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Folau offered to quit rugby

Folau offered to quit rugby


Israel Folau's future in Australian rugby remains on tenterhooks after the Qantas Wallabies star reinforced his controversial comments on homosexuality and revealed his conflict with Rugby Australia bosses.

Wallabies star Israel Folau has reinforced his comments that gays are destined for hell unless they repent their sins, while revealing he offered to walk away from the game at the meeting he held with Rugby Australia bosses

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Wildlife rescuers have saved rare twin joeys, after their dying mother was discovered on a property in Victoria. Report at 4pm on Seven News. #7News

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58 minutes ago

Sydney Swans

There's not many things better than getting together with your friends and family and heading to the footy!

Bring a group to either our Round 7 or Round 9 fixtures at the SCG and you could win a Corporate Box for Round 13!

Details >>

Theres not many things better than getting together with your friends and family and heading to the footy!

Bring a group to either our Round 7 or Round 9 fixtures at the SCG and you could win a Corporate Box for Round 13!

Details >>


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Why do the Melbourne based supporters always miss out on these kind of things?

Lydia Ledenko if I win you have to come I’ll teach you the theme done on the way

Scott John Donaghy Ryan Thompson

1 day ago


This Anzac Day Squadron Leader Rebekah Herron says we need to look after those young veterans who are struggling after returning from war. ...


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They fought for our Freeom 🙏🏽 Yet their has never been a more futile time in Australia. Corrupt Australian Corporates, Corrupt Tax Office and Dishonest/ Disloyal Politicians in Government Void of Morals Ethics and Honesty. Hopefully the next generations will show more rights and freedoms to those that need it most

Of course! Do we really need to tell our citizens that it's our duty to care for them? We know that already! The government system is the one that deny them that respect!

As a Canadian who has never been to Australia or New Zealand, ANZAC Day brings to mind the sacrifices made at Gallipoli. But I know it is about all fallen soldiers from all wars, and their sacrifice for our freedom.

People who have given their youths to the country should be looked after when they come back from war. And that regardless of whether the war was just or unjust. All soldiers were sent by the government. Therefore it is the government's responsibility to look after these soldiers

The reality is many veterans sit back in disgust at the outpouring of emotion from our supposed leaders who simultaneously approve of a department that revels in it's propaganda largesse whilst also spending millions on lawyers to deny veterans legitimate claims. Perhaps a royal commission would help shine a light rather than spending 500 Million on renovating the Canberra war memorial? Lest We Forget, indeed.

"For 100 years on Anzac Day we honour all the men and women who have participated in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world. Live coverage of the Anzac Day March from Canberra." This was taken from your official site. You showed all the pomp and ceremony and just as the actual march was beginning you reverted to the studio. Seriously, this day is supposed to be about about veterans not dignitaries receiving royal salutes and favoring us with their speeches. If you are going to advertise live coverage of the Canberra march, then show the live coverage Canberra march. Pitiful!

So we can find $100 million for memorials to the dead, but nothing for the survivors. Kinda sums up why this day seems a bit out of kilter these days.

What a sad day, we should be reminded all wars are futile and need to be avoided at all cost. Reading Philip Gibbs, ‘Now it can be told’ a war correspondent, most reporters had their work severely vetted and that was the condition of their employment with the major newspapers obfuscating the real picture of this terrible war...

War is a totally different beast now,your emery is no longer defines by uniform or position,he could be standing next to you,serving you coffee,more mental stress than ever before they have special needs that need catering to.

Sadly the mistreatment of those who fought for freedom is an ancient shame-I remember doing Roman history as part of my Latin studies in secondary school & centurions became little more than homeless, destitute beggars on the streets. Surely our modern enlightened governments have to step up

"Oh, yep, we'll get to that - just need to spend $140m in France first."

We especially need to look after all those veterans who have returned from fighting with Centrelink, the Big Banks, Corrupt Politicians, Corrupt Government Bureaucracy, Corrupt Judiciary, Corrupt Police, Corrupt AFP, Corrupt Big Business, etc.

For the government to actually care for the people it is necessary to first have a government consisting of CARING people who wish to serve and not take.

The needs of the veterans should be documented and the services provided by the different agencies checked to see if they deliver what is needed as required.

Absolutely we do. If you can't afford to fix them when they get back you can't afford to send them in the first place.

Please explain to me how invading a country and killing its citizens is defending our freedom.

Yes, by nor spending more money on the War Memorial, but on the War veterans.

Do not forget on this day the Preachers or Ministers that served some taken prisoners some killed in action they were there, they saw the bloodshed and the HORROR our men and women seen! A lot of time the Padre held hand as that person "Went to Glory" it was them saying words over the fallen as they were buried on foreign soil we remember the ADF men and women that fought and died and we must remember also the BRAVE PADRE armed with nothing else but their Bibles that never returned!

Look after them before the people that sent them to fight . How much is Howard getting from our purse after destroying Australia

During the commentary on the Melbourne march it was stated that the Melbourne march would be available on iview, but it hasn't appeared on the iview page. Is it going to be available?

The collective we need not do anything. The Army sent them there, stuffed them up mentally and emotionally, they should be the ones to clean up the mess. NOT the rest of us.

Anzac day, the greatest recruitment device need for conscription!

But the 500 mill wanted for a pretty new memorial would other wise provide an A1 facility for just that purpose.

We most certainly do. unfortunately governments have very short memories, just look at Vietnam and every other war.

Liberals don't care one bit about our vets

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ANZACs, we can’t thank you enough.
Lest we forget.

ANZACs, we can’t thank you enough. 
Lest we forget.


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Lets always remember the ultimate sacrifices these young men gave so we could have the lifestyle we enjoy now! LEST WE FORGET.

Remembering all the young men who went to war and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Lest we forget 🌹

I ądmire and love all those young brave men and all the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live our lives in peace. Shame on anyone or organization like local councils who forbids their workers to wear a poppy or any symbol that represents Anzacs in fear of offending immigrants from war torn country. We are period Australians and dearly love our Anzacs.

Amen & forever remembered for there fearless gallantry in fighting for this Country!

Beautifully said. Thankyou to all those who are in the services keeping our country safe and to those and their families who have lost their lives for our country. God bless you all

We salute and thankyou for fighting for our country and our freedom..we will remember......

My Dad would have been 102 this month but lost his life at 26 when executed by the Japanese, so many beautiful young men gave their all for us I will be forever grateful.

This is why you should NEVER change Anzac day LEST WE FORGET

And we Thank Them every year and They will not be Forgotten 🌹

Lest We Forget not just today but always. Shame on those that come from different countries not to respect this day so thankful to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice & those in the forces now a big Thank You 🇻🇬🇻🇬🇻🇬🇻🇬🇰🇭

Remembering my uncles, father-in-law, step- f-i-l and all who did their part back home for the war effort. We should never take what they did for granted.

Thank you for the life you gave us Rest In Peace.

Very true we owe our soldiers so much,Thank You

Beautifully said 💔🌙✨🌏🇦🇺

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. Lest We Forget."

Lest we forgot we thank all the young men and women for the wonderful work my you all enjoy your day together xoxox

Great fighting forces we have,R,I,P, for those who didn,t make it back home.Lest we Forget.

THATS A FACT! So dont waste today !

They will always be remembered for their bravery and sacrifices. lest we forget

Thank you to all those young men who gave us freedom to do as we please... not be dictated to by an ancient culture... do we truly appreciate freedom to be our true self?

We salute everyone of you brave soldiers,

My grandfathers brother is on this wall.his name is ken mcleod who was only 17 when he went 2 war .he was at war 3days when he died

Lest we forget ❤️❤️❤️

And we will always thank them for that. Lest we forget.

We thank for the wonderful years we have lived in Australia and for your supreme sacrifice.

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1 day ago

City of Sydney

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram


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Yes, 'paying your respects' by using the day as an opportunity to raise revenue with your sneaky as Parking Inspectors. We attended the Evening Service at 5pm at the Cenotaph at which time the City was largely empty, thought we had parked legally (it's impossible to interpret the multiple signs sitting one above the other each with it's own set of rules) and copped a $220 fine. Our car was parked for the duration of the half hour service and approximately 10 minutes either side, so say 50 minutes all up. What a disgrace you are on our National Day of Remembrance. Hitting families who are paying their respects where it hurts the most.

I can't wait for that massive water fountain to be completed. I just wish they allowed more pedestrian space in front of it for disabled people and those who are waiting for busses. Also for pedestrians walking by. I am saying this because I think that the commuters are just as important as the nice fountain. Just a little oversight by council that can always get fixed later...I think.

My take on the remembrance of those brave soldiers during today's Anzac March in Sydney #wewillrememberthem #lestweforget

Lest we forget

A beautiful city

Lest We Forget


3 days ago

City of Sydney

Sydney Locals have been getting their thrills in Surry Hills and have been snapping along the way. Here are some of our favourite #SydneyLocal Surry Hills shots.

Want more inspo on what to do in Surry Hills? Check out our local's guide to the area with recommendations straight from the horse's mouth

Got your own favourite Sydney gems? Use the #Sydneylocal hashtag in your own Instagram posts to see your pics featured.


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I never thought of magenta for a front door before but that looks great

An expensive haircut and a purple must be a right thrill

Love Surry Hills so much. Has a great vibe.

Tremenda, incomprensibile, a Sydney ci sono tantissimi Italiani che vi possono aiutare gratuitamente, ciao.

Spin get hash tagging!

Runy Toon

Alli Marshall x

Madeline Johnson

Craig Fordham