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'Danger spots' for women mapped with new online tool

'Danger spots' for women mapped with new online tool


The map allows women to drop a "good" pin on locations in the city where they feel safe and a "bad" pin on spots where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

A new interactive map that allows women and girls to report incidences of harassment is being rolled out across Sydney today.

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City of Perth to withdraw parking tickets issued to Anzac Day dawn service attendees

Missing brothers found after sea search near Ningaloo Reef off WA's Pilbara coast

@rebsemma @abcadelaide Emma, lovely commentary at Adelaide's ANZAC Day March from yourself, Neil Cross, Spence Denny & the RSL's Bill Denny

The tiny town of Manna Hill usually has a population of six, but that changes on Anzac Day

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City of Perth under fire as Kings Park Anzac dawn service marred by hundreds of parking fines

As the march winds up, time for a catch up and cold drink for Adelaide’s veterans @abcadelaide

Service women march together for the first time at Adelaide’s Anzac Day March. Women now make up 16pc of the Australian Defence Force. @abcadelaide

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4 hours ago

7 News Sydney

Perth's city council is under fire for issuing hundreds of parking fines.

#Perth #7News


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Council is all about how to make money and rip off people

What, some at 4:30am on Anzac Day....what a CORRUPT Council...

Yeah low has a whole new level

What else would you expect from self serving egotistical blame game politicians.

It’s time to make money


Bloody money grab alright

Safety first 😂😂 Money first


Wahib Haych

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5 hours ago

7 News Sydney

Cronulla: 2 people are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized, unfortunately a fishman died in the accident. Police say all 3 were wearing life jackets.

Report on 7 News at 6pm

#Cronulla #7News


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Abu Marwan

Thompson DoanPhilip Mai

5 hours ago

7 News Sydney

Pippa Middleton has happily played the role of New Aunt again becoming the first to visit the new Prince at Kensington Palace.

#Royals #7News


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Oh wow,golly gee and all that stuff. tell someone who cares.

Have you ever done something—big or small—just because you knew it was the right thing to do? Have you ever acted on your #Conscience?
Tell us your story.


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I stood up for a young woman who lost her job because she was aboriginal.

This is great, I love this from Amnesty, it says it all, really.

Woop de do 4 u

I love this post above.

1 day ago


Queensland police are investigating an incident where a lesbian couple were left a shocking homophbic note in their letter box ...

Queensland police are investigating an incident where a lesbian couple were left a shocking homophbic note in their letter box

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Replace lesbianism with “homophobia” and it’s a lot more accurate