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Coober Pedy forced to re-stake claim in global title

Coober Pedy forced to re-stake claim in global title


A Sydney man has gotten his hands on a precious gem and Coober Pedy wants it back. [FREE TO READ]

COOBER Pedy’s identity has been pinned on badging itself as the opal capital of the world.

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[email protected] star Dylan Napa has hit back at Wayne Bennett saying claims he deliberately head butted Korbin Sims are totally false. @LiamCox_TV #NRL #7News

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Police investigating a weekend robbery in Queensland have stumbled across an 'Aladdin's Cave' of allegedly stolen goods. They also found a drug lab. #7News

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49 minutes ago

9 News Sydney

It's a case that's spanned five years and today the victim's sister finally broke her family's silence ... saying she hopes her cousin, rots in jail.

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4 years is that it omg unbelievable


Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year a record 12 times. 23 career trophies. Over 1,000 professional career appearances. A record 176 international caps for Italy 👏👏👏

Gianluigi Buffon, WHAT A WORLDIE pays tribute to your Juventus career.


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Will spend one season in the A-League as a marquee signing for the future A-League licensed club Fremantle City FC

2 hours ago

9 News Sydney

It's a frantic scene - a bus driver running to help a man, hit while crossing the road at Roselands. Today, the driver faces court.

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I'm pretty sure he is tried, otherwise he won't run over the red light first place, they are giving long hours to bus driver, it's not easy to maintaining around 70hrs a week, just same as the train driver, anyone who support the government saying the bus driver should shut up because they are receiving high pay, they should start thinking, what is actually happening in transport industry 😡😡

Tim Sukkar Adam Amin Anastasios Velliss Andrew Nguyen Andrews bus driving career cut short

Hussein Mitwari

Bus driver ran a red light unfukinbelievial throw the book at him

Natalie Mccormack Murray

Chester Chan

Zeinab Choukair Celine Labonne 😳

Jonny McMullan

Khawla Umm Walid

Zein Jomaa my dad

There's no track Daniel Ricciardo can't handle #YMCA 🕺👷‍♂️👮‍♀️🤠😂 ...


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Jess Alexander me at blueys?

Shane Stobie the man. The myth. The legend

Karen Lovatt please tell me you’ve seen this?!?

Amber Harvey I’m in love

Greg McLoughlin-Wilden The legend grows

Chris Stafford what a man 😍

Taylor Nadebaumr

Daniel Hoskin the king

Legend Hamish Young

Kathryn Wright Amiee Brown whatta heart throb

Simon Kerr omg

Paul Bloomfield your take?

Dimitri Giannopoulos HAHAHAH

Damien Dawson only aussie legends will publicly do this Haha

Mason Gordon Mitchell McWhinney Lachlan Batton

Meg VL Katie Scammell

Andrew Pearson ❤️

Patrick Smith go dan

Kurt Blackman 😍

Chris McCabe luv it

Kimberly Alissa 😂😂😂

Luke McGrath Leigh Abdy

Dan DrinanLes Reibelt

Braden Ian Thompson

Kade Rawlings could see you doing this.

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3 hours ago

9 News Sydney

A drunk, speeding driver slamming into a home at Kingswood. Today, he was sent to jail for at least six months.

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W A N K A . I live around the corner from that . Incident. Thought I saw police chopper flying past


See NSW police ? High powered or low powered vehicle, they all crash the same.

Marcus Cauchi Joseph Inkababian Christopher Watson couldn't slow down so we had to crash it


Kurt Mitchell Myles Briguglio

Hasson Ali 😂😂😂😂😂

Crystal Daniel

Justice Intharacks James Mateus John Augustin

Jeff Carr

Matt Scotton

Matthew Hakes

Blake Fairall

MaNu Modgil

Kane FoxHamie Yahyaei

Lol all because of a ex gf. Lol

HOONS!?!?! 🤬💦

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The Broncos have secretly approached Craig Bellamy to take over from Wayne Bennett in a bombshell $5 million deal.

More here:


The Broncos have secretly approached Craig Bellamy to take over from Wayne Bennett in a bombshell $5 million deal. 

More here:


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I heard it was Ivan Cleary. .so they can sing.. I Can See Cleary Now the Wayne has Gone

There's going to be a lot of yelling if he comes to the broncos

Will that make him Darius Boyd’s stepdad ?

Why not? Came from Brisbane... he’s just heading home!

The storm will be cellar dwellers if Bellamy leaves....

I guess kevvie isnt getting the job then, my bet was him or demetiou but they'll both get a gig sonewhere

Not much of a secret if all the news outlets are reporting this! And what happens to Boyd if the club is successful at poaching Bellamy?

Totally secret since fox news knows about it

Quick backflip from last night when Paul Kent said he'd all hut agreed to a new contract with the Storm

Cam smith... Storm coach next year i hear it first from Fox Sports 😜

Wayne, They've been chasing him for the last 12mths as Craig is out of contact this year. Storm gave him an offer earlier in the year that would see him out here...

Kristy-Lee see i told you this weeks ago. Bellamy will either take broncos or cowboys job

Last night on fox league channel they said he had agreed to 3 year deal with storm

If we get him we will win a premiership 100 % Miguel Miranda

Secretly behind bennetts back. I dont think so

Would be a great get if the Bronx Could secure Bellyache When the timing is right

Stay at the storm unless it's 10 million 😬

How many times have they secretly approached I’m I’ve lost count

Darius has already bought a unit in the same retirement village.

Bennett can't go forever gotta look to the future

Bit of sun on your back sack and crack Bellamy...

I'm not surprised it's happening, but I think Bennett will see out 2019.

Totally secret considering Joseph from Wallan knows about it

Brooke Moody looks like will acquire a new supporter. Welcome to the best team Tayla Moody

When you thought losing to Manly couldn’t get any worse Suva AH start doing 🙏 ones 😬 #sabotage

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