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Court decides Telstra is the best mobile network

Court decides Telstra is the best mobile network


Telstra has won its court battle with Optus over who has the best mobile network in the country.

Telstra has won its court battle with Optus over who has the best mobile network in the country, with the Victorian Supreme Court ordering Optus to remove advertising that claims its network is better than Telstra’s.

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We are celebrating Terry, a JP at the Hutt St Library who shares ..
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12 minutes ago

Triple M Sydney

Pop quiz! Can you figure out which Aussie rocker we're talking about?

Because you could be hanging with this music legend before his upcoming show, get VIP access to the sound check and see him perform LIVE!

And all you have to do is tell us what music you want to hear on 104.9 Triple M:

Pop quiz! Can you figure out which Aussie rocker were talking about?

Because you could be hanging with this music legend before his upcoming show, get VIP access to the sound check and see him perform LIVE!

And all you have to do is tell us what music you want to hear on 104.9 Triple M:


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James Reyne

Beat me. Yes, James Reyne

James Reyne

James reyne

2 hours ago

MTV Australia

Have Your Cake & Beat It Too!! ...

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Thomas Bradley why wouldnt you just eat it

Melissa Skeen ummmm yesss!!!!!

Annabel Richmond

Tee Irene

Sylvie Kate

Cody Anthony Zuecker

3 hours ago

Triple M Sydney

Strap yourselves in 😂😂😂

The Grill Team back from 6am tomorrow on 104.9 Triple M!


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Freedman can't stand her

Great stuff Gus, look forward to you ripping some else a new one next week 👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂

Tom Blyatman Kirpichnikov Billy's bake vibes

Geez reading some of the comments here. Why don't people just spin on to something they don't feel compelled to complain about.

Gussy finally on form. Keep it up big fella.

Gus normally shits me , But he has valid points!

Another thing wrong is him on radio....

The whole show has gone down the toilet. Not worth listening to...

100% on that Maccas drive thru !!!!

Hopefully, he can have a go at himself next week.


Gus for PM, I'll vote!

Erin Albee Ben Griffin best

Stick it to em white ant!!!

Josh Beadman Bryce Williams

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4 hours ago

Triple M Sydney

Arm doors and crosscheck. 104.9 Triple M ...

Arm doors and crosscheck. 104.9 Triple M


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What Winter??

Don't get left behind, get tickets now for #JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom ...

Dont get left behind, get tickets now for #JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom


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can't wait to go :)

Abbey May we are forcing Claire Maree to enjoy this

Abbey May we are force Claire Maree to enjoy this

Ashna S R Rajesh IM COMINGGGGG !!!

Your welcome Daniel Bullock 😏

Take me Dimitri Mks

Kelly when we goin?!! 😃😃

Lisa King you beauty


Maddi Dunn

Damien Mcdonald

Frowin Seibt

Sarah Anne

Rean Somai

Ben Mortimer

James Martin Curwain

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7 hours ago

MTV Australia

Snowtunes is BACK in 2018 with Rudimental , Violent Soho, MEG MAC and MANY more! Special guests still to be announced...❄️😍🎉

Tickets are on sale now >>>


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Tiarna Oakes

11 hours ago

MTV Australia

Here’s Your First Look At Ex On The Beach USA 😬💔🇺🇸

Watch the drama unfold, Thursday May 31 at 9:30pm - only on MTV!


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Tony Ton Jermaine Kapp what u reckon

This makes all 9 seasons of the UK series, look tame. These 'celebs' should have spent more time on couples communication & less time scoring in the bedroom.

Are we watching this? Bel Whittaker Steph Ford-Webb

Nicole Murphy Brandon Grimmond worth watching???

Naryl Brown is you ready!?

Omg ayto and this combined Natasha Achtypis

Stuart omg!

Yeeesssss Sonia Miller Danica Scott

Isabella Costa oh shit

Jess Fuller ohhh looks good hahah

Oh no Michelle Schneider you will be set now 😉

Not the same effect their accents don't have the same effect as the geordies nup nup nup Annabelle Bowman

Bianca MacFarlane Sophia Francis Mariam El Ali omggggoshhhhh ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Aimee Paholski yeS

Mark Taylor-Sinclair William Taylor-Sinclair VPR's Faith is in this & she's getting karma!.

Jordan Higgs don’t know how I feel about this

Ooooo i recon this will be better then the UK one Kandice Lee

Sally Cockeram can u show ur husband plz

Brooke Christodoulou they added that annoying blonde chick (Taylor?) from Are You The One 🙄

Meg Dobbs what

Regan Marie so many hotties 🤤🤤

Chloe Nadile you’re back just in time!

Candy Featherston, Nicole Lisa Burgess

Amy-Leigh Chelsea

Ryan Owens Tablet of terror lives on

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ONE MONTH until Jurassic World #FallenKingdom roars into cinemas. Have you got your tickets yet? Book Now: ...


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Ai Vy save the date

Jacob lets go watch this

Jordan only 1 month ma child


Bambi Towner are you keen?!?!?! I am!!

Erin Brindle not long till it’s here

I cannot wait to see it

Awesome!!! Julie Everson we watched the first one this arvo Darcy had to leave the room a few times

Ethan McConnell-Pledger can you time this with coming home?

Can’t wait..

Can’t wait 😊

I can not wait!!!

Can't wait!!!

Fiona Jenkins - should I be taking Z to this?


Katie Sullivan do you guys watch these? So keen!

Me too! Haha😉

Rosanna Wilson we are going to see this when you come up... right???

James Malota just thought I should point this out for you hahaha

Jen Dunbar you keen for this? Lolol

Jalissa Lee Kerr Josh James movie night

Brad Wilson ohhhhh yeah. Could I be any more excited??

Peter Phillips FYI I booked this night off work 😏

Chelsea get ready bro

Aron goldberg so good

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2 days ago

City of Sydney

Take a behind the scenes look at the newest public artwork for Green Square.

'While I Live I Will Grow' by Maria Fernanda Cardoso will be officially launched this Saturday 26 May.

Hear from Maria and explore the artwork for yourself at the Green Square community and cultural precinct launch


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BEAUTIFUL .................The Anthony Hordens Tree on the Razor Back Pass ....their company logo and motto

Did the artist intentionally draw from the Hordern Family motto??? Different but very close.....big whoopsy if they did not know😳🤔

“I have heard that people love hugging boab trees. So that will happen.” I ❤️ contrived corporate public art.

Stoooooopid..... May Ling 🕯 🕯 🕯 rip rob

The most advanced building in the world but no one really knows what would happen if things go wrong... #SkyscraperMovie ...


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Towering inferno all over again!! Can't be Newman and McQueen.

Karl Tam civil engg related movie datto?

Ann-Marie Clayton 😱😍

Nicholas Pelepczuk