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Brownie prepares for first day back at Trinity

Brownie prepares for first day back at Trinity


BROWNIE RETURNS: Look who's back at school tomorrow

A TRIUMPHANT ROHAN Brown will make his return to Trinity Grammar on Tuesday and is expected to be met with a rapturous greeting from students.

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The Swedish-born producer and DJ known as @Avicii has been found dead in Oman publicist Diana Barón said in a statement. The 28-year-old DJ, was born Tim Bergling. “The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy.” #Avivii #7News

A conga line of NSW legal system screw ups: early release, insufficient monitoring, poor surveillance, bail granted despite violent history of accused; one arm of system not talking to the other. Meanwhile a 16 year-old girl and the original victims traumatised. Hopeless.

7 News Sydney on Twitter

“One of Sydney's most notorious and dangerous serial sex offenders, has been released on bail despite fresh allegations he assaulted a 16 year o...

Headed to Windsor today; #Commonwealth Leaders holding their retreat as guests of the Queen. Coverage from #7news 6pm.

Cyclists have been caught on a risky and illegal ride through the Lane Cove tunnel last night, with drivers having to cross a lane to steer around them. #7News

Macquarie Park: A new high rise Catholic school, two child care centres, an aged care home, shops, 2,000 private dwellings and 950 social housing dwellings will replace the Ivanhoe public housing estate on Ivanhoe Place. "A genuine integrated community" - @VictorDominello. #7News

A man has used his late father's lotto numbers to win big in Powerball. The Greenfield Park resident won $8 million in last night's draw and plans to share it with multiple family members. #7News

Hosting a room full of incredibly talented and kind young people at the @NSW_ACT_YAA Young Acheivers awards. The future is bright with these young community leaders. #NSWACTYAA

Fuel prices are slowly falling, tonight the average is $136.6 a litre for unleaded. #7News

"Excitement. Passion. Entertainment. That's what 'Big Darrell' was all about" - @ian_maurice remembers his friend Darrell Eastlake. #DarrellEastlake #7News

Dozens were arrested as hundreds of opposition supporters staged sit-ins and attempted to block road traffic in Armenia's capital Friday to protest ex-president Serzh Sarkisian's election as prime minister. #Armenia #7News

Arsene Wenger has announced he is to step down as manager of @Arsenal at the end of the Premier League season. #7News

First sheep carrier to dock in SA since 'atrocity' footage made public sparks protest

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7 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

"When Cain was seven years old, he wrote a suicide note at school to the bullies... and he jumped off the second storey building of his school". #EmployableMeAU available to watch on ABC iview: ...


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his mother looks 28 years old

9 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

High winds have driven thousands of tumbleweeds into a US town, where they are piling up two-storeys high. ...


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Wayne Termaat

Alyson Funnell 😳

Jamie Sellars 😳

And Alison Zeller, you thought you had a problem at Gowrie Junction!

Jess Donnan

9 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

Following on from the deconstructed Vegemite on toast ... ...


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Malin Karlsson lets gooo!!!!

Brilliant 😂 Rachel Ramsay

Ben Hinton

Vicki Jackman haha

Vincent Broad 😂

Paul Dhasmana

Danielle Dalmau

Gemma Long I don’t even know if this is satire anymore..... 😞 🤷🏻‍♂️

Would love them to do this on Masterchef.

Tefi Fajardo Nathaly Quintero Yishi Wu Jugenis Falcon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

10 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

Never let the flies get in the way of your drink 😂

📸: Aneeta Bhole

Never let the flies get in the way of your drink 😂

📸: Aneeta Bhole


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Blair Speakman brilliant idea!

Thomas Robb. 🤣😂

Georgia Hammond Bel Dunn Patricia Brown Star-Maree Dunn

Alex Mehrtens

Sammie O'Brien

Yes i hadta buy a net ta put over my hat last week in longreach but so annoying when u want ta drink hey

Tony Aleandro is this you?

Nikki... you need this...

Nick Backstrom

Hahaha Jason Staunton Steve Randall you guys need this for Warrick

Hahahaa Debbie Gray Robison kyle needs this 😂😂😂

Gemma Casey

David Hodge

Mozzies are the problem in Forster atm Mozz Len McGrane we need these lol

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10 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

ABC Western Queensland
Special edition of ABC News in Winton tonight... watch at 7pm