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Deadly novichok used for first time

Deadly novichok used for first time


The nerve agent used in the Salisbury attack is five to eight times deadlier than VX gas and can be formulated to resist standard treatments, making it even more dangerous.

The nerve agent used on the victims of the Salisbury attack is a lethal chemical weapon developed in Russia in the 1970s and 80s and not known to have been used until now.

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2 hours ago

The West Australian

"It famously cut the iconic riff to new sensation". A handful of INXS' guitars are going under the hammer - and they sound just as good as they did back in the day. ...


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Gerry Nyein time to break that piggy bank

Janelle 😱😱😱

Peter Smith Grace Marraffa Smith

#coconutoil ...


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Bethany Jones Kathy Jones

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Only if it's thc infused ✌😎

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ABC Adelaide

They’re up early but dressed for bed. Stand by for nighttime high jinks as Higher and Lower join Peter Goers live. #ABCRadioAdelaide ...


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Spag bol in bed has the potential to look like a murder scene..

Nighties ride up with wear 😱 and you don’t want a cold bottom 😂

Pyjamas are awfull they twist when you turn ......

I do sleep walking, May be to you girls.HA HA HA.

I wore dipper before sleep with you HA HA.


Socks are far too warm to sleep in

Yea I am Hot

10 hours ago

ABC Adelaide

Political reporter Matthew Doran, ABC News explains why the major parties had some of their worst results ever in last weekend's election. #SAvotes🍇🗳️ ...


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Is Matthew actually old enough to vote?

This promotion for SA Best was brought to you by the ABC.

But the liberals have a mandate to do what they want don’t they????