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BREAKING| Three Dead In Everton Hills House Fire

BREAKING| Three Dead In Everton Hills House Fire


Neighbours heard yelling, then an explosion at the home early this morning. #mmmbrisnews

Reports 'explosion' sparked blaze

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Port Adelaide lashes Channel Seven over Powell-Pepper nightclub incident coverage (photo: AAP)

A set of rare twin joeys has been saved by wildlife volunteers after their mother was euthanised. #9News

After four decades on the run, the man thought to be the infamous "Golden State killer" has been arrested in California. #9News

Former SA police officer Hayley May Greenwood sentenced to 4yrs, 6mnths jail for drug trafficking. Non-parole period of 18 months @abcadelaide

The US police officer charged with murdering Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk will plead not guilty to the charge. @ccroucher9 #9News

Mystery surrounds how a man from Sydney's eastern beaches sustained head injuries so bad, he died from them days later in hospital. @peterstefanovic #9News

THC says the $2.5 million acquisition of facilities in Southport, Queensland from LEO Pharma will enable it to produce high-quality, pure cannabinoids for use in drug treatments. #9News

Medical cannabis company shares soar by 120 percent

Pot stock The Hydroponics Company has soared after the company acquired one of the largest plant extraction...

Meghan Markle got married tonight in America but not to Harry. Instead she walked down the aisle with “Mike” and gave her vows using the name “Rachel”. #9News

Meghan Markle just got married... but not to Harry

SPOILER ALERT: It has taken 108 episodes but Rachel and Mike have eventually tied the knot.

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55 minutes ago


This adorable toddler has been dubbed ‘mini-Rapunzel’ due to her long luscious locks! 😍😍😍 ...

1 hour ago

Nova 919

My friends trying to stop me from making bad choices:

📹 JukinVideo


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Jessica Warne this is milly and Lucy 🤣

Corinne Ang 😂😊🤣🤣so funny lol

Matthew - maybe you need to do this Tyson 🤷‍♀️

Kait Hall us to each other whenever we go out 😂

Kat Shimmin me when ever you want to drunk text 😂

I need this cat Bee El Kay

Annemette Ravn Broni prøver Morgan også det her 😆

Mustafa Mohammed pluto 🤣

Nikki Slaghekke🤣🤣

Oliviah Dezen Nikki Dezen

Lareina Rajah

Amy Gallaher

Connor Lenti Tegan Miller 😅😅

Nathan Lenehan 🤣

Beccalina Usher Catherine Usher Amanda Usher


Rick James

Melisa Kursumlija😂

Benjamin Mark

Quynh Tran

Janelle Hobbs

Karen Reilly

Greer Viezzi

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4 hours ago


The beautiful moment a baby chameleon hatches from it's egg 🐣💕 ...

9 hours ago


Prankster boyfriend faked his own death! Well that is one way to get your crush's attention! How would you react to this? 😳 ...


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This is sickening in a sick society that perpetuates idiotic self indulgences with no regard to anyone else. Complete selfishness, unfunny, & stupid.

I don't think that's cute at all!

10 hours ago


Who else can't contain their excitement?! 😆#InfinityWar ...

Who else cant contain their excitement?! 😆#InfinityWar

13 hours ago


Have you ever had a drunk moment like this? 😂😂😂

Want to share your funny moment with us? Get in touch now:


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Maja Pelle-Bäck

14 hours ago


This little guy scared of the sea will be the funniest thing you see all day! 😂#WorldPenguinDay🐧 ...


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Ihr könnt nicht fliegen

Ann Katrin

Gemma Pearson

Charlie Jiménez

2 days ago


COFFEE ALERT: The Little Marionette café has officially opened on campus, with free coffee for every visitor today! ☕️

As part of their Grand Opening, they will be collecting gold coin donations for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, find them at the Clancy Auditorium on Upper Campus between 8am and 4pm today!

COFFEE ALERT: The Little Marionette café has officially opened on campus, with free coffee for every visitor today! ☕️

As part of their Grand Opening, they will be collecting gold coin donations for the Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation, find them at the Clancy Auditorium on Upper Campus between 8am and 4pm today!


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Does the barista come with the coffee 😍😍😍

any hints as to their location on campus?

Shuyao you were actually right about it being built yesterday Daniel Xue Leon Wang

Shreya Joshi Shreya Kiran the one day i don't come istg everything happens on a tuesday

Emma Russell free cuckacino when you get back from bali


Cameron Elphick for after ur physics test lol

Emily Washer I know I said I should stop drinking coffee but...

James Wood is that you!!?

Eva Hetyei how about this for your 4th coffee 😂

Thanks for your top notch service and professionalism. XO Jayne

Rhonda Ung no need for coffee capsules

How many coffee shops can you fit onto the UNSW Kensington Campus ????

I've made a map of all the food on campus, and distribute it as "the most important map of UNSW ever made".

Prarthna Wadhwa 😍 wouldnt want u to miss the chance for a free coffee

Emily Zhu if you’re still on campus go here!

Just got mine with a Vegemite toast - excellent coffee and service

Kian Alex ahhh fk it was free

Nathan Khoudair thought it said Maronite lmao im toasted

Simon Tsang, little marionette, maybe we can walk over from college to get this good coffee in a blue cup :P

Naduni. Bye bye to coffee cart eh?

Justin Chan Though they might not do a free filter coffee

Li Shen Phan that's what it's called!

Henry William Lynch bro why couldn't this be the case for usyd

Stephanie Qiu this is the one I was talking about

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3 days ago


Off to class! 📚

Autumn vibes on campus in 1974 🍁

Off to class! 📚

Autumn vibes on campus in 1974 🍁


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Walking up Basser Steps from The Parade Theatre to John Clancy Auditorium in 3 inch wooden heel clogs with a 10 minute class turnover. Jockeying for a carpark in High Street and mastering the downhill /uphill reverse park. After tutorial drinks at ‘The Decline...’, and examinations at the Union Building. Lunchtime political meetings on the lawn outside the Menzies Library. Watching planes land or following the ponies , from the 10th floor of the Applied Science building when you should’ve been doing a lab. Enjoying live theatre at The Parade for the two dollar student discount. Great time of my life. ‘72-‘76.

I was also a student at UNSW then (1972 to 1975). A great time for universities and for students! All things were possible and life was pretty exciting.

Photo exactly from the time I was there at the Uni. 1972 to 1976. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Too much to study! And no laptop to help.

Those were the times my friend! A free tertiary education based on merit!

Fond memories. 1974 was my last part time undergraduate year and third year working on campus in the academic / non academic Appointments Office of the Bursars Division. Finished up with an ASIO file for regular attendance at lunch time rallies on the Library lawn for god sake! Found that out when I got my DoD security clearance when later working for Sperry Univac Computer Systems for access to employees on their Canberra based mainframe sites. Those definitely were the days!

I remember that walk- Psych was where NIDA is now and housed in army sheds, and Maths/ Economics was up in CLB 7 ( Top of Basser steps I think)- could do that walk well within the 10 minutes needed. i finished in 73

I was there when tertiary education was given to all. A lot of exercise going from Anzac Perade to upper campus.

UNSW, given the new mode of transportation coming up in the near future, do you have any photos of the university from Anzac Pde with the trams before 1961?

I started there in 1974 and remember that vista and free education....what a wonderful man Gogh Whitlam was!

I was there in 1966 as first year Science students. In those days, all first year Science, Medical and Engineering students studied three similar subjects : Physics 1, Chemistry 1 and Maths 1. Those who,did Engineering,did Engineering 1 whole,others,did Biology 1. I did well in first year and was able to transfer to do Medicine in second year.

I was there 1991 -1994. I miss all that is around it including the Baxter steps, Round house, my beloved International House, the square house, Randwick nearby. Lovely Kensington campus!!! My love for UNSW

1974 I graduated. I completed my B.Sc Food Technology. Wonderful times.Whitlam was very kind, which enabled me to enrol for post graduate studies. I completed my Ph.D. Food Technology in 1979. Everybody was so kind at the Department of Food Technology. I am grateful to my all teachers there, particularly to my supervisor during my postgrad studies and Head of the department.

Oh those were the days. 1973-6. From chemistry to biology and then back to physics. A bit too much time spent on the physics lawn with my now husband of 43 years. Very fond memories.

Was there during that period. Does anybody remember “The Wizard”, and his “Wench of the day”? Think he may have been a year or 2 earlier.

I was there then. Degree over but finishing Dip Lib. Got a big scooter by then because parking was so bad. Had ideas of leaving the car on long elastic circling the block but couldn't find long enough elastic.

I had a remembrance of few professors, pro. W. R. Blunden, Dr. J. A. Black, Mr J. I. Tindall professor Blunden was the head of the department of school of Transportation and Traffic. Professor Blunden was already passed away but I don't know about other professors. They are all very good and helpful.

1976 Engineering free education with $200 every 2 weeks from Whitlam government, back again 1986 law school...only last year need to pay...those were the days ..they did end.

That was my final year in UNSW.. remember that walk vividly.. this photo brings back a lot of sweet memories.. thank you for posting it..

I “walked the walk “ from 1970-1973. Good days! Uni was also where my husband and I “courted “ !! Ok you young ones go google what that means!

All my subjects were an easy walk during my bachelor degree. My Dip Ed subjects were on Western Campus and finished at 5 pm. I was at UNSW from 1976 to 1979.

Hey here's one out of left field. THE Really Hottest Babe, and I was TOO shy, and nobody will believe it now, nEVEr was Then Michelle Hanson (Hansen) from Clovelly, went to St Claires at Charing Cross, THE lost love , She went to UNSW , dunno what degree. Would be Amazing to say Ello, and what did your life become. ?

Just how I remember it! 1974 was my first year doing Science. Lost count of the times up and down Basser steps from one end of the campus to the other.

I was also a student UNSW 1971 to 1974 I remember those bell bottom pants ! And the protests against Vietnam , lunch outside the Library , some great times at the local wine bars ! Yes I remember that walk to psychology classes . Great memories

Having a lot of memories during my study in this University. It was almost 3.5 years study in UNSW (1987-1990) and having a lot of memories, fully struggle but enjoyed and nice university's environment.

I had been there from 1984 - 1989 during my Masters and PhD studies in the School of Food Science & Technology. I have many sweet memories in the campus of UNSW. A lot of exercise going from Anzac Perade to upper campus.

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4 days ago


UNSW Arts and Social Sciences are again partnering with Sydney Writers' Festival to present Thinking Globally, a series of discussions exploring what it means to be part of the global community. Hear from UNSW academics, Ben Doherty and other alumni at Carriageworks from 3 May: ...


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Jaeco looks like a graveyard

Jimmy Farrell


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Tyler Price its all those hitouts aye?

Dylan Brooks

David Kulikowski Mina Sam

No excuse we were shit


Yawn... Nothing said when crows lose, yet when its port, its the same old pathetic pictures. Just curious admin, you have an entire thumb drive sitting next to your computer ready to go when Port loses?

Amy Warncken Julie Collins

Bobbie Eaton

No excuse, they were better than us tonight🤷🏾‍♂️

Nathan Johnson

Daniel Button Dave Smith Steven Hill

Not a peep for a whole week when crows get flogged by COLLINGWOOD but when port lose how comes the same old memes.

Lewis Groenn

Volume 1

No excuses. Outplayed by a team that fucled up less.

Christian Piteo ahhaha

why haven't you posted anything about the crows losing to Collingwood last week? All you do is post the same boring memes that are years old

Rob Cohen

Lindsay Clark

The admin was missing last week... must of had internet issues

this ole fav Dean Bernard Scroop

Emily Smallman

Christophe Guyonnet

Umpires Sam Kokotis?

Jake Jake

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