians on the bachelor too

This wasn't the time to play the race card... Terrible giving Asians a bad name. Wong time Wong place 😂

Liberals are offended by everything lol. Fuckm

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1 hour ago

7 News Sydney

Sydney drivers are copping it at the bowser again with petrol prices soaring 15c a litre in the past nine days.

#Petrol #7News


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Boycott the big service stations and fill up at the independent service stations. That will send a rocket up those fat cats.

Instead of giving us a tax break why doesn't the government give us a tax break at the petrol stations..... Nah that will truely make a difference to everyone as well As the gov pocket. It's all bs

Woolworths in Port Macquarie $1.57 for diesel .

Yeah wait till they turn it off cos of a fuel shortage I knew was coming 4 weeks ago told others but there all asleep !

Qld has been like this since Friday night

Really.. you report it now.. the prices went up on Saturday

they should pay the same as us in the country poor city folks

159.9 all over Victoria

Same as WA

Pete Dimmock

Billy T Kim

Aussies should do what Germans did recently, 1 million car owners simply parked their cars on highways, any roads, locked them up and went home. The government soon dropped the price of petrol.

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1 hour ago

7 News Sydney

If the Royal Family was feeling any angst over the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle you wouldn't know it by looking at the official wedding photos released today.

#RoyalWedding #7News


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Lovely 😊

Kay Maroun

2 hours ago

7 News Sydney

A very brave 14-year-old girl was forced to jump off a balcony at Strathfield this morning as fire destroyed the family home.

#Strathfield #7News


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Victor Pan


Wanna bet? ...


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Marilou Pichol moi quand je joue avec les chiens 🤣

Carl Mazzolo Mykonos 2010

You two 😂😂 Theresa Jade Anna Vu Ushakov

Nicholas Wellfare Me ...

Ally Robb-Rangitonga Rhys Iggulden OMG this is actually me

Zoe Hickey it’s you

Literally me 🤪

Matty Walker me at tennis

Is this you Elena Omidzadeh

Anna Pham Olia Haitlin Kim Vu 🤣

If you participated in sports Claire Chandler 😂

Norman Tu McGoon lol 😁😗

Linda 🙈

Laila Severino u lol

Nathan James Walsh Jack Caffyn Jeremy Saville Matt Aston Matt Grant Amber Humphrey 🙋‍♀️

Claire J Bedford

Ashlee Madden


Taras Ch

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Congratulations to Professor Matt King, recipient of the 2018 Mawson Medal and Lecture for outstanding contributions to earth science from the Australian Academy of Science. ...


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I have B.A in theater Arts major, and I am looking to finish my Masters in Theater, film or dancing, is it possible to apply for a scholarship through your university ? thanks in advance

Congratulations on your outstanding contributions being recognised at such a high level.

Congratulations Matt, fantastic to see so much hard work recognised.

Congratulations Matt!

Wow. What an honour Matt. Congratulations.

Congratulations Matt

Nice one Matt! Congratulations!

Big congratulations, Matt!

Congratulations, Matt

Nice one Matt 👏👏

Well done Matt! 👏🏼👏🏼

And from me, well done Matt!

It was great to see our Sandy Bay campus shining in the sun last week after the flooding ❤️

For the latest update on the campus, as well as support services available to our community, click through:

It was great to see our Sandy Bay campus shining in the sun last week after the flooding ❤️

For the latest update on the campus, as well as support services available to our community, click through:


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Ali Noor Aulakh

3 days ago

University of Tasmania

Some practical experience for our exercise science students who recently took Cavaliers Netball Team through some netball specific fitness training. Good luck for the rest of the season Cavaliers! 😀 ...


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This is lovely

when admission of uni of tasmania are open

are scholarships granted to pakistani students