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Folau escapes ARU sanction

Folau escapes ARU sanction


Rugby Australia may face a further backlash from key sponsors after deciding not to punish Israel Folau over his views on people who are gay.

Israel Folau has claimed Rugby Australia’s chief executive Raelene Castle misrepresented his position on the whole issue of homosexuality and what they discussed at their meeting last week, and has revealed he offered to quit rugby union rather than harm it.

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Melbourne Storm have put the NRL on notice after an incredible first-half performance led them to a 50-10 thrashing of the Vodafone Warriors.

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Melbourne Storm have put the NRL on notice after an incredible first-half performance led them to a 50-10 thrashing of the Vodafone Warriors.

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A few boys out. Luke knocked out early. When we get Harris, Gavet and Johnson back.Things will change. Beale and Kata will make a difference. Warriors will still be in the grand final

Where is Vodafone?

Let’s gone home warriors. Not in the same postcode

Jarrod Flower lel

This is the most embarrassing thing to happen to New Zealand since Jacinda Ardern ran out of toothpaste

Yewwwww!! Few of our starters out! What a bloody game!!!

Congrats !!! MS !!! Big Win Huge Win Massive Win !!!

Get around the Storm Ezy Ariffin

Garett O'Donnell no comments this week ?

Benjamin Johnson their back


Did you blokes miss the flight over or? Bradley Leuthard

Mark my boys going along nicely

Mark Riddoch

Kim Chapman 👌🏼

Callan Smart Brad Turrell ⚡️

Tracey Wallace David Spencer

Sam Nukunuku 👌

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8 hours ago

SBS Australia

On Anzac Day, we commemorate those lost in war... yet we often don't include the victims of this war. ...


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The leftwing lunatic toxic feminists are now poisoning SBS.

No. This is left wing PC garbage and has no place regarding Anzac day. How dare you !

I agree, the British empire invaded Australia, that's not the fault of the convicts or even the soldiers who were sent here to do it, and it's not the fault of the modern Australian law and standards of justice that rebuke that kind of behaviour of former authorities over these lands. The British Empire is dead and buried, officially dissolved back in the late 80's not long after the fall of the soviet union. So while Anzac's technically served the British in the World Wars all it means is Indigenous Australia was ahead of its time in the Frontier Wars, they were misunderstood but now the truth is clear, Indigenous were right, the empire was wrong. How awesome are Indigenous? Took on the then most powerful force the planet had ever seen, fighting for our freedom against an oppressive empire.

Speaking of war, Iran has conducted 23 missle test in the last 12 months, is refusing to allow UN inspectors into their nuclear sites, and increased enrichment production in all nuclear reactors. You should probably start reporting on Iran for the next war.

Yes, as Australians we don't have any loyalty to the British empire any more, the British empire no longer exists, even the British have no loyalty to it, those empire systems are debunk and were replaced by rule of law systems. So in that context it wasn't Australia nor Britain to blame, it's a Beast that is now dead that did it, we have no excuse not to recognise our Indigenous citizens over a dead and buried empire.

Errr... That has nothing to do with ANZAC Day, that's why. And we have a perfectly good War Memorial here in Australia.

Here we go again

Another interesting vid Emma Chapman

Who's the Penny 'Wrong' wannabe lookalike?

Crystal McKinnon

8 hours ago

SBS Australia

It's coming. #HandmaidsTale ...


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Montana you have to hurry up and watch season one!! Season two is out tomorrow

Kate Brosnan. Julie Clements. Jannine Severn. One more sleep

Tonya Lee Boddington tomorrow!!!!

Could be a late night ! Rachael Hoey Tenielle Starkey 👏👏👏

never mind this, where's Michael Portillo's Abandoned Britain gone?

Penny is this what you were talking about? 🤔

Benjamin Yates are you ready for tomorrow night?

Nerissa Watson have u watched this ?

Bronwyn Bray you need to watch this on sbs on demand new season starts tomorrow night

Nicole Crouch Lett tomorrow night!!! 😮

Catherine, Andrew, 😮😮

Tomorrow Mark 👍

Arlene Perrett!! Can’t wait!!

Nic Roach 😊

Heidi Melville Janelle Bronca

Erin Jay Emma Skeldon Susan Vanderslink

Mathew 😬

Elle Maree

Ebony-Lea Rahman

Meghan Ferguson 👌

Kerrie Bilson

Victoria Garden

Heath Treble

Belinda Wade

Kate Cook

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9 hours ago

SBS Australia

SBS Punjabi
Man Mohan Singh was one of the first Sikh pilots of British Indian Air Force, who was killed on Australian soil, in 1942. Here’s a look back on his 75th death anniversary #flyingofficermanmohansingh #australiansikhheritage

3 days ago

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

Young Hannah Mitchell, who was stung by the deadly Irukandji on Easter Sunday, recently visited the #rfdswa Jandakot base to view the aircraft she was in when she was transported from Karratha to Perth while in a coma.

Hannah, accompanied by her mum and friends, was also given a tour of our clinic and coordination centre by our medical director Stephen Langford.


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Was that Scooby with you guys in this interview? Xo

I price the Royal Flying Doctor one of the best in the world

Fantastic work.

Hannah Mitchell so so proud of you! My hero!

What is an iruandkji?

Wow... so brave xx

Well done guys!!!👍🏻

Wonderful story ☺😊

Diane Reeves! You legend!!!!

5 days ago

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

Thanks to #rfdswa line pilot Michael who sent in these great shots of his flight into Kununoppin, a small town in the Wheatbelt region of WA. Michael reports flying weather today was smooth. @ Kununoppin ...

Thanks to #rfdswa line pilot Michael who sent in these great shots of his flight into Kununoppin, a small town in the Wheatbelt region of WA. Michael reports flying weather today was smooth.  @ KununoppinImage attachment


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Used RFDS from Kununoppin twice for my family. So thankful we have this service and the hospital😘

I’ve been flown out of there on that strip. Huge thanks to Peter Geraghty and Dr Radunovich. Legends. 👍👍👍👍

Nice to see they have a full sealed strip now.

Good one kununoppin keep up good work

Kari Nicole hope this plane wasn't for you?

Small town with a big heart

I 'googled' KUNUNOPPIN and got some lovely photographs of buildings etc. - always a trusty source of info!!

That is where, my Youngest Daughter was born back in 1981, Amazing

Love the photo!! That was nice of tghe pilot to send photo

That was today

Great pics

Great pictures 😊 ☺

Gorgeous view😍

DebDiff Smeeton


Ned Grace

David De Waal

Ingrid Joyce

Robyn Jolly Geraghty

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1 week ago

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

Thanks to ABC Midwest and Wheatbelt, we'd like to introduce you to team 'Fat Bottomed Girls' - four best friends who have been training hard on the plains of their farms in preparation for this year's Gibb River Mountain Bike Challenge.

To find a team to support and raise vital funds for the RFDS, head to:

#gibbchallenge2018 The Gibb Challenge #rfdswa #flyingdoctor

ABC Midwest and Wheatbelt
These four heroic girls are gearing up to take on the gruelling Gibb River Challenge, cycling a whopping 660km.

Starting out as crack up friends, they have decided to join together in this challenge to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

They call themselves 'Fat Bottom Girls', making the whole rocking world go 'round with their amazing fundraising efforts exceeding all of their expectations.

Good luck Fat Bottom Girls!


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Great story! Go girls!

go girls safe riding and good luck from UK

safe and happy ride ladies :)

Good luck from the UK 😊☺

Wonderful !