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Cricket set to join Peppa Pig after tennis scheduling gaffe

Cricket set to join Peppa Pig after tennis scheduling gaffe


Any debate over whether Seven would choose to prioritise Roger Federer or Mitchell Starc next January is now officially dead amid revelations the network is locked into an iron-clad agreement to show the Australian Open on its main channel.

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Police are seeking public assistance to locate a teenager who absconded from a juvenile correctional facility at Wagga Wagga. #9News

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47 minutes ago

9 News Sydney

It's a case that's spanned five years and today the victim's sister finally broke her family's silence ... saying she hopes her cousin, rots in jail.

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4 years is that it omg unbelievable


2 hours ago

9 News Sydney

It's a frantic scene - a bus driver running to help a man, hit while crossing the road at Roselands. Today, the driver faces court.

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I'm pretty sure he is tried, otherwise he won't run over the red light first place, they are giving long hours to bus driver, it's not easy to maintaining around 70hrs a week, just same as the train driver, anyone who support the government saying the bus driver should shut up because they are receiving high pay, they should start thinking, what is actually happening in transport industry 😡😡

Tim Sukkar Adam Amin Anastasios Velliss Andrew Nguyen Andrews bus driving career cut short

Hussein Mitwari

Bus driver ran a red light unfukinbelievial throw the book at him

Natalie Mccormack Murray

Chester Chan

Zeinab Choukair Celine Labonne 😳

Jonny McMullan

Khawla Umm Walid

Zein Jomaa my dad

3 hours ago

9 News Sydney

A drunk, speeding driver slamming into a home at Kingswood. Today, he was sent to jail for at least six months.

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W A N K A . I live around the corner from that . Incident. Thought I saw police chopper flying past


See NSW police ? High powered or low powered vehicle, they all crash the same.

Marcus Cauchi Joseph Inkababian Christopher Watson couldn't slow down so we had to crash it


Kurt Mitchell Myles Briguglio

Hasson Ali 😂😂😂😂😂

Crystal Daniel

Justice Intharacks James Mateus John Augustin

Jeff Carr

Matt Scotton

Matthew Hakes

Blake Fairall

MaNu Modgil

Kane FoxHamie Yahyaei

Lol all because of a ex gf. Lol

HOONS!?!?! 🤬💦

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4 hours ago

9 News Sydney

The Catholic Church has seen its most senior member convicted of concealing child sexual abuse.

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Religion is just a place where creepy people can hide behind the bible. Glad I have nothing to do with it.

this sort of abuse also happens in families where children are abused by family members and nobody says anything about it because they want to protect the families reputation .. Its really sinister stuff.

Ru serious two years!!!!! Explain Why!!! His a child molester!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 You Americans Laws!!! Worlds Coming to end Because Of these Creeps!!!! 🤬🤬😡😡

The Catholic Church is a cesspool of corruption and paedophilia. Should be shut down.

Wow what a church! Religion is the opium of the people, someone once said! And I’m starting believing.......

And yet the church is worried about gay marriage.

He cared more about the institution than the suffering of the victims.

Joey Djyoungj Sadaka whatta Bishop cuzie

Hundreds more to go

This is why religion is a hoax! Mel.

2 years!! What a disgrace. mercy.....children should be protected....not abused. These poor victims will live with this for the rest of their lives.......put the mongrels in jail, never to be released.

Welcome to Religion

put him in the main yard please .Karma you filthy rock spider

Georgie Mary

Jiafu Lun

Mark Alberga

Hang the dog

Death sentence


Only two years jail wtf he should get life imprisonment

Vile piece of human waste. The children that were abused couldn't have a normal life . Shame shame shame on the Catholic Church and people involved who knew and did nothing .

This is horrific!! To know about the sexual abuse of innocent children and to cover it up ?? He is just as guilty. Those victims have have been traumatized and will continue to suffer, 2 years is NOT enough!!!

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Don't get left behind, get tickets now for #JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom ...

Dont get left behind, get tickets now for #JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom


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can't wait to go :)

Abbey May we are forcing Claire Maree to enjoy this

Abbey May we are force Claire Maree to enjoy this

Ashna S R Rajesh IM COMINGGGGG !!!

Your welcome Daniel Bullock 😏

Take me Dimitri Mks


Maddi Dunn

Damien Mcdonald

Frowin Seibt

Sarah Anne

Rean Somai

Ben Mortimer

James Martin Curwain

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ONE MONTH until Jurassic World #FallenKingdom roars into cinemas. Have you got your tickets yet? Book Now: ...


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Ai Vy save the date

Jacob lets go watch this

Jordan only 1 month ma child


Bambi Towner are you keen?!?!?! I am!!

Erin Brindle not long till it’s here

Awesome!!! Julie Everson we watched the first one this arvo Darcy had to leave the room a few times

I cannot wait to see it

Ethan McConnell-Pledger can you time this with coming home?

Can’t wait..

Can’t wait 😊

I can not wait!!!

Can't wait!!!

Fiona Jenkins - should I be taking Z to this?


Katie Sullivan do you guys watch these? So keen!

Me too! Haha😉

James Malota just thought I should point this out for you hahaha

Rosanna Wilson we are going to see this when you come up... right???

Jen Dunbar you keen for this? Lolol

Jalissa Lee Kerr Josh James movie night

Brad Wilson ohhhhh yeah. Could I be any more excited??

Peter Phillips FYI I booked this night off work 😏

Chelsea get ready bro

Aron goldberg so good

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The most advanced building in the world but no one really knows what would happen if things go wrong... #SkyscraperMovie ...


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Towering inferno all over again!! Can't be Newman and McQueen.

Karl Tam civil engg related movie datto?

Ann-Marie Clayton 😱😍

Nicholas Pelepczuk

When you cross the line there's no going back. #FallenKingdom tickets available now: ...