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Commission hears NAB staff 'took loan bribes'

Commission hears NAB staff 'took loan bribes'


Bribes of $2800 were paid “in white envelopes over the counter” at some branches, it was alleged.

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Heroic efforts went into protecting lives and property from the flames in the NSW coastal town of Tathra. #7News

A measles alert for Perth has been issued by @WAHealth for Bentley and Royal Perth hospitals and Perth Airport. Details:

A 41-year-old Sunshine North driver has admitted to leaving a badly injured child bleeding on a Coburg road. #7News

More than 1,000 international students from over 60 nations pose for a selfie at Sydney Town Hall. Tonight they were officially welcomed to their new home and introduced to 20 community groups including @slsnsw and @nswpolice #myfuturesydney

Surging power prices and a growing number of blackouts are being blamed on an increase in renewable electricity supplies. #7News

The safety of self-driving cars is in question, after a pedestrian was hit and killed in Arizona. #7News

'Exciting' Perth Airport tunnel spruiked days after Transport Minister told boring machine had been shut down #perthnews #wapol

South Africa's Kagiso Rabada cleared to play in third Test after successful appeal against two-match ban (Pic:Reuters): #SAvAUS

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It's brighter tomorrow, a mix of sun and cloud with a top of 23°C. 7 News meteorologist @JaneBunn with your weather forecast. #7News

[email protected]_Group lovers of all ages are in for a blockbuster exhibition opening in Melbourne tomorrow. @MFelgate7 #7News

[email protected] coach Luke Beveridge says a fabricated news article has taken his team’s focus off Round 1. @SeanSowerby7 @7AFL #7News

[email protected] star Jack Steven is determined to play against the @brisbanelions on Saturday, but is yet to convince the medical staff he is fit to play. @Stevo7AFL is live with the day's AFL headlines. @7AFL #7News

A Cheltenham gardener has run into a prickly problem. @NickMcCallum7 #7News

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12 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

Thousands of fans have packed into Suncorp Stadium for the first of Ed Sherran’s Brisbane concerts.



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Ed sheeran is a modern day rockstar simple


Katarina Jadric

Kaitlin Gibson😪😪😪

Neil 😂

24 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

7 News has exclusively obtained video and images showing some of our state's most dangerous amusement rides.



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Well yes...since cars are not amusement rides it explains why they become so dangerous when used as one...

Lauren McCluskey he’s famous!

Aleesha Duggan Nicole Cotton Danielle Wallace okay so all jokes aside, Summer Party was named as being potentially fatal 😂😂😂

Tash Dawson rip

Dane Anning was this the accident ?

Katelyn Oakman

Samantha Singh

Kelly Kendall

Paula Macdonald



Ash Reeves

Richelle Martens

Amber Kelly

James McEwan

Harry Anne

Rachel Pollock

Larissa Anderson

Alison Ranee

Duke Prasad

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27 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

The Government's promising everyday Queenslanders won't feel the pain of a levy to stop interstate dumpers.

More details:



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The people in government are useless, maybe even less than that.

time will tell

39 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

Tomorrow’s weather forecast with Tony Auden.

#qldweather #7News


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Thank you tony great job as always

Celine Boute huilen

42 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

Annastacia Palaszczuk has revealed she hasn't asked Transport Minister Mark Bailey if he's brought any other union sponsored submissions to state cabinet.


57 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

A man who stabbed a teenager to death on the Gold Coast during a botched drug deal, has been acquitted of murder.



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And step dad who gives step daughters bully a touch up gets fined. SMDH

So much for the law there is none wheres the punishment cant bring the dead boy back

You’ll get yours one day you gronk! 🤬

Be a criminal accept the consequences.

Condolences to this lads family.... For a second time 😢

Nicole Taulepa

Sherie Maguire

Bailey Jones

Kylie Schultz

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1 hour ago

Western Australia Police Force

Sorry for the technical difficulties 33 seconds 🖐

We are live on radio 6PR now with Oliver Peterson. All Crime Stoppers cases are on please let us know what you think of this concept.


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Whats with the sunglassrs and hat 🤣🤣🤣

Hope you are tracking down the guy who dragged a puppy, with his car, down the street in Busselton. The puppy died


This is great!! Make this a regular thing Western Australia Police Force and 6PR!!

Great idea!!

Luke Ferrier

4 hours ago


A lot has changed in 54 years! ...

A lot has changed in 54 years!


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Brayden Carr Noah Tarlo Justin Dela Cruz Chenzo Chu How could anyone meet up without doob spot?

Michael Chen Muneki Yoshikawa Richard Wang Frank Foo Jennifer Cha wish it was still 1964 ._.

Thuc-Ai Huynh Tony Phan Greg Connop i see there are more depressed students

Am I the only one who thinks the upper campus was always there? I mean who in their right mind will add a hill to an entire suburb just for the sake of it

But one thing remains constant. I run this show #thewolfofunsw Jacob Rizk

Rudi Iris Reckon students in 1964 had to walk mountains of stairs to reach class?

Andriana old UNSW looks kinda cool with such open space

What a nice change!!!!

Iva Sola were the stairs necessary idk

Ryan Saxena how many stairs do you reckon they climb to get to class? 😂

Beautiful Red Centre, FBE! Missed heaps.

should’ve gone back in 64’ no flipping stairs in sight Lilian Sobbi Demi Farah

Harith Damandeep Jay only similarity is elec building

It's amazing to see how UNSW would look in an alternate reality

Michael Roach reckon they had the kilometre long 891 lines back then?

Ema Lynne is that really what it looked like when you were there?

It became a hill?

where were the steps...

looks more like a big tafe than a uni, no classic buildings

Pretty amazing. Show us more of these "then and now" photos!

Harry Murphy why did they give it a uphill angle

Chris Basilio recognise that from first year?

Pete Schofield did they use the elevator to go from level 3 to 2 then doe? 🤔

Gerard Hughes Seb Di Sano evolution of the boulevard

Narelle changed a bit since your grad year? 😂

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Mirrabooka Detectives are investigating a robbery that occurred in Ballajura on Monday, 12 March 2018.

Around 12:20pm, a woman in her fifties parked her car outside a supermarket located in a shopping centre on Illawarra Crescent North and Alexander Drive. As she alighted from the car a man approached her from behind and demanded her car keys.

During a brief struggle, the man pushed the woman to the ground. She hit her head on the ground causing a 2cm laceration and the man fled in her car, blue 2007 model BMW E90i.

The stolen BMW was recovered in Middle Swan later that day.

Detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the person pictured below who they believe can assist them with this inquiry.

He is described as being aged in his early thirties, fair skinned, approximately 183cms tall, with a slim build, clean shaven and dark brown hair. He was wearing a dark coloured polo t-shirt, shorts, shoes, a light coloured baseball cap and sunglasses.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or report the information online at


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He should be jailed. My concern is when he is caught he will just get a suspended sentence. There is no deterrent and these low life’s will keep on targeting people because they know nothing will happen. Sorry just sick of the crime that’s happening everywhere in perth And the innocent people that are being hurt.

I recall a comment that one thing criminals forget is to change the way the walk. Apparently the way we walk is almost as easy to identify as a thumb print. Is this correct WAPF?

Liam Sartori Sean Seabourne the bookie boys strike again?

Sue ...your shopping centre?



Natalie Restifo

Andre Junior ballafornia

Samah Castle Saja Ali Zanab Ali Ali Sabeeh

Nicole Duncan Melissa Agoni Rebecca Dikes-Nguyen Renee Hickmott

Great news.. the missing 73 year old man William MICHAELSON has bee found safe and well. ...


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a good piece of news to start the day.

I love news like this.

How wonderful

That's great news.

that is fantastic news

Great news

Fantastic news

1 day ago

Western Australia Police Force

Susanna has just been located safe and well. Thank you for your assistance. ...


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Just wanted to say a big thanks to all Police involved in finding my wife.

That's lovely news.. Well done once again x

Great job as always!

Happy to hear ,great job

Great news for her loved ones

Good stuff

Was this the Asian lady ?

Regional Investigations Unit detectives seized a quantity of jewellery recently that is suspect to be stolen.

Police seek the assistance of the public to identify the true owners.

If any of these items are familiar and you can prove ownership with a report number or receipt, please contact the Regional Investigations Unit on: 9223 3909 and quote report number 080318 1340 13447.


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The cross with to Peg could the 27445 be the mans war number?

Amanda Michel Turnerr

Still not my stolen pendant with my dogs ashes in yet 😪

Ben McCullock didn’t only certain people get this first ore coins?

Sylvia O' Mahony - every time I see these posts I think of you 😘

Marie-Claire Chu Mum just in case you might find dad’s ring in hete

Gemma Lawson It may be a long shot...

Menna Gower take a peek at the rings please 🙂

Pocket watch George Armstrong?



Julia Russell is any of this yours ??

Sue Ruffonator Leslie Costa Katie Mcguire (are any mums0

Keith Lawson more jewellery found, just in case

Kate Sinclair you should see if any of your stuff is in here

Sonja Cooper Lyn Coutts

Rob Franklin, did you ever recover your dad's watch?

Helen Robinson

Paige Curtis

Jessie List

Marie Arundale

Andrea Baraiolo?

Matthew Catchick


Tania Jones

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Hope everyone is having an enjoyable and safe St Patrick's Day!

Lets see if the celebrations can be topped off with a Grand Slam in the rugby tonight!

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable and safe St Patricks Day!

Lets see if the celebrations can be topped off with a Grand Slam in the rugby tonight!


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Happy at Patrick's day western Australia police. Hope you guys are having a more clear cut day than Scott Austic. You rats

Thank you. I hope to have one (or two) Guinness this evening with the kids!

I wonder if the cops were drunk when this happened

Another piece of evidence you have overlooked. You don't even have a NRL team

Can’t believe they didn’t use Whiskey Michaela Miller 🙄😆

Wow do you guys often place false evidence at crime scenes? 🤔.........

Sean Cunningham it’s a woofie

Im not drunk if thats whats your asking 😁

Awww!! I'm sure that PD is drinking safely!! 🐶☘️

Ben Lee Ruby Lee show this to Coco

Happy St Patrick’s Day BobandAnnette Carter!! I meant to wish you this morning!!

Marie Brazendale thought you might love this photo !

Andrew Lee 🙂

Chris Buss Kara O'dea

Catriona Beani Kehoe

Kelsey Kilminster

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5 days ago


Last year JD Law student Tom Park travelled to McGill University in Canada on exchange. He created this video capturing his incredible experiences, from surfing in the Arctic Circle in winter to swimming with tiger sharks in The Bahamas. 👌 ...


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Check out more of Tom’s work on his YouTube channel ( If you’re thinking about studying on exchange, follow UNSW Global Education and Student Exchange and register for the 2018 UNSW Exchange Expo ( Facebook event here: 🌎

Jeffrey Sun this is so cool!


Raghav Rampal

Anthony Cho

Paul Estephan is this gonna be you?

Absolutely fantastic video! Everyone should go on exchange.

Paul big shoes to fill. Law and McGill

JD student went to Canada my dream Nile Rahman

Jason Khou This is how you edit a video

Austin been a year since you bought your camera where's your montage

some solid camera equipment to capture some of the shots he did..... wondered if he studied when over there 😂 great video tho 👌

Lachlan Peknice dude imagine all the sick shots you would get on exchange

Ummm did he actually do any study during this exchange ? Or was it just a sporting holiday ? Anyway it's a great video & looks like a fabulous experience !! How does a student afford all of these sides trips whilst studying overseas ?!?!

Bc this is the only dude who'd do this if you forked out enough dosh? Bridie Goonan

Melissa Katie Marine ... sudeny our exchange seems un eventful!

Benjamin Arthur wtf its like a tourism ad

Mian Daniyal Ahmed we both should apply for study exchange programme for amestradam or in california. Have a look 😍

Blake Curby how does a uni student afford this when I’m struggling to afford contiki?

Gemma Dean rep of food science in Canada woah

Emma Cuelho will this be you?

Yu-Jie Yu you need to step up your Canada game.

Antoine Pouliquen avec une camera, une gopro et un peu de volonté !

Samuel Lei exchange to Canada

Sam Hendo my year was pretty similar

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5 days ago


Huge congratulations to our Australia Day honour recipients and 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons! ...

Huge congratulations to our Australia Day honour recipients and 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons!

1 week ago


Tired from walking across our epic campus? Karaoke Kart is here to save the day. ...


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Please tag mizuki so she can come kae with us

Luis Colinares I'm so glad you weirdos are all quarantined in Kensington

and yet y’all won’t make your university less impossible for disabled people, so I guess you’re only allowed to be tired of crossing campus if you can do it without severe pain and fatigue 🤔

Awesome way to make uni heaps funnier, and what a way to meet new friends God I love uni!!!!

Daniel why aren't you in this video and fb filed this under "popular on fb" so according to the machines at fb, i'm aussie and have some connection to unsw

Faith Limantono Joseph Lim from lower campus to Clancy on thursday arvos

Kate Wiktorowicz Andrew Mąŷęş Laura Mayes Rach Lowden Ellie Mircevska Phil Lombardo where was this when we needed to get to the Mathews building or anywhere else that wasn’t the music building hahaha!

Greg Connop to fuel your hate a little more

Drive this around the Mech Eng building singing like this someone would have knocked them out. Haha Should get Redback Racing to modify that buggy to give it some extra juice too eh Raul Min Ignacio Harry

Let’s get a karaoke cart to Wednesday sesh’s plz and thx Henry Fox Matt Powers Micky Fisher

Ali Amir Abeer Faizan Tanya Sharmeen ... well that’s how we commute from one aud to another😂

Bella Burns pretty sure u were the only white person I saw in this vid haha

Naomi Fung There’s a lot to be said about this video but more importantly, I’m imagining what our/your karaoke cart would like driving around campus if it had all the usual karaoke accompaniments...

If only this was around when you two were, Erin Gonthier Elise Hawke - then we’d finally be able to see which one of you was correct about the others perceived skills..

Jacob Wilson I heard they have one at TAFE. So jump on and now you can karaoke to class 😂😂

Mark Wattson Jordan Garofali Chris Dascal didn’t know bungaz was giving people rides around campus now

Samantha Ishac yup this is basically uni in a nutshell. Awkward, cringe and forced social interactions.... a little bit of singing out-loud (if you’re one of the weird ones)

Nancy Li Annie Zhang Kalwin Cheung Ying Zhang Melody Cheung if this was here when i was at uni, would have enrolled here!!! ALSO WHERE THE KPOP AT

Judy Zeng karaoke kart but in pubg, or cash cab @ unsw

Phoebe Lynch karaoke Segway and hover board ride share on campus would make so much money for Canadian bacon

Cohen shoulve done some karaoke and gotten a lift to rupert myers HAHA

Vanessa Yik should we try to find one of these after our chem lecture on thursday to get to babs lab on time

Nada Soliman I’m devastated they didn’t have this when we were at uni. Think I can get a refund on my degree and do it again?

If only this was around a couple of years back. Less walking and more singing from Kevin 😂 Matt Sivashna Sonia Sophie

lol is every dude except one from sydney high in that video haha Tim Medley Tom Luo Tarun Sethi N-Nizzie Smalls

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