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Bizarre March: Balmy nights, hot days and ... rain!

Bizarre March: Balmy nights, hot days and ... rain!


Perth felt its first drop of rain today since February 17 (when only 0.2mm fell) but we will continue to feel the heat, with the average maximum temperature for March at 31.7 degrees, while we sweat through higher-than-average balmy nights.

Tuesday was the third night this month the mercury has stayed above 23 degrees overnight, more than six degrees warmer than the March average of 16.7 degrees.

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3 hours ago

Nova 937

I got Dua Lipa a little care package 💊 and got an update on the tooth situation!

4 hours ago

Nova 937

Candy Barrrrrrrr 😂 It never gets old!

Kate, Tim & Marty
Kate out of NOWHERE in The Gift! 🔮 What a game!

#fannyyyypackkkkkkk #choctop

5 hours ago

Nova 937

Will you be watching?

Channel 7
SNEAK PEEK: She's the Aussie girl who became a worldwide sensation 👩‍🎤🇦🇺

Delta Goodrem is Olivia, coming to Channel 7


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Ew. No. Hate her

No not me, think they should have got Nat Basingthwaite

I’ll be torn between watching Delta on the Voice and this as they air the same time

Should be good, don't know why so many negative comments she is more than qualified for the role .

Taysha Sullivan show mum x

Oh god no.

A show about bad wigs??


Cat Mann Shaw 👌

Adam Watts!!!

Kari Parker

Danielle Barton

Kahlie Broad

Bree Watts

Deb Gleadall Gurney

Alicia Williams

Cheryl Wellington

Demi Nash

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6 hours ago

BuzzFeed Australia

This is 100% accurate. ...

This is 100% accurate.


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Thejes Nair I feel like ours aren’t actually accurate! But you could totes be February 😂 and I think I’d be December 😂

Oath! I would die for you! Maybe. If it didn't hurt. Actually no. I wouldn't. But I would give you wine. And that is better 😘

Vanessa Crane Maria Woolford Gabrielle Cassard Chandler McGovern-Greco Emma Bunzli I like how accurate this is as I am the last day of March and a combination of March and April depending on my mood😄

Ivana Kovacevic William Rosen Jack Butler accurate for everyone but jack how sad 😹 loved the ocean yeah okay suz spit on 🤩🤩

Adam Greenhead I think we did alright here! Plus we can laugh at Michael Cadell and he has no idea why 😂

Sanna Karvinen havent watched it, but its pretty accurate honestly. For us both

Thea Torp du er en "thirsty queen" og det lyder som verdens mest perverse trans-joke! I love it! (jeg er jo også "very funny", så deeet)

Braeden Pugh Shannon Marchant Amber McDonnell you guys don’t even have to watch GOT to know that mine is extremely accurate

Rick I don’t know about brave, but anxious mess and needs a hug is basically 100% me 😂

Shi-Qi Ong pre accurate tbh I don’t hold grudges tho I just don’t adore AHAHAH you’re pre g at trivia 🤔? AHAHAH

Molly, Samantha, Suzanne I’m not mad with my month

I know you both haven’t really watched GOT but the last one in my birth month 😂 Tahlia Alannee

Mushi Hossain ভাইয়া October টা দেখেন।আপনার বন্ধুর টা তাহলে কী!! শেষ পর্যন্ত Jaime though now like him! Bt jon... he is just love 💟! খুব কী ক্ষতি হত April এ birthdate হলে!! 🤪

Chris Galic this is accurate...well for me man 😂😂 idk about you

Mary Aidonopoulos not too sure that Arya suits you but Daeny is definitely accurate for me 😂😂

Bella Kennett you’re Jon and Cersei because you’re the Mum of the group Leisha Kate you’re Brienne and a lil bit Jaime Lannister, I’m Arya and Tyrion but I’m not funny I just tell a lot of jokes

Emily Corey there’s a little bit of me in all of these tbh

Anthony Benjamin I’m Jon snow for sure, I need to change my birthday month...but in feb it does mention I’m a bit stabby, that’s accurate lol

Ellie the regulars at trivia think I’m good at it. They ask me for all the answers

Bronwyn van Wyk is it coincidence our characters spent 13 seasons together??

My birthday's September (Brienne), and my husband's November (Tormund). Lmao totally made for each other babe Izzat Zurkiple

IF THAT AINT ME OMFG Shankar Giri (not the brave part) AND YOU. OMFG.

Blake Shaw never watched it and never plan to but I do know that Jon Snow knows nothing so I'm pretty sure April is spot on

Andrea Carr CJ fits him so well! Idk about me being Sansa but I like what it says haha November kinda fit you and B 😂😂

Alex Crawford I think Tyrion fits you but I'm probably more like Jaime based on this description, but without the incest you know

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6 hours ago

Nova 937

Fitzy & Wippa
GOT HER!!! Fitzy has been testing his wife for their 10 year wedding anniversary and today he pretended to abandon her on The Morning Show to test her SELFLESSNESS!! 😂😂😂

3 days ago

Sydney Crime News

Follow our Sydney crime news admin zaky and join his journey in phuket.
Snapchat.. wackyzakyqanda

Follow our Sydney crime news admin zaky and join his journey in phuket. 
Snapchat.. wackyzakyqanda

Did you know? Your right to live free from danger and oppression is enshrined in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Human rights and fundamental freedoms belong to all of us equally. 🕯


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Has this Charter of Human Rights been ratified by and in Australian Law?

Sadly there is no one around to enforce Article 3 so it may as well not exist.

Has this Charter of Human Rights been ratified in