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Commonwealth Games pay day

Commonwealth Games pay day


The company behind the Commonwealth Games Opening & Closing ceremonies pocketed $46M for their efforts. Story: #CommGames #7News

It's been revealed just how much the company behind the Commonwealth Games opening and closing ceremonies was paid.

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Pippa middleton, who is expecting her own baby, has been the first to visit her new nephew at Kensington Palace. The new royal baby has yet to be named. #RoyalBaby #7News

Residents are angry with a Perth council's decision to issue parking fines during the dawn service, with some attendees slugged $200. #7News

A manhunt is underway across the New South Wales Central Coast, for an armed thief who held up a taxi driver at knifepoint. #7News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial in London, to mark Anzac Day. #AnzacDay #7News

Cronulla: 2 people are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized, unfortunately a fishman died in the accident. Police say all 3 were wearing life jackets. #Cronulla #7News

Some pilgrims almost didn't make it to the Gallipoli Dawn Service, when their bus erupted into flames. #7News

U.S. President @realDonaldTrump is obviously a huge fan of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. #7News

New technology combining bluetooth connectivity with an in-built hearing test has arrived in Australia, boosting everyday sounds at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. #7News

Fuel prices are going back up with regular unleaded averaging $1.38 a litre. #Petrol #7News

Fire crews had to deal with two major house fires overnight: one in a Frankston home with a colourful past. #7News

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24 minutes ago

NSW Police Force

Four men have been arrested after an alleged armed robbery and police pursuit across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Just after 10.30pm yesterday (Wednesday 25 April 2018), police were called to a licensed premises on Maryland Drive, Maryland, following reports a group of men, allegedly armed with weapons, entered the venue.

The group threatened a 29-year-old staff member, before assaulting him and demanding cash.

The group fled the scene with a sum of cash in a black Holden Commodore.

Officers attached to Newcastle City and Lake Macquarie Police District established a crime scene and commenced inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

A short time later, officers attached to Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Police District located the Holden Commodore on Frederick Street, Glendale, and attempted to stop the vehicle.

A pursuit was initiated and continued until the vehicle stopped in Rayford Street, Warners Bay.

With assistance from NSW Police Force dog unit, four men where located nearby and arrested.

Two men, aged 26 and 30, were taken to John Hunter Hospital where they remain under police guard.

A 24-year-old man was taken to Newcastle Police Station and 25-year-old man was taken to Waratah Police Station.

A secondary crime scene was established at Rayford Street, with police continuing to conduct a number of inquiries.

Inquiries are continuing, with charges expected.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our social media pages.


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Good doggo 😘😘

Too close to home.....we had dinner there night before.....

Gai Burton

Darren Baylis

Rob Paric

2 hours ago

NSW Police Force

A man has been charged with drink driving after allegedly striking a number of parked vehicles in Sydney’s west.

Police were called to Bridge View Street, Blacktown, just before 10.15pm yesterday (Wednesday 25 April 2018), following reports a Toyota Camry had struck several stationary vehicles, before fleeing the scene.

Upon arrival, officers attached to Blacktown Police Area Command established a crime scene and commenced a search of the area.

A short time later, police located a man hiding in an alley way, just off Bridge View Street.

The 28-year-old man was arrested and taken to Blacktown Police Station, where he refused to provide a breath analysis.

He was issued a future court attendance notice and is due to appear at Blacktown Local Court on Friday 8 June 2018.

Further investigations will be made by police in relation to the damaged vehicles.

While police attended the incident, a number of neighbours became involved in an argument. Police spoke to the groups involved and will make inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

8 hours ago

NSW Police Force

Police have been able to confirm that a small earthquake struck near Bathurst earlier today.

About 5.39pm today (Wednesday 25 April 2018), police from Bathurst were contacted by several concerned residents after reports of loud noises and movement in the area.

Officers from Chifley Police District commenced investigations into the incident and were subsequently able to determine that a small earthquake had occurred just out of Bathurst.

Residents of Glanmire, Brewongle, O’Connell, Yetholme and Napoleon Reef all reported hearing noises similar to explosions, and that their residences were shaking.

The earthquake registered a magnitude of 2.6 on the Richter scale.

Police have conducted extensive patrols of property and infrastructure around Bathurst and have not been able to locate any damage, or received any reports of injury at this time.

Officers have urged members of the public to remain calm and contact police if they have serious concerns.


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Karen Lea


Toby Daniel

Not good news

Anna Carey is Mitch at Uni or on hols?

Only a 2.6 so pretty sweet. Orange is getting a few too aren't they?

Keegan Sheridan

Tanya Brunell

Leanne Tomlin

Kindy Merton-Simon

Lisa Price Donna Price

David Mapletoft Did u feel anything

Brandon Morley

Tyler Read

James Kim

Kimbalee 😱

Abigail Harcourt

Matt Cauchi still want to move there?

Melinda Walsh Fransisca Healey Gaye Bendun

Renee Waters

Mel, feel anything?

Stefanie Schultz xx

Geoff Morrison. Earthquake or did you have a big meal. Lol

Daniel Dunnett


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12 hours ago

NSW Police Force

Great news! A man reported missing from Sydney’s south has been located safe and well today.

A 62-year-old man was reported missing after he left a nursing home in South Hurstville about 10am yesterday (Tuesday 24 April 2018).

About 1.30pm today (Wednesday 25 April 2018), police located the man safe and well in Miranda.

Police wish to thank the public and the media for its assistance.


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fantastic news

That's great

how can he just leave a nursing home? the mind boggles.....

Great news

Thank goodness for that. 🖒

That's great to hear xxx

Excellent news


Great news


15 hours ago

NSW Police Force

Join us live at 10am on Friday to see Class 333 join the ranks of the NSW Police Force. ...


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Oh I can't wait I have just set a alarm for such a event!!!!

Ash Lee not long mate lol

Makes you feel old. Class 118 and now class 333 where did the years go. 215 classes wow.

Best wishes to you all.


Terry James can’t wait!

James Hill

Fionna Griffiths this will be you soon!!!

Good luck guys. We need more good recruits in our police force. Kind regards. Boyd Pantle.

I remember my Graduation Parade on 27th June 1980 like it was yesterday. These people will remember Friday for the rest of ther lives too.👍

Well done everyone!

Congratulations everyone.💙

Congratulations one and all.


Charlene, Leisa ..... what a great day it’s going to be ! Can’t wait !!

Best wishes for a long, safe career all graduates.

Derya Güler ❤️

Congratulations to all graduates!! God bless you all. Hope you all have a safe and long career!

Stay Safe Boys & Girls

Stay safe

Congratulations everyone such an honour, you should all be very proud. The proudest day of my life was watching my daughter graduate 7 years ago.

Congrats. Stay safe on duty.

Am i to old to join im 67

Lozzy Nicole

Congratulations all the graduates of class 333our son graduated last year

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15 hours ago

NSW Police Force

NSW Police Force officers participating in the Sydney CBD March ...


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Very special

Thank you for your service...

Amazing photos on a special day your mates with you in spirit thank you for your service.

Thank you

My Brother In Law led the Queensland Police contingent in the Brisbane ANZAC Parade for a couple of years running some years ago. Respect for these people.

It was always a challenge and an honour to write the operation orders for this and the many other major City Anzac Day events in my time at Metro Area Office - 1967 to '82.

It should be called the no more Nazis march. That was the whole point you know

Get rid of the Nazis. Not let them in Australian government hello idiots

Cops are tops

Congratulations a job well down

This Contingent ,Smart ,Proud ,Tough

Let the traditions continue!

Great experience for me as guest of Manly Warringah Pipe Band! I was really touched and as Swiss a never forgetable day!!! 🇦🇺🇨🇭

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18 hours ago


This Anzac Day Squadron Leader Rebekah Herron says we need to look after those young veterans who are struggling after returning from war. ...


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They fought for our Freeom 🙏🏽 Yet their has never been a more futile time in Australia. Corrupt Australian Corporates, Corrupt Tax Office and Dishonest/ Disloyal Politicians in Government Void of Morals Ethics and Honesty. Hopefully the next generations will show more rights and freedoms to those that need it most

People who have given their youths to the country should be looked after when they come back from war. And that regardless of whether the war was just or unjust. All soldiers were sent by the government. Therefore it is the government's responsibility to look after these soldiers

As a Canadian who has never been to Australia or New Zealand, ANZAC Day brings to mind the sacrifices made at Gallipoli. But I know it is about all fallen soldiers from all wars, and their sacrifice for our freedom.

Of course! Do we really need to tell our citizens that it's our duty to care for them? We know that already! The government system is the one that deny them that respect!

The reality is many veterans sit back in disgust at the outpouring of emotion from our supposed leaders who simultaneously approve of a department that revels in it's propaganda largesse whilst also spending millions on lawyers to deny veterans legitimate claims. Perhaps a royal commission would help shine a light rather than spending 500 Million on renovating the Canberra war memorial? Lest We Forget, indeed.

So we can find $100 million for memorials to the dead, but nothing for the survivors. Kinda sums up why this day seems a bit out of kilter these days.

What a sad day, we should be reminded all wars are futile and need to be avoided at all cost. Reading Philip Gibbs, ‘Now it can be told’ a war correspondent, most reporters had their work severely vetted and that was the condition of their employment with the major newspapers obfuscating the real picture of this terrible war...

War is a totally different beast now,your emery is no longer defines by uniform or position,he could be standing next to you,serving you coffee,more mental stress than ever before they have special needs that need catering to.

"For 100 years on Anzac Day we honour all the men and women who have participated in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world. Live coverage of the Anzac Day March from Canberra." This was taken from your official site. You showed all the pomp and ceremony and just as the actual march was beginning you reverted to the studio. Seriously, this day is supposed to be about about veterans not dignitaries receiving royal salutes and favoring us with their speeches. If you are going to advertise live coverage of the Canberra march, then show the live coverage Canberra march. Pitiful!

We most certainly do. unfortunately governments have very short memories, just look at Vietnam and every other war.

We especially need to look after all those veterans who have returned from fighting with Centrelink, the Big Banks, Corrupt Politicians, Corrupt Government Bureaucracy, Corrupt Judiciary, Corrupt Police, Corrupt AFP, Corrupt Big Business, etc.

"Oh, yep, we'll get to that - just need to spend $140m in France first."

The collective we need not do anything. The Army sent them there, stuffed them up mentally and emotionally, they should be the ones to clean up the mess. NOT the rest of us.

For the government to actually care for the people it is necessary to first have a government consisting of CARING people who wish to serve and not take.

Absolutely we do. If you can't afford to fix them when they get back you can't afford to send them in the first place.

Sadly the mistreatment of those who fought for freedom is an ancient shame-I remember doing Roman history as part of my Latin studies in secondary school & centurions became little more than homeless, destitute beggars on the streets. Surely our modern enlightened governments have to step up

Yes, by nor spending more money on the War Memorial, but on the War veterans.

Do not forget on this day the Preachers or Ministers that served some taken prisoners some killed in action they were there, they saw the bloodshed and the HORROR our men and women seen! A lot of time the Padre held hand as that person "Went to Glory" it was them saying words over the fallen as they were buried on foreign soil we remember the ADF men and women that fought and died and we must remember also the BRAVE PADRE armed with nothing else but their Bibles that never returned!

Look after them before the people that sent them to fight . How much is Howard getting from our purse after destroying Australia

Please explain to me how invading a country and killing its citizens is defending our freedom.

Anzac day, the greatest recruitment device need for conscription!

But the 500 mill wanted for a pretty new memorial would other wise provide an A1 facility for just that purpose.

And the older veterans-like a member of my family-who are fighting the demons of war long after they retired from 30+ years of duty. Lest we forget.

Liberals don't care one bit about our vets

I totally agree.

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18 hours ago


The Haka and the Corroboree performed together at Kings Park on Anzac Day. ...


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This is wonderful, amazing to watch. I think more of our Australian indigenous culture should be taught at schools. I feel that the little that is shown to our children is just tokenism.. The Haka always gives me goosebumps..

Very moving Australia needs to embrace all of our cultures and become world leaders in showing others we can live as one

Do not forget on this day the Preachers or Ministers that served some taken prisoners some killed in action they were there, they saw the bloodshed and the HORROR our men and women seen! A lot of time the Padre held hand as that person "Went to Glory" it was them saying words over the fallen as they were buried on foreign soil we remember the ADF men and women that fought and died and we must remember also the BRAVE PADRE armed with nothing else but their Bibles that never returned!

Alan Jones's head just exploded.

Brilliant performance, inclusiveness and the union of people will always be a winner, congratulations to everyone!! bloody ripper!

Spirit. Courage. Tribute. Union. Culture. Powerful beyond measure. Lest We Forget.

To the indigenous & New Zealand people thank you very much as this performance was absolutely beautiful Lest we Forget

So exciting! So moving and powerful, thank you to everyone for organising this special special performance - here’s to more!

One of the most deeply moving things I've seen in a long time. Brought tears to my eyes.

Wow powerful. I cried. Also loved seeing all the kids joining in and connecting to their culture. Congratulations to all involved

How absolutely perfectly 100% appropriate on such an important day

This makes me very proud to call myself a New Zealander plus having the privilege of call Australia home. Thank you for coming together as you have . Many wise words spoken today

Moved to tears - this was awesome!!!

Words fail me...just beautiful. Watch the lot. Thank you. 60,000 years...may we learn from this. Respect. Treaty for Australia.

Great vision. Congratulations to all concerned creating a spirit of inclusiveness

Incredible <3 you should all be so proud, feels like the start of something new, something better <3

Wow two beautiful ancient cultures coming together Lest we forget ! Beautiful performance by everyone I never thought I would see these two cultures coming together like this amazing.I loved it 🌏💜🇦🇺🇳🇿

Those aboriginal dancers had incredible moves , great to watch and they should go on tour around the country

What a great performance and beautiful display of two important cultures. Loved it! Thank you for the opportunity to see in Sydney. Congratulations to all the participants.

Absolutely amazing because of the passion and enthusiasm shown by this coming together of cultures. Young and old alike, being proud of their history and traditions. Wonderful

What an awesome sight the spirits of the land would be clapping their hands in merriment to see these great dancers performing to help with the cleansing...just magical....

This is a fitting ceremony

Thank you to all for sharing cultures. Brilliant

A lovely performance to watch, well done to all involved. A great tribute to all Australian and New Zealand cultures

LOVE it. Thank you. Could I ask a question regarding the Haka though? I remember a female sports team did the Haka and there was an issue because it isn't traditionally done by women. Is that strictly speaking correct? I noticed women partaking here but with different moves. Any insights?

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G’day mates, I’m Bluey 💙

The nickname Bluey originated in the 1890s and was used as a nickname throughout World War One to refer to red-haired soldiers of the Australian Imperial Force. During the Second World War, nearly every redhead was nicknamed Bluey, and it spread to civilian life.

G’day mates, I’m Bluey 💙

The nickname Bluey originated in the 1890s and was used as a nickname throughout World War One to refer to red-haired soldiers of the Australian Imperial Force. During the Second World War, nearly every redhead was nicknamed Bluey, and it spread to civilian life.


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G'day, Bluey!! Was Bluey the little joey you found with Roger and you were never able to find his mother so had to rear him yourself, Brolga? If so he was the very first joey we ever met on our very first visit to the Sanctuary years ago and I have a photo of him as a tiny baby posing with us all that Danny kindly took. Shall I send you a copy? Have a lovely Hump Day. :-) Lots of love xxx

Bluey because of red hair? I don't get the connection.

Howdy Bluey!! He is so cute and I know he’s a smart Joey. So glad they have animal activist sanctuary. For Joey’s Who don’t have moms.

How many of these darling kangaroos live at the sanctuary

Much love and respect on Anzac Day x

how handsome!

Oh Bluey is gorgeous

Hello Bluey!! You are precious and magnificent!💙💙💙

G'day ro you Bluey! Another handsome boy in the mob. Hope we see you again❤️

Hiya Bluey, from Cincinnati, OH.

Sup's it hanging?

Good day mate! Your so goodlooking!!!

Hello, handsome!! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

beautiful face and eyes

Your beautiful bluey. God bless you. Your an amazing creature

Hey buddy, from one Bluey to another 😘

Hello Bluey your so cute and cuddly xxx

Bluey looks like a gentle boy 💕🇬🇧

I had no idea where "Bluey" originated from,how interesting. Good morning beautiful Bluey 😍❤

Hello Bluey, you’re a gorgeous red head.❤️❤️

I love all of your furbabies....

Handsome lad, gidday!

Such a handsome boy

He's a looker for sure😍

Love this guy!

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Like father like son!

Monty was wanting to fight me this morning....which is not usual for him. Monty is alpha male and is becoming just like his dad Roger used to be when he was alpha male. Monty stands taller than me and I’m 2 metres (6ft7). What a beautiful alpha male!


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I don't know what's more impressive: Monty or learning that you're 6ft 7!

Wow he is buff. Can you ask him how he got those pecs? Id like to build some muscle. Lol. Be careful out there.

he's got some Roger in him alright... but Roger's pecs are unequaled to date. Me thinks.

Will he let you touch him at other times?

Whoa, no mistaking it. I can see they're eating, but is any of his mouth activity part of his warning to you?

That is rather unusual for Monty what made Monty want to attack you?? I bet roger had a word and said son you're not behaving like me

What do you do in that case?

What made Monty feel Alpha today? He did look like he was in attack mode when on hind legs? Hope he's having a calmer evening🐾❤️

Give him the tin bucket like his dad lol

Gorgeous specimens! You look after them so well! He's very alike to Roger...Could Monty grow any taller ?

That is so impressive. What percentage of males in the wild grorw to be this size?

Is he bigger than Roger? He is a beauty!

I remember Monty from when I visited last year! Strong and beautiful!! 💪🏼😊

Really takes after his dad - magnificent beast! :-) Does he ever try to chase you, Brolga? Hope you've still got plenty of trees around to get behind! :-) You take care around Monty. John wants to know if you still take the tours into the bit beside the boy's enclosures or is Monty not to be trusted to leap over the fence? Have a great week. Lots of love xxx P.S. How is Roger doing?

ok now.... did he jump at you? Like, "Get out of my area." And if you hadn't jumped back... would he have attacked you?

Holy s$#! He looks like he's 10 feet tall and ready to bring it on!

Wow! He’s pretty buff. All that time in the gym is really paying off! Lol

Sure glad u can move quick or Monty would hv won and that wouldn't hv been good. He sure is tall and handsom WOW

He said back off with our saying a word. Lol 😍

He really looks like he means business!! He is sure handsome. Please be careful around him. He definitely wants to be the Boss.

Ahh yes can see Roger in all that! The next chapter 🤣😳.

Oh Monty you r definitely Rogers boy 💙

Wowza, Monty is letting you know the boundaries!

Monty looks very majestic just like Roger

Makes you realize the threat is always there!

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Hello from our darling Wendy! 💖

Most kangaroos are not very vocal, but our Wendy talks all the time.


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What a beautiful sound, is it a greeting? It sounds a bit like the chuffing sound our cats make.

Definitely a sweet greeting. What a little pet 💗🇬🇧

Great name for an awesome animal. I love it!

does Wendy make different sounds according to what she feels/sees?

Aww bless her, not everyday you hear a kangaroo talk, just lovely xx

So does our 3 year old red girl Meg :) shes the only one of our 14 that talks all the time :) Wendy is beautiful xx

A few of ours also chat, not a lot but they do when they’re with someone they are used to.

Wendy darling ❤️☀️🍀🌸

I need kangaroos in my life

I have never heard a kangaroo talk before! And so far she is the most beautiful of all.

Hello Wendy in kangaroo speak !!

Ah, Wendy! How wonderful to hear you speak!!! You’re adorable!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Never heard roo's talking.. Hello beautiful wendy..

Can’t wait to meet Wendy when me and Gareth visit in August! So excited!!!

I am totally in love with talking animals. Wendy, you are my kinda gal 😆💖😊

What a lovely sound!

Ah Wendy ! You are a sweet girl ! Hello from Granby Quebec Canada <3

Hello Wendy, you gorgeous girl😍

I'M IN LOVE!!!!!! She's so cuuuuuuute😍😍😍😍😍😍

Hello Wendy you gorgeous chirpy girl! 😍😍

Sounds a bit like a tiger chuff!

Chatty Wendy you are so beautiful 💜😍💜

Hello back from Wendy(was so lovely to meet her) -kangaroo kisses😘

Never heard one before! Hello beautiful Wendy!

Which way did they go skippy ❤

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Stringer (Scott) has been an incredible guide and driver for our tours for many years and is moving towns! We will miss him so much! Enjoy your next adventure mate. Love Brolga, Tahnee & our mob (especially little Peter Rabbit in this pic) 💕 ...

Stringer (Scott) has been an incredible guide and driver for our tours for many years and is moving towns! We will miss him so much! Enjoy your next adventure mate. Love Brolga, Tahnee & our mob (especially little Peter Rabbit in this pic) 💕


Comment on Facebook

I live in Minnesota , and would be in your area in a New York minute if I could work with your furbabies....Just sayin 🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒😎😎😎😎

Lucky man being able to cuddle cute little Peter Rabbit! Don't know how he can bear to move away! :-) How old is Peter? - he is so adorable. We are having storms here tonight and poor Pip isn't at all keen about the thunder and lightning. He keeps wanting to sit on John's lap or huddle next to me. Do your babies get frightened when it's stormy? Have a lovely Sunday. Lots of love to you all xxx

If you have ANY work at all...I'd be interested in moving for sure. Pm me. Cheers brolga ,family & all the crew.

All the very best in your new home. Thank you for all your help at the sanctuary. Must be a very fulfilling job.

Where is Scott moving to ? hope he still gonna be in an animal enviroment x

may it be another great adventure!

Oh no Stringer, how are you going to get another amazing job in your new town? Wishing you all the best in your new adventure in another part of our wonderful country xx

This one doesn't have that many face markings, no? I cant wait to play with them 😍

Maybe little Peter Rabbit will movie on with you

Two lovely faces...awesome!!!!!!

All the best, Scott!!

Best wishes Stringer :)

Beautiful love!

Cheers in your next adventure!

best wishes to Scott; and Peter Rabbit + and the whole crew. 👍

A good Aussie.

Wish you well

All the best.

So sad to lose a friend.

Good luck mate

Bless ya man!


Good luck

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