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Commonwealth Games team official in court over alleged sex assault

Commonwealth Games team official in court over alleged sex assault


A Mauritian official accused of sexually assaulting an athlete at the Commonwealth Games village has had his matter mentioned in court.

The official from the Mauritius Commonwealth Games team was charged with one count of sexual assault after allegedly assaulting the 26-year-old woman at the athletes' village on March 29.

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Nine days. 25 of the world's leading street and contemporary artists. Experience some of the world's most amazing urban art and see inside Cremorne's mysterious Malt District, all at Untold Melbourne. until Apr 29:

@rebsemma @abcadelaide Emma, lovely commentary at Adelaide's ANZAC Day March from yourself, Neil Cross, Spence Denny & the RSL's Bill Denny

The tiny town of Manna Hill usually has a population of six, but that changes on Anzac Day

The annual @clunesbooktown is back in 2018 with more than 18,000 people expected to join the most amazing whole town bookshop experience in Australia. May 5-6, more info:

ROYAL WELCOME: Traditional gun salutes fire at Hyde Park and London Tower, and bells ring at Westminster Abbey to mark the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new baby, who is fifth in line to the British throne. #TenNews

As the march winds up, time for a catch up and cold drink for Adelaide’s veterans @abcadelaide

Service women march together for the first time at Adelaide’s Anzac Day March. Women now make up 16pc of the Australian Defence Force. @abcadelaide

WATCH: Shocking video captures dozens of students viciously attacking each other at a college in west Melbourne, after a fight between two teens reportedly broke out, sparking an all-out brawl. #TenNews

BUS BLAZE: A bus carrying Australian and New Zealand travellers bound for the #AnzacDay dawn service at Gallipoli has burst into flames. Forty-five passengers made a lucky escape, but lost all of their belongings in the blaze. #TenNews

WATCH: Huge crowds turned out for #AnzacDay dawn services across Sydney, including an emotional service at the cenotaph in Martin Place, where @JulieBishopMP, @GladysB, @CloverMoore, @tanya_plibersek and @Luke_FoleyNSW laid wreaths. #TenNews

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22 hours ago

City of Sydney

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram


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I can't wait for that massive water fountain to be completed. I just wish they allowed more pedestrian space in front of it for disabled people and those who are waiting for busses. Also for pedestrians walking by. I am saying this because I think that the commuters are just as important as the nice fountain. Just a little oversight by council that can always get fixed later...I think.

My take on the remembrance of those brave soldiers during today's Anzac March in Sydney #wewillrememberthem #lestweforget

Lest we forget

A beautiful city

Lest We Forget


2 days ago


COFFEE ALERT: The Little Marionette café has officially opened on campus, with free coffee for every visitor today! ☕️

As part of their Grand Opening, they will be collecting gold coin donations for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, find them at the Clancy Auditorium on Upper Campus between 8am and 4pm today!

COFFEE ALERT: The Little Marionette café has officially opened on campus, with free coffee for every visitor today! ☕️

As part of their Grand Opening, they will be collecting gold coin donations for the Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation, find them at the Clancy Auditorium on Upper Campus between 8am and 4pm today!


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Does the barista come with the coffee 😍😍😍

any hints as to their location on campus?

Shuyao you were actually right about it being built yesterday Daniel Xue Leon Wang

Shreya Joshi Shreya Kiran the one day i don't come istg everything happens on a tuesday

Emma Russell free cuckacino when you get back from bali


Cameron Elphick for after ur physics test lol

Emily Washer I know I said I should stop drinking coffee but...

James Wood is that you!!?

Eva Hetyei how about this for your 4th coffee 😂

Thanks for your top notch service and professionalism. XO Jayne

Rhonda Ung no need for coffee capsules

How many coffee shops can you fit onto the UNSW Kensington Campus ????

I've made a map of all the food on campus, and distribute it as "the most important map of UNSW ever made".

Prarthna Wadhwa 😍 wouldnt want u to miss the chance for a free coffee

Emily Zhu if you’re still on campus go here!

Just got mine with a Vegemite toast - excellent coffee and service

Kian Alex ahhh fk it was free

Nathan Khoudair thought it said Maronite lmao im toasted

Simon Tsang, little marionette, maybe we can walk over from college to get this good coffee in a blue cup :P

Naduni. Bye bye to coffee cart eh?

Justin Chan Though they might not do a free filter coffee

Li Shen Phan that's what it's called!

Henry William Lynch bro why couldn't this be the case for usyd

Stephanie Qiu this is the one I was talking about

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2 days ago

City of Sydney

Sydney Locals have been getting their thrills in Surry Hills and have been snapping along the way. Here are some of our favourite #SydneyLocal Surry Hills shots.

Want more inspo on what to do in Surry Hills? Check out our local's guide to the area with recommendations straight from the horse's mouth

Got your own favourite Sydney gems? Use the #Sydneylocal hashtag in your own Instagram posts to see your pics featured.


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An expensive haircut and a purple must be a right thrill

Love Surry Hills so much. Has a great vibe.

Tremenda, incomprensibile, a Sydney ci sono tantissimi Italiani che vi possono aiutare gratuitamente, ciao.

Spin get hash tagging!

Runy Toon

Alli Marshall x

Madeline Johnson

Craig Fordham

3 days ago


Off to class! 📚

Autumn vibes on campus in 1974 🍁

Off to class! 📚

Autumn vibes on campus in 1974 🍁


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Walking up Basser Steps from The Parade Theatre to John Clancy Auditorium in 3 inch wooden heel clogs with a 10 minute class turnover. Jockeying for a carpark in High Street and mastering the downhill /uphill reverse park. After tutorial drinks at ‘The Decline...’, and examinations at the Union Building. Lunchtime political meetings on the lawn outside the Menzies Library. Watching planes land or following the ponies , from the 10th floor of the Applied Science building when you should’ve been doing a lab. Enjoying live theatre at The Parade for the two dollar student discount. Great time of my life. ‘72-‘76.

I was also a student at UNSW then (1972 to 1975). A great time for universities and for students! All things were possible and life was pretty exciting.

Those were the times my friend! A free tertiary education based on merit!

Fond memories. 1974 was my last part time undergraduate year and third year working on campus in the academic / non academic Appointments Office of the Bursars Division. Finished up with an ASIO file for regular attendance at lunch time rallies on the Library lawn for god sake! Found that out when I got my DoD security clearance when later working for Sperry Univac Computer Systems for access to employees on their Canberra based mainframe sites. Those definitely were the days!

My 2nd year at UNSW, and first year of Medicine. I had hair and was at least 20 kg's lighter. The Years condemn !!!

I remember that walk- Psych was where NIDA is now and housed in army sheds, and Maths/ Economics was up in CLB 7 ( Top of Basser steps I think)- could do that walk well within the 10 minutes needed. i finished in 73

Photo exactly from the time I was there at the Uni. 1972 to 1976. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Too much to study! And no laptop to help.

I was there when tertiary education was given to all. A lot of exercise going from Anzac Perade to upper campus.

I was there 1991 -1994. I miss all that is around it including the Baxter steps, Round house, my beloved International House, the square house, Randwick nearby. Lovely Kensington campus!!! My love for UNSW

I started there in 1974 and remember that vista and free education....what a wonderful man Gogh Whitlam was!

I was also a student UNSW 1971 to 1974 I remember those bell bottom pants ! And the protests against Vietnam , lunch outside the Library , some great times at the local wine bars ! Yes I remember that walk to psychology classes . Great memories

1974 I graduated. I completed my B.Sc Food Technology. Wonderful times.Whitlam was very kind, which enabled me to enrol for post graduate studies. I completed my Ph.D. Food Technology in 1979. Everybody was so kind at the Department of Food Technology. I am grateful to my all teachers there, particularly to my supervisor during my postgrad studies and Head of the department.

Hey here's one out of left field. THE Really Hottest Babe, and I was TOO shy, and nobody will believe it now, nEVEr was Then Michelle Hanson (Hansen) from Clovelly, went to St Claires at Charing Cross, THE lost love , She went to UNSW , dunno what degree. Would be Amazing to say Ello, and what did your life become. ?

I had a remembrance of few professors, pro. W. R. Blunden, Dr. J. A. Black, Mr J. I. Tindall professor Blunden was the head of the department of school of Transportation and Traffic. Professor Blunden was already passed away but I don't know about other professors. They are all very good and helpful.

Having a lot of memories during my study in this University. It was almost 3.5 years study in UNSW (1987-1990) and having a lot of memories, fully struggle but enjoyed and nice university's environment.

1976 Engineering free education with $200 every 2 weeks from Whitlam government, back again 1986 law school...only last year need to pay...those were the days ..they did end.

That was my final year in UNSW.. remember that walk vividly.. this photo brings back a lot of sweet memories.. thank you for posting it..

Was there during that period. Does anybody remember “The Wizard”, and his “Wench of the day”? Think he may have been a year or 2 earlier.

I “walked the walk “ from 1970-1973. Good days! Uni was also where my husband and I “courted “ !! Ok you young ones go google what that means!

All my subjects were an easy walk during my bachelor degree. My Dip Ed subjects were on Western Campus and finished at 5 pm. I was at UNSW from 1976 to 1979.

Just how I remember it! 1974 was my first year doing Science. Lost count of the times up and down Basser steps from one end of the campus to the other.

Yep ! Best three years of my life !! 71 to 73 !! Commerce ! Love the round house cafeteria! Is it still there ?!oh the blue room was my regular meeting place between lectures.

I had been there from 1984 - 1989 during my Masters and PhD studies in the School of Food Science & Technology. I have many sweet memories in the campus of UNSW. A lot of exercise going from Anzac Perade to upper campus.

I remember that long walk way from Anzac Pde up to the science and engineering buildings of lower campus - now all buildings!

I attended Kensington Campus in it’s first years,Early 1950’s. Big change from the Tech at Ultimo.. Penni (daughter) attended Ultimo remains, in the late 1970’s..

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4 days ago


UNSW Arts and Social Sciences are again partnering with Sydney Writers' Festival to present Thinking Globally, a series of discussions exploring what it means to be part of the global community. Hear from UNSW academics, Ben Doherty and other alumni at Carriageworks from 3 May: ...


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Jaeco looks like a graveyard

Jimmy Farrell

6 days ago


Considering how close we are to Moore Park, it would’ve been rude not to take 300 of our students to the Sydney FC game on Tuesday night… ...


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Leslie Chan did you betray usyd to get the free tix

Bing LeeAlbert Li

Rachael Cox unfortunately because of you at 0:15 they are gonna start losing now

Daniel Palmer Daniel Kal yet another reason not to go to UNSW!

Jade Pan can u teach us how to cheer on the field too? Susanna Wong

Natasha Radmall I’ve tried to ignore this part about my uni..

Claudio Fabiano

Tom Serone you are one of UNSW's greatest students!! P.s. Eurosnob at 0:26 smh Michael Cui Liam Clark

Jeff Jin waow nice acting

Ibrahim Santangelo top left before the video starts

Jonathan Ilinkovski the amount of plastic fans that go to my uni smh


Jade Pan you were an og unsw football goer

Josh Clay In-jhong Rhee Jennifer's little bros in it lel

Ben Miro video is whatever, love Sydney...

Jayne Hon wow what an actor 👏

Syed Ali UWS for Wanderers

"looking forward to some good football" 🤨

Lol i was in the video lol

James Norton why just now? Have been waiting for it the whole semester 💔

Hayden Reedy more reasons to attend UNSW

Kiran Rego wtf where could we get tickets

James Gow I guarentee you paid UNSW so they could put you in this

Os caras devem jogar muito mal para não mostrar nenhum lance do jogo hahahah

Madison Munsie i go to unsw and wasn't invited to the match :((((

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1 week ago


Stunning sunset over campus yesterday evening. ...

Stunning sunset over campus yesterday evening.


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More beautiful scenes here in Pakistan not stunning ur pic

Please how can I apply to come and study mechanical engineering

Here have anyone who can help me?

Justin Or Renée Lu Should send them your pics, its even better at night time

Kevin Zhen your uni isn't so bad I guess

Andrew Min the next time we go back it can only be at sunset!

Lorraine Jiang Amrita Sur sometimes I miss uni, but I always miss you guys 😭😭😭

Oh i wish i could do my PHD or lecturership from such campus yes yes i do wish

Do you have nursing course or health care course here?

Wow.... beautiful....brings back so many pleasant memories...

Sir Kenneth, naalala po kita dito. Maganda din campus nila Sir.

What a amazing picture!!! i am proud of UNSW campus~~!!!

One day I hope I'll be able to take these pictures 💔💜

Sandy Sedrak but why can’t our uni have vuws like this?! 😒

Sarah Lee the main walkway at uni I was talking about!

Katherina Lee oh my that's a nice photo of you

Reminded me of my days in UNSW. Happy days !

holy shudve gone unsw roundhouse yesterday Wales Lin Edd Opondo Mathew Wang

Ashlee Rose you have sunset competition

Marisa Alves dannnggg miss seeing this sunset at the end of the day 😭

wanna come there to capture this scene😁

How do you capture, it matters the most. Nice shot

Elaine Yip this isnt your photo ? whut

Peggy Hui what we have missed yesterday

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1 week ago


We’ve invented a new sporting event. Guessing a few of you are already well trained at this… ...


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Gate 9 to CLB? That's like 50 metres. If they can get from the buses on Anzac Parade to upper campus in 5 minutes, I'll be seriously impressed.

Still salty I didn’t win 😰

What uni is this?

You should do Anzac Parade near Barker St to Wallace Wurth or E26 in under 10 mins because you are running late for a lab 😇😇😇😇

Louise Li why are you so cute

Shem Rohan James Amelia whoever is making these needs to be stopped

Roza Tawdrous but have u ever tried sprinting from lower campus to upper campus at Kensington

I'm 25 can I still enrolled ?

Jack Hills

Leaving single use disposable coffee cups on the bench and walking off? Really UNSW you're promoting that?

Cath and Andy should be disqualified as they littered !!!!! its not that hard to put your garbage in the bin, there are tonnes of bins all over campus!! UNSW

Jesús, watch this video. Now i decide it. I want to study there. LOL xD

Osama Khater wallah i feel sorry for this uni the people are so stupid

Fionna Saphira Farhani Annissa Kurniasari looks so fun and interesting, doesn't it? We--marcomm should really try to make something like this I guess

Ben Ye your uni has silly videos lol. like :3

Isadora Tronca Túlio Siqueira João Paulo Sozin Lucas Lobão corrida pra entregar o trabalho de última hora a gente ganha com certeza hahahah saudadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anthony Clifford ultimate student athlete

Lucas Ferro, pqp KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Essa universidade inventou uma competição que é a corrida dos atrasados. Tem que fazer o caminho desde onde o ônibus para.

Gerad Sergeant me on last Friday before realising I didn’t actually have my tutorial that week

Anthony Greg what's their problem?

Elise Keleher getting up 10 mins before class, getting ready, eating breakfast and making it to class

Tash Geokjian I think I have a crush

Amanda Spiteri theres a doggy!!!

Casey Lin

Cynden Kaelee what we need when we are running from square house to matthews. Also how pissed do you think Jr is gonna be when we're 10 minutes late, again?

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2 weeks ago

City of Sydney

Are you a Potts Point expert? We’re giving you the chance to brag about your local favourites.
Share your recommendations in the comments below – that’s anything from date-night restaurants to your top pick for your morning latte to boutique book stores and everything in between – or via the form here:

All submissions will be credited. #SydneyLocal

Are you a Potts Point expert? We’re giving you the chance to brag about your local favourites.
Share your recommendations in the comments below – that’s anything from date-night restaurants to your top pick for your morning latte to boutique book stores and everything in between  –  or via the form here:

All submissions will be credited. #SydneyLocal


Comment on Facebook

There are many things to brag about with Potts Point. It is a real village and the residents mostly go out of their way to make it work. Its heritage is treasured and, of course, it can boast some of Sydney's most interesting eateries and small bars. There's lots of negatives too and many residents feel the CoS has abandoned the area because of a few vocal and legal ratbags. Our main concern is Macleay street which has been sorely neglected when one compares with revitalisation programs in Redfern, Surrey Hills and other local areas. The foot paving is a disgrace and , frankly, dangerous, especially for older residents who continually fall on the very uneven and extremely ugly continually patched and sprayed (by utilities) bitumen (which would be better suited as a tarmac). It is time for this much-loved and much-used street to be given a tile slab finish (see Double Bay, Mosman or a hundred other main street paving) and better street refuse bins and landscaping (there's currently half a dozen different tree surrounds, all dog-ugly). We could also do with less signage and better street cleansing. Apart from all that... we love the place.

Viva Hair on Crick Ave next to Joe the Juicer....BEST hairdressers in Potts Point! Andy is FABULOUS!!!...I have naturally curly hair and am very particular about my colour...Andy goes above and beyond in service to help me achieve the look I love!!!!...VIVA TO VIVA!!!!

Jangling Jacks is a great little bar on Victoria St. Very friendly knowledgeable staff, great drinks and an excellent atmosphere. Plus the set up inside is beautiful. Worth a look if you haven’t been 👍

Saturday mornings are the best. Catch a morning yoga class at Body Mind Life , then head to the markets for breakfast - your pick. Youre spoiled for choice on variety from Jimmy Liks, to a korean breakfast burrito or an açai bowl.

My favourite thing about potts point is that it’s so quiet and boring Saturday nights you can actually hear your own thoughts saying “why on earth is it so expensive to live here? 🤔”

Lovely fountain - but I hate the fact that the florist at the Saturday market rinses his tubs in it and leaves all sorts of junk in it!

I definitely think that Silly Tart Kitchen deserves a mention. Such a lovely place for coffee/brunch in the green patio. The Roosevelt is also amazing for a cocktail or three to start off your night, or to show off on a first date.

Rosé Royale in Potts Point!! Best place for an after work drink or a lazy weekend 🙌🏻🍷

Best Thai food EVER is Pad Thai, Roslyn street - actual fresh vegetables and not drowning in palm oil sauce. Friendly staff, no frills, and outstanding value for money.

My favourites are gone - they stood no chance against the lockout laws

LEO on Roslyn street - AMAZING club sandwiches and coffee 🙏

Will you also cover Woolloomooloo in #sydneylocal?

This place to find in Maclay street next to king cross

Lil Darlin on Victoria street. Tell John Apples that Nat sent you - the best cocktails and lazy crazy cool atmosphere. You'll love it 🤗

My favourite fountain -

Very good coffee and amazing sandwiches in 'Jeremy and sons' near by this fountain. Also a lot of good restaurants in the area such as Fratelli Paradiso, Cho Cho san and Billy Kwong :)

"Junny's coffee" is the hole in the wall coffee shop at the entrance to the train station on Darlinghurst Rd. No sign. Fast and friendly service. GOOD COFFEE ❤❤

Llankelly Lane is such a gem, day and night has all you’d ever need!

I love the nightlife...oh, wait...

Farmhouse restaurant- best in Sydney for sure

Jangling Jacks!!

lovely Sydney <3 <3

Harris Farm - love it.

Jonathan Leeming I feel like you'd have a lot!

Cristina Forlani yes you are 👌👌👌

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