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Disneyland dot com: Police asked to probe spending at web agency

Disneyland dot com: Police asked to probe spending at web agency


The body responsible for overseeing millions of Australian internet domain name registrations has called in Victoria Police to investigate allegations of lavish spending and misuse of expense accounts by some former directors and employees.

Luxury accommodation and big meal bills are under the spotlight at the not for profit which runs the world of .au websites.

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A father who crashed his car while high on ice, leaving his 4-year-old daughter a quadriplegic, could be free from jail in just 13 months. Those details and more in 7 News at 4pm and 6pm. #7News

BORDER SUMMIT: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on the south side of the military demarcation line, in the first summit between Korean leaders in more than a decade. #TenNews

[email protected] has been hit with a record $10 million fine for mishandling driver complaints over faulty transmissions. They have also been ordered to set up a compensation scheme. #Ford #7News

PARTY ANIMAL: Sea World Gold Coast's adorable polar bear cub Mishka celebrates her first birthday in style with toys, ice cold treats and a special fish-flavoured birthday cake – which got the lick of approval. #TenNews

Wildlife rescuers have saved rare twin joeys after their dying mother was discovered on a property in Victoria. #7News

Caught on camera - see the moment thieves smash their way into the Hamley Bridge Golf Club. Details in 7 News at 4pm and 6pm. #7News

BIRD'S EYE VIEW: Glide underwater with penguins as they swim the Antarctic... thanks to 'penguin cam', the British @BAS_News has a unique window into the birds' lives at sea. #TenNews

Port Adelaide confirms Hamish Hartlett has suffered suspected damage to his ACL in a routine drill at training. Absolutely awful news for one of footy's really bloody good blokes.

BREAKING: Corrupt former #Adelaide police officer - and wannabe rapper - who used and sold drugs jailed for 4.5yrs, 18mths non-parole. Prior @theTiser story:

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NTD Australia

Blunt Kommunity
WOW!! Unbelievable Hand-Pulled Noodles Making
Full recipe:

Credit: NTD Taste Life

26 minutes ago

NTD Australia

Pure Bliss 😇❤️

Pure Bliss 😇❤️

29 minutes ago

SBS News

Melania Trump's wax figure has been unveiled by former Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Does this look like the First Lady? ...


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It sure has about the same amount of personality as the real thing.

She’s hot

They could have used a pumpkin for Trump and no one would know the difference.

Very well read. Yep. Reads a little golden book to we shall over comb every night. :)

Pretty accurate 3D representation. Makes you wonder how it was so hard for Obama to commission a painter talented enough to accurately paint Michelle.

She looks like wax herself, so it’s perfect

Too serious!


She married one of the most disgusting men in modern history - for money. I respect her now, because she knows that.

34 minutes ago

NTD Australia

NTD Television
Over ten thousand Chinese citizens gathered on April 25, 1999, near Zhongnanhai, China’s seat of power. They gathered there to express their wish to live by Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, only to face an ongoing, bloody persecution for nearly two decades.

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Guardian Australia

"From the age of seven, when I came here, I have been stuck. I had so many dreams but they have all blown away." In Nauru, a 12-year-old boy begs for medical care for his brother and mother. She is suicidal, forced to wear nappies for incontinence, and has been repeatedly recommended for urgent medical transfer. 14 months on, there is no immediate plan to move her. ...


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#EXCLUSIVE: Ali shares this mould-infested tent with his mother. He has been held in detention on Nauru since he was seven.

It's a total disgrace that this child and many others live like this. I hate our government. I can't WAIT TO VOTE YOU OUT.

I am ashamed to be an Australian and I am ashamed of our government for for not helping the refugees who have asked for our help. 😥

Why is this happening to me? Because Malcolm Turdcoat's evil Libtard Party seeks to profit politically from this insenate cruelty

Murderers are better treated in our jails. And they receive adequate medical treatment.

It’s called get a visa.

I don’t understand how that religious fanatic from Iran who shot and killed people in a terrorist attack (Martin Place shooting) was given asylum even though the government of Iran (corrupt af) warned the Australian government that this person was dangerous and wanted for crimes in Iran. And yet, these people with no criminal background with no danger to society are being treated like this. Why tho? These people are literally escaping the one you gave asylum to and you refuse to let THEM in? I don’t get it 😕