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Delta Goodrem opens up about The Voice flirting controversy

Delta Goodrem opens up about The Voice flirting controversy


Kelly Rowland has been criticised for her flirtatious behaviour towards several male contestants on The Voice. But Delta Goodrem says she has no problem with it.

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Things got a bit fiery in Senate estimates today ... ...


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Tempers flared in Senate estimates as Penny Wong grilled Mathias Cormann on One Nation's backflip

Penny Wong’s temper did not flare. She had every right to say what she said. That was not her temper. That was her defending herself SMH, against Cormann, who was absolutely out of order. Next thing you’ll be saying women get too emotional. SMH you are just as bad as Cormann. Penny Wong had every right to say what she did to get make her point because he was taking over the top of her and not listening.

Cormann should have gone when Hockey went.


Cormanns as weak as water. Two faced as well. Let's see him call Pauline a vibble vobbler

Sam Manns

2 hours ago

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Sydney-based activist Manal al-Sharif is a key figure in the campaign to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia ...


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Saudi jail is like a resort literally 😂 ill take it any dsy