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Deleted Last Jedi scenes change everything

Deleted Last Jedi scenes change everything


These six scenes would have drastically changed the movie, had they not been left on the cutting room floor.

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WATCH: South Australian winemakers are reaping the rewards of our dry start to the year. @katefreebairn is @thelanevineyard for your weather report.

WATCH: The @Adelaide36ers are refusing to entertain the suggestion that it's "no Childress, no Sixers" in Friday night's game three of the grand final series.

WATCH: He may have spent the entire summer training as a defender, but Crow Richie Douglas is preparing for an attacking cameo in round one.

WATCH: A colleague of a man crushed to death by a scissor lift during construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has called for mandatory safety features to be added to all worksites.

WATCH: A Canadian tourist has been handed a 7 month suspended sentence over a crash that killed an Adelaide father at Chain of Ponds.

WATCH: The new Premier has carried out a dramatic purge at the top level of the public service, sacking four senior bureaucrats, for a hefty price.

WATCH: A South Australian retailer is celebrating a remarkable milestone. Grundy's has notched up 150 years of trade - a level of success the family business puts down to old-fashioned service.

Only three more days of Black Sonic Futures, a llive tribute to Fugees iconic 'The Score' album:

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5 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken yet another tradition by choosing a non-fruit cake for their wedding.

7 News on Instagram:

#Royals #7News


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He's a fruitcake for marrying her!

Future King Harry and Queen Meghan are an amazing couple

They choose there wedding plans. Dont have to follow just because your royalty or family very stong traditional. Reminder me just like moive Big Fat Wedding Geek.



It’s King Harry and Queen Meghan

Yesterday's news. And it was boring AF then. 😂😂

And....who cares????

It’s decisions like this that could lead to world war 3 ill be following this anxiously NOT

Fair enough, fruitcake is yukky. Not that I really see myself getting married but if I ever do I'm having chocolate cake....

Does that mean Prince Philip not coming 😂

Oh my! A NON fruit cake?

I think when Harry said he loves him some of that sweet sweet chocolate, cake he wasn't being literal......

This is news oh please

Who cares

Thats news ?

..... how is this news 🤨

Yeh there havn a hash cake

OMG.. the horror.. 🤣🤣🎂

Matt Weninger Stacie Patricia 7 news


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5 hours ago

9 News Perth



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Dee Parrakeit I found out late pregnancy with Jackson my vitamin d was low so I started taking tablets. But was probably too late then

5 hours ago

9 News Perth


5 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

Chelsea Randall, Ebony Marinoff, Sarah Allen and Angela Foley have been included in the All-Australian squad of 40.

The Crows women are putting a full stop on their 2018 season at their club champion awards.

#AFLW #7News

5 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

The federal government has plan to cut business tax to 25% has won over a key independent senator.

#auspol #7News


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Hannah N Bryan

6 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

A police officer is behind bars in Minneapolis charged with murdering Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

#Minneapolis #7News


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I wish he would take responsibility for his actions and apologize to her friends and family..

he should of done the right thing 12 months ago , if he was white they would of charged him on the day , time he took responsibility for his actions

Hope he is lock away for good

Bout time

Don't worry they will throw the book at him hard and a eye for eye won't happen

He will beat the charge anyway




White lives matter

Hang him

Maddie Agaciak

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6 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

One man is dead and another injured after a trench they were working in collapsed on them in Ballarat, west of Melbourne.

#Ballarat #7News


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No benching or shoring, definitely not a trench I'd choose to be in. Thoughts are with their families.

Will Ruddell Danny Leeson Jess Meade Will Monaco

Anthony PJ Nathan Gilbert Joel King Chris Costanzo

😱 Russell

Matt Schutz

David Maunder

Kai Osborne

Ryan Murphy

7 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

A Seaton family is rueing the timing of its pet rooster's cock-a-doodle-do. He let one go just as the police arrived for an unrelated matter, now both are paying a huge price.

7 News on Instagram:

#Seaton #7News


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When are they going to do something about REAL CRIMINALS.. not just look for fast revenue collecting

Just because the rooster's gone has nothing to do with the chickens not laying eggs any more!

That copper is a rotter!

Uneeb Anas Kamran Ibtisam Public nuisance fine is $560

Chickens and roosters cant congregate. . New Anti association laws.

I was 10 minutes late at a parking spot in Salisbury and a police officer fined me, by the way the fine went to the police not the local council. It's terrible that's the police culture would support police officers like this. But when I have a bad day I keep it to myself.

chickens still lay eggs if a rooster isn't around you dumb reporter... roosters are great. That fine is a Joke SCREW THE GOVERNMENT.

All about the $$$$$$$$$$$$ for the cops

Thought this was a council job? Not the police..

The cops are a public nuisance!!

Time to get rid of this ridiculous thing called the police force what a complete and utter waist of tax payers money. The copper who wrote that should be sacked

Police control noise pollution such as noisy neighbours music parties roosters motorbikes etc etc and you can be fined for said noise

Victim of crime levy hahaha

Good to see people are out working hard and making money and looking after animals only to be fined half a weeks wage..... 🐖

I would have thought that to be a council matter NOT a SAPOL issue.. I feel there may be a jurisdiction problem there

This is friggen ridiculous!!! 😡

WT when was it a police job to hand out council fines, think they need to be doing a better on stopping the ones that stole the bike then handing out fines to poor guy.

Get your facts right. Chickens lay eggs without a rooster 🙄🙄🙃🙃 they just dont have chicks cause the eggs arnt fertilized.

Ben McIntosh $500+ fine wtf.

It's Tiiiiiiiimmy

Olivia Watts Alex Watts no 11 strikes again

I hope he didn't do the Nazi salute!.

Lynny Loo

Jaxon-Karl Promnitz

Lenore Ernst

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7 hours ago

9 News Perth


7 hours ago

SBS Australia

“Expertly crafted, Safe Harbour has the suspense, twisty morality and great storytelling you’re looking for.” - #SafeHarbour ...


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Yeah, I've been hearing a lot about it ... waiting til Pete gets back and we'll have a telly binge

Mandy Schilling Mason have you watched this yet? It's great!

Can’t wait for tonight’s instalment! I can’t work out who cut the rope..

***** Great drama

'I would of', seriously!?!

"Would of" - seriously??!!

Donna Bull this is a great series you can watch

8 hours ago

SBS Australia

These four siblings were abducted and separated as kids before finally being reunited. ...


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What a gorgeous girl! Proud to be her fellow Australian x

Lovely inspiring story...Last nights stories were lovely..Thought Peters mum was gorgeous..

Harmony Day ❤️

Fascinating !

Mary-Louise Doolan Harmony Doolan-Karena

8 hours ago

SBS Australia

Trump wants the death penalty for drug dealers.
Does that include the company that kicked off the opioid crisis?



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The war on drugs has been failing for decades , and is the reason the US has the largest prison population in the world. It's one of the most destructive economic and social policies in the world today and our incompetent politicians and the majority of Australians also support it .

Legalize the alternative pain relief then or at least make it easier to prescribed. Opioid are horrible but some people don't have much choice.

I saw this movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle

You're right. Execute the Stoner instead.

Good article about the Sackler family in the New Yorker, Empire of Pain.

Beter then the big Ts😂😂 Abdul Elachrafi Moeyy Ayad Musty Elbikai Adam Alameddine

So death for drug dealers while the gunmen and school shooters roam free?

You need it for corrupt politicians

Chemical companies will sell any poison as long as they make money. Just like tobacco companies.

Absolutely should include big pharma!!!!!!

as usual he doesn t really know what he s talking about .,

Chloé Booker

Winston Smith Chung Ho Cheng

Megan Wild

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

9 Live Perth
A driver was tasered while he sat in his car in a Fremantle carpark - then arrested - even though he'd done nothing wrong.

The CCC has found the police officer responsible used 'unreasonable and oppressive' force and engaged in serious misconduct.


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I watch police shows, Brit cops, Motorway patrol etc. Then you watch the Aussie ones. Our police are hyped up bullies. Just disgusting.

That cop should be stood down PERMANENTLY!!! ...and the female cop trying to cover up the guy filming with her hat. Got to wonder how often this sort of crap happens to the undeserving public. 🤔🤔🤔

I hope the smart arsed female cop was charged and retrained as well.

This is horrific, and too hear the officers are all cleared and out there still is a frightening thought. Just shows other police officers that they can get away with abuse of power.

Just a gang with different coloured patches. Nothing less. pricks.

Just more great work from "Australia's Largest Patched Criminal Network", just disgusting thugs in uniform!!!

Lost all respect for the dogs!!

Should of lost his job. The female cop should of been stood down. Just shocking. I hope the guy that was terrorized gets justice.

Ha cops investigate cops and then cleared them.. what a fckn surprise

I think the internal affairs department needs to be fired and totally rebuilt with people who are not just trying to look after the officers clearly there as corrupt as f letting the officers continue to work and not firing and charging them

They should all be sacked .. If the police is hard on normal people like that .. Than who can we trust ???

Obviously there personally cameras weren't in use during this incident. Which I'm sure they have to have turned on at any time of questioning , arresting and or charging

HUGE bull dhit here . I see no wrong doing by the suspect . That officer needs to be let go immediately ., and charged for assult .

this is rally bad police ..this is like American police ....

Elliot Nelson looks like they might be loosing their jobs

The police forge is the biggest organised crime gang!

Good grief are we going down the same path as America. These people are sworn to up hold the law and protect. Not be judge and jury. Think people just think before acting !!!

They must use the minimum force to be able to justify it in court ( Australian arrest rule)

Good on you go video got thoses's idiots of police as for the lady what you got to say now people have rights

Sack all 3 of the dogs...

Prick prob still got his job n pension the dog

Disgraceful. The 3 cops deserve the sack for misconduct

Feel sorry for the public who get to know how the Jews felt when nazi ss officers were controlling the streets All those officers failed there job, police are public servants who aren’t above the law they are just to uphold it Remember the public might end up carrying out a citizens arrest if seen abusing your power

David Sonntag hope the pigs get badges taken.

wow cant believe that.. might have to start defending yr self before an innocent gets killed

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9 hours ago

SBS Australia

'Injustice, consequences and downward spirals dominate this exquisite and compassionate drama about urban Indigenous lives.' - The Guardian

The award-winning series Redfern Now starts Thursday 7.30pm on NITV.


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Is it a new series? The others were excellent.

Great show...but I read there's less and less indigenous people in redfern, because of development and rising costs of living

Gods of wheat street Jeff Talbot! Watching that again for sure

New series finally

Is this series three of Redfern now?

Tarra Gawidziel

9 hours ago

9 News Perth

9 Live Perth
Joining #9LivePerth this afternoon: Lawyer John Hammond is in to discuss a shocking case of police brutality with an innocent man tasered in Fremantle; the Tourism Council responds to the State Government’s two year tourism plan, and on The Pulse we discuss a 42 year old Perth woman who has won the right to use her dead partner’s sperm to try and have a baby.