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'Carbon bomb': Clive Palmer seeks nod for mine twice the size of Adani's

'Carbon bomb': Clive Palmer seeks nod for mine twice the size of Adani's


Mining billionaire Clive Palmer is seeking approval to develop a Queensland coal mine twice the size of the controversial Carmichael project - but has done so by drawing heavily on environmental work done by other mines proposed for the region.

The federal environment department told Fairfax Media it will decide by Monday whether the Alpha North mine proposed by Mr Palmer's Waratah Coal company will require "detailed assessment under national environmental law," according to a spokeswoman.

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A man claimed to have a bomb on a bus travelling from Sydney to Melbourne this morning. The 46-year-old called triple zero from inside a toilet onboard. Police tracked the bus to Melbourne's outer suburbs and confronted him in the bathroom. No device was found. #7News

Judgement day for Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson, found guilty of covering up the sexual abuse of altar boys - he could face up to two years jail. The Archbishop says he is disappointed with the decision. Those details and more in 7 News at 4pm and 6pm. #7News

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The official photos from inside Windsor Castle of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding have been released. The latest from the UK in 7 News at 4pm and 6pm.
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**TRAFFIC ALERT** A truck has "soiled" Grand Junction Road at Ottoway. A large amount of dirt has fallen from a truck and has blocked one eastbound lane -
expect delays if driving in the area. #7News

Sitting in 3rd on the @AFL ladder after their best start to a season since 2005, Melbourne is daring to dream 2018 might finally be a breakout year - they face their biggest test of the season so far against @adelaide_fc. @7afl #7AFL #7News

BEAUTIFUL BUT DEADLY: A study done by scientists has found an increase in global warming may be fueling the growth of bioluminescent marine plankton -called Noctiluca scintillans - which is washing up on shores in India and China, and is proving deadly to marine life. #TenNews

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6 minutes ago

Daily Mail Australia

There are no more excuses to not exercise! 🏋️ ...


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Michelle Mundy 🙄 keep reading till the end


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Pathetic marrying a stefanovic.. karl and pete are just as annoying as eachother

You bloody Stefanovics could Never measure up. SORRY.You can stop comparing now

What a joke 😂😂😂

Gracie Shiells



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Come on! This is called Reptiles` Tug of War.. I usually watch this on National Geographic. They will both walk away with Prizes.


Themida Sapountzis your worst nightmare

Nicolas Kolya 😱

Ryan Williams

Estianti Malotsis

Ron Grealy


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It is the best designer you can give yourself

Abby Gilmore fit life

2 hours ago

SBS News

Sydney-based activist Manal al-Sharif is a key figure in the campaign to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia ...


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Saudi jail is like a resort literally 😂 ill take it any dsy


Good morning mummy Indi and baby Harry 💕 (yes we’ve named Indi’s baby after watching a special wedding on Saturday 😊😉) ...


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Lovely little boy! By the way, I think Kangaroos are born ready to be yoga instructors...impressive how his legs and tail are above and over his head. He's really snug in that pouch! ❤😜

Nickname Ginger???

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful kind people can be so loving and compassionate to animals. Every time i see a video or picture of the kangeroos my heart sings and i feel myself smiling. Thank you Brolga and Team for the fantastic job you do. Angela White (UK)

Next baby needs to be called Meghan!!!

How old are the babies when they are too big to be carried around by the mothers?

Do the mums have milk and are they feeding the babies?

Aren’t kangaroos wonderful?

Love the way Harry pops his head out, and Indi stands up straight to show him off :) <3

Maybe the human Harry will come and visit when in Oz later this year 🤗

Goooodddd morninggg SWEETTS ANGELS..FROM ARGENTINA..ILove to much

Princess Diana would be very proud she loved Australia so thank you kindly xxxxx

He is the best looking Harry I have ever seen 💕

This makes me so happy!!! He looks huge already and both mum and baby are looking very healthy. Love the name too <3 She makes such a great mum. Can't wait to see the 3 of them bouncing around together.

Love the name Harry is so cute Indi is such a great mother 💙😘💙

Harry you have the perfect name!

Oh so beautiful indi and baby harry you make my day and the wedding was beautiful 😍😍

Awww...nunu pie....I want it to love and care for😍 💕

Good morning, Harry!!! Can’t wait to see you hopping about!!

👍🏻 ABBA “ . . . and your name is Harry. How dull it seems are you the hero of my dreams . . . “ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I need a nice warm cozy bed that can double as my transportation to work like Harry 😍 Would save so much time

Love the name , take good care of you’re little prince Harry Indi

Hello Harry stay warm in the pouch till midday than its for sure warmer to hopping around!

That's lovely to named after a prince💖

Another boy, wow shes a baby making machine! 💗

Must be cozy inside this sleeping bag! How sweet! Welcome Harry!

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2 days ago

Perth Wildcats

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