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Confusion over new cervix screen test

Confusion over new cervix screen test


This is a worry.

Some WA women are wrongly believing they have cancer or a risky infection because of confusion over the new cervical cancer screening test, according to experts.

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11 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

Michael Mills was more than 4 times the legal blood alcohol limit when he crashed into a Sydney home in February.


26 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

She's known as Madame Butterfly but after today, Susie O'Neill, can officially add AM to her name.


41 minutes ago

BuzzFeed Australia

omg EVERY SINGLE MUM literally has that phone case ...

omg EVERY SINGLE MUM literally has that phone case


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Mel Hemburrow secretly fancies keanu reeves, doesn’t even know the foxtel login in her own house haha

Erin Jane you

Darcy lmao Collene

Clarissa why is this me

Jay Russell aw man I only got the fruit one

Molly Seppelt top left

Alivia Sangrigoli ‘if you’re hungry there’s fruit’ HAHAHAAHHAHAHHAAHAHA bananas on the bench lmfaooooo

Julie Madeline lucky u only got 2 of these ur not a regular mom ur a cool mom

Who doesn't fancy Paul Hollywood....

Rose I read down to ice cream tub containing leftovers and thought of the pupper scraps. Same same

Omg Lilly Zerafa the stamps so accurate! But change one to “you having a shower?” 😂😂

Melissa Bayntun you are not any of these, you are a cool mum

Shenée Alexandra Brewer our Mum doesn’t even have a phone 😂

Carol Cross "Did you get that video I sent you on Whatsapp?" 😂

Linus Carey Gibson the ones on the left are Mum to a T

This is so mum Laura Sliskovic

Hahah Joanne Abbey

Annie the stamps and ice cream tub leftovers

Hahaha ice cream tub containing leftovers 😂 the best Jill Williams

Sue Peterkin Hamilton

Helen Sunny

Jess Warwick

Coco Sty Tamatou 🤭

Kimberley Metcalf??


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56 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

Hundreds of Commonwealth Games athletes and officials are yet to leave Australia, despite overstaying their visas.



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Kindve like the first Europeans that came to Australia 😂

What did they expect...easy ticket here compete to gold Coast Olympics

Why aren’t they just being sent back they came over here to compete in games they can’t just expect to stay here wtf

Hundreds now!!! It's growing every story

Tien Tran

Brendan Wong

Onkar Hir

And they are still here ..why

Go home! We don't want ya!

Filthy dogs all of them

1 hour ago

7 News Brisbane

A gunman has been charged after he opened fire at Donald Trump’s Florida Golf Club.


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Hang on! Doesn’t he have the right to bare arms etc In the US of A? Maybe he was just protecting himself? Lol who am i kidding, another loon.

Deborah Knight where’s Reece?

1 hour ago

7 News Brisbane

A turf war has erupted between GPs and pharmacists over a plan to give patients access to some medical treatments without going to the doctor.



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Viagra is available over the counter here in UK. We don’t have to go to the drs for everything.

🤔 where will the line be drawn

Viagra antibiotics and a whole range of products are a available over the counter in Mexico have been for years

Angela Nikou

Andy Lau

Time to get with the times Australia GP ‘a are just greedy

3 hours ago

BuzzFeed Australia

I'll deal with that later... (via SOML) ...


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Amanda MacSweeney I don’t know why but this just reminded me of you 😂

Lauren Natalie Rhiannon Rachel Mel Lollllll this made me laugh more than I think it should ...

Pat you when I ask you to do something

Macey De Jong would never throw brooklyn 99

Bahar Rehan add hopes and dreams and it will be like looking in a mirror

Paul Truong .... I DO NOT want to gym on Thursday 😭

Stacey Chris future Adriana’s problem 😂😂

Meswa not sure if I should laugh or cry 😂😂😭😫

Chris this is kind of the thoughts on the highway 😂

Jordan Roberts Hussain Akn mine goes the other way around, they all chuck me into the fckng deep end every damn time

Bahaha Chony, I’ll tidy the house on the weekend...

Definitely me this and pretty much every week.

Kerena me rn. 3 more days....

Bec Trapp haha.... Next weeks problem... 😂😂😂

Iva Miloskovska reminds me of you when you got home from holidays hahah

Ben Wright Chelsea May 😂 every minute of every god damn day ahaha

Tiffany the good old tomorrow pile

Chloe Mulheron me... listen with sound even better

Greg Spink how I'm treating this course.

Nicole. Sherry. I'll let future Lee deal with that.

Danae Jayne this reminds me of you lol except the work part!

Cameron except its always next week every week

Mick Green it speaks to me in a whole different levels.

Corey legit me this week 😂

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