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First-home buyers back in the game

First-home buyers back in the game


Almost one in five home loans was taken out by a first-home buyer in January, the highest proportion in five years.

Almost one in five home loans was taken out by a first-home buyer in January, in the best result for property market newcomers in five years.

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Police are considering charging a man caught on camera launching a racist tirade inside the Salisbury Centrelink office. Witnesses watched in horror as he singled out African immigrants and threatened to smash workers. @MarkMooney7 #7News

The devastated parents of a 6-month-old baby killed by the meningococcal B-strain have told 7 News the disease took their son's life in just two hours. He hadn't been vaccinated because the family couldn't afford it, which will now haunt them forever. @ElspethHussey7 #7News

[email protected] has the 7-day weather forecast from the Food Forest farm at Hillier. Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide: #7News

Aussie @Lego_group king Ryan McNaught has set a new record with his latest creation - a 7.5m tall rocket which took more than 500 hours to create. 7 News on Instagram: #7News

The @AFThunderbirds have named former New Zealand and South African player Leana de Brain as their new captain, Chelsea Pittman is her deputy. #Thunderbirds @nickibarnet #7News

[email protected]_fc's @TexWalker13 is no guarantee to face reigning premier Richmond in round 2 at @theAdelaideOval. While midfielder @Brad_Crouch has suffered a huge blow – he has been sidelined for over a month with groin problems. @7Sport @theodrop #7News

[email protected]’s football experts believe @pafc will go even deeper in September in 2018. Strong off-season recruiting has pushed the Power into the premiership conversation - with some tipping they will go all the way. @7Sport #7News

The @fbi is trying to find a serial bomber who has struck again in Adelaide's sister city of Austin, Texas. Two of the attacks have been deadly. @ashleemullany #7News

A new war of words has erupted over @BillShortenMP's promise to deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funding to Catholic schools. #auspol #7News

Geoffrey Rush has had a major first round court victory as he sues a newspaper for claiming he behaved inappropriately towards a female colleague. #7News

This year, in celebration of it's birthday, Vivid has two brand new precincts of light. @katecreedon9 #9News

Police have swooped on a West Terrace servo arresting a man after a fight at one of the bowsers. Adelaide stories - #7News

The AFL Fans Association says laws to protect @7AFL supporters from rip-off merchants are overdue. Adelaide stories - @timnoonan7 #7News

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16 minutes ago

7 News Adelaide

Residents of Tathra on the NSW south coast have been allowed back into the fireground to survey the damage.

#Tathra #7News

32 minutes ago

7 News Adelaide

The state's corruption watchdog wants the new Liberal government to avoid sins of the past.

Bruce Lander will meet with all incoming ministers to spell out his concerns over integrity and public administration.

Adelaide stories -

#ICAC #saparli #7News


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Working out well for marshall, now it can be sold and blame labor.

As long as he doesn't mean that he doesn't want the sins of the past to be investigated, because that will keep him in work for another 16 years, uncovering all of labour's shady deals.

SA deserves a real ICAC, not a puppet to SA Labors corrupted incompetence.

Loved working there as an Agency Nurse

58 minutes ago

7 News Adelaide

A man accused of stabbing a French backpacker in the neck has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.

Adelaide stories -

#Courts #7News


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Pleaded not guilty when clearly he is. He is nothing but a lost cause with no brain cells. Hope he gets locked up until he dies in jail. He wanted to take a life so let him suffer the consequences and let karma kill him.

He has no right to breathe let alone plead.

should get charged with attempted murder if the guy lived through it

Why T'F would anyone take a knife to Belair National Park? Gonna carve the roo treats?


1 hour ago

7 News Adelaide

A colleague of a construction worker, fatally crushed while working on the RAH site, has told an inquest the victim was involved in a near miss weeks before the tragedy.

Adelaide stories -

#Coroner #7News

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I wondered if there was monument to the lives lost building the RAH

Daryl Hall

Adam Blake

1 hour ago

7 News Adelaide

Police are investigating a house fire at Davoren Park in which another dog was rescued, this time by a neighbour.

Adelaide stories -

#DavorenPark #7News


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🤣 Lochie Kendrick Ayden Reid Joel Harvey Taylor Harvey how cooked is he 😂

makes me so crosd

Hes stoked 😂

Rachel Challenor

Brandon Steele

Nic Cronin

Christopher Mac

Corey Phillips

Kym Smith

Emma Rochelle

Peter Rowell

Samantha Batson

2 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

Emergency services have combined to save a pet dog from a burning Christie Downs home.

BJ the husky was pulled from the house by firefighters before being rushed to a vet in the back of ambulance.

Adelaide stories -

#ChristieDowns #7News


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That's awesome work for the ambulance service... And everyone else that was involved

Good to hear the SA ambos did a great

That's awesome that they took care of the dog! Well done guys!!

Amelia Ranger thought you would like a ronald baker cameo

Great work Ambos

Casey Prout poor baby. 😭 Got me cryin at work.

glad the dog survived.

Sarah here's a lovely story. ❤️❤️

Matt how good is this

Tricia Leverington

Josh Fordy

Chloe Dalbosco

Tahlia Carling 😭

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