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Explainer: What's causing the flesh-eating ulcer epidemic?

Explainer: What's causing the flesh-eating ulcer epidemic?


There are many things we don't know about Victoria’s flesh-eating ulcer outbreak. Here's what we do know.

Nearly everything about Victoria’s flesh-eating ulcer outbreak is mysterious.

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Check out the view of the lightning from St Kilda. Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide: #7News

The RSL has made an urgent request for extra medical volunteers for the city's Anzac Day march amid serious concerns about trip hazards from delayed tram works. Adelaide stories - @ElspethHussey7 #7News

A warning tonight after a man selling his car on Gumtree was lured to a trap then bashed and robbed by lying thugs at Glenside. Adelaide stories - @JustineNorthey7 #7News

An O'Halloran Hill family has become the latest victim of young thieves, who carry out terrifying home invasions in the dead of night. Four suspects smashed through a rear door and stole two cars, before botching their getaway. @pcaldicott7 #7News

[email protected] is hanging with Team SA for @SOAustralia. Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide: #7News

Disgraced cricketer @DavidWarner31 has swapped his bat for a drill using his time off from the game to get his hands dirty. #7News

Health experts say low-carb beer is no better for you than any other brew and now there are calls for all alcoholic drinks to carry nutrition labels. #7News

The Greek Presidential Guard has marched down North Terrace to parliament house. Adelaide stories - #7News

With only one month until her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is being introduced to the Commonwealth. @hughwhitfeld #7News

The Queen has urged Commonwealth leaders to support Prince Charles as her successor. @telester #7News

7 News can reveal the @AFL has completed its investigation into Sam Powell-Pepper's late night incident - but the league is still in talks with @pafc on the extra penalty it wants to give the midfielder. @7AFL #7AFL @theodrop #7News

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9 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

VB Hard Earned Effort | Victor Radley just wanted the ball more! #RiseUp ...


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I thought Victor was held back, penalty Sydney Roosters

On ya Rads 👌🏻

WEATHER: Kate Freebairn with all your weather details. #TenNews ...


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Thanks guys it’s great to be able to watch the weather on my phone or iPad when I get a chance after the usual “rush hour “ when I get home. 😎

Kayley Watkins famous

Did you give her a short rib?

GAME NIGHT: Nick Butler talks to The Crows assistant coach Ben Hart, then to Fox Footy HQ. #TenNews ...

HUTT STREET: A divide is opening on Hutt Street between traders complaining about unruly behaviour and those defending the safety of the precinct. Some say they are at breaking point - others are trying to brand the strip as "hug street". #TenNews ...


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The truth always comes out why did the Hutt steet centre try to divide them street , relocation is the only way , best for the community

HE'S NOT READY: Ken Hinkley has revealed why Sam Powell Pepper won't be playing against the Cats tomorrow night. #TenNews ...

BANKS SLIP: Adelaide-based SAAB has won the contract to install critical, high-tech systems on Australia's new offshore patrol vessels. #TenNews ...

10 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

Steggles Try Of The Week | There was only one try to choose from, but what a try! Latrell Mitchell muscles his way to the line again #RiseUp ...


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Latrell Mitchell You. Are awesome Roosters have great defence

We only had the one try so try of the week can’t be hard. We need to get our act together soon and get the ball to Latrell more often. 👍

Brenton Jackson the freak

#RiseUP 🤣💪👍

Watching latrells highlights before our game tomorrow! 👌 Will Jackson

What! No vote? Lol

Legend! Machine ! Inspiration! <3

Dolan Moore

Daniel Ward

13 hours ago

ABC Adelaide

👨‍🎓👍🧙‍♂️ Like ABC Adelaide and leave your name in the comments for the chance to win a family pass(4 tickets) to see Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Concert at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Relive every magical moment as the music brings life to a story that has enchanted the world. Comp closes at midnight Sunday 22 April.

Doug The Pug
"The coolest music box ever" -Doug


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Ashleigh Bevan so cute 😍

Kati Wenk. Andrew Wenk look at this

Clementine Hill

Barbara Heaton

Rachel Griffin

Kirsty harris

Jennifer hodgson


Sidonie Coffey

Gayle Newnham

Hannah todd

Yes please. Meegan Barrett

Tamara Jane :)

Rosie Ratcliff 😊

Samantha Grainger

Sue Shearer

Athanasios Lazarou

Robbie Nash

Michelle Minns

Melanie Taylor

Rebecca Sheedy

Sue Cashman

Bianca Wordley

Lauren Letton

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14 hours ago

ABC Adelaide

SA show us your moves! The History Trust of South Australia is the only South Australian team in the When You Work at a Museum International Dance Off! You can vote now at 💃🕺Staff and volunteers from all of our Museums - and the History Trust office! - participated in the 2018 Museum Dance Off. Check out our entry to 'U Can't Tou... ...

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Helen, Chris put a smile on your dial and check out The History Trust of South Australia.