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Australia's Perrine wins bronze in Paralympics super-combined

Australia's Perrine wins bronze in Paralympics super-combined


Perrine sat in gold medal position for most of the second stage before Farkasova and FitzPatrick overtook her with the last and second-last runs respectively.

Australia's Melissa Perrine claims a bronze medal in visually-impaired alpine skiing at the Winter Paralympics.

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WATCH: A workmate of a man crushed to death by a scissor lift during construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has told a coronial inquest he had his own near-miss with the machinery.

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30 minutes ago

9 News Adelaide

A brave teenage girl has told 9 News how she used her phone as a form of defence to film a man she feared was stalking her.

#9News |


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Tayla Wilkinson omg

Thats the bank I used until I recently moved. Nobody believed how dangerous Henley Beach Rd is now. I didnt even feel safe in broad daylight.

Jiela Ajak Bol Mapör

1 hour ago

9 News Adelaide

Paramedics have taken extraordinary steps to save a family's pet dog, rescued from a burning house after being overcome by smoke.

#9News |


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Terrie. What hero’s. The compassion and caring to go above and beyond the call of duty. Gratitude to our emergency services to save their fury loved one.

So sad Lucky they are all ok including the dog

Kerry Packer

Kayla Sergi

William Beltran

2 hours ago

MTV Australia

See more Charlotte Crosby than ever before...

The Charlotte Show starts 6pm March 29


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Megan Lewis

Hannah O'Rourke come round for this?

Kendall Jane Princé Dòg are we down for this or no? I’m unsure how I feel ...

Cassandra Hulme get outttttt

Tarita Manns starts on the 29th

Yessss can't wait

Noah Flavell

Her lips are riidiiiicc Emily Costanzo

Fallon Darlington wat ya rek??

YES Bec Zerial

Such a shame MTV has sunk so low... Used to love mtv growing up it's just turned to pure shit with trash shows and trashy people

Catherine Pack Ashley Rattenbury

Amber Ong

Victoria Louise

Meg Doyle

Stefania Fruci

Sarah Roden

Sarah Roden

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2 hours ago

9 News Adelaide

Police are reviewing video of a racist tirade at the Salisbury Centrelink office, as they consider whether to lay criminal charges.

#9News |


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Would it be wrong to say He has a point?

Hes got a point but the delivery was ordinary

When a man yells in centrelink they wanna press charges but a 18 year old punches a girl at schoolies and he walks free.. or the teacher who has the kiddy porn gets sentenced only 3 years! go figure

When do the public get to vote for multiculturalism? I’d like to see that! 😂

he was letting off steam , no one was hurt or threatened , i think personally the government needs to be reviewed before he does. i know one of the people interviewed n they said there part perfectly too

Hes needing some help and abviously so frustrated i fully agree with him Australians come number 1 period

People shouldn't take their frustration out on the staff at Centrelink. They are only doing their job. It is the federal government that is changing all the rules and regulations.

Not shock at at all look after us Aussies first

I would be lying if i didn't agree with him on why he was upset. Although i don't support how he went about it, he does make some fair points. These days and i know this from personal experience, mental illness is viewed as less important or like having a cold and to be exempt its like being integated. I get that there are bludgers out there, but making me visit my doctor 10 times just so they can tell me the worlds werent in the correct boxes and things should be listed individually is ridiclous i can see why hes fustrated.

he didn’t attack physically it was verbally maybe you should change that headline!!

The unfortunate part about his rant , is that he is absolutely correct , and who is it that cuts our benefits to the bone while giving these people twice , YES TWICE the benefits we receive , YEP the Government . And then we wonder why some people crack under the pressure

This bloke should of ran for SA’s top job. You know he would put his own people first!

The government breeds racism. What do people expect when cheaper housing nice cars ect. There is good and bad every race but seriously his point is valid. The federal government is to blame not the muppets doing their job. Ive had Sudanese work for me and his attitude was poor. Contacted him for work the next day. He vanished. He messages from queensland......cant work im on holiday. Job network were chasing him why he wasnt working. I told them why. Hes on holiday. How nice would that be. Oh and he lived in glenelg. Ahhhhhh the life. How many people have to work struggle wish just to have that or electricity or food or a roof.

Its equivalent of going into a servo and blasting the cashier for the petrol prices. Goto your MP regarding immigration policies and concerns

Yep he dose the Salisbury center link thay are so rude down there than thay oneder why people go off there nut at them

Language was offensive, one of society's forgotten people, people are quick to judge.

Not appropriate behaviour in a public place. Ring your federal politician and state your annoyance, which I agree with.

Could you imagine needing assistance and theres more others than Australians in centrelink just do it the correct way in saying i no how he would feel surrounded by tea towels not for wiping dishes either sad sad sad situation its becoming

Alright seen this story 15 times in 3 hours

Consider? Ridiculous!! It is a threathened situation and the police should have been called immediately. This is not okay and letting him off is saying it is okay and leaves those affected feeling lonely .... not okay!

He could have said all that and just use the word migrants( without the swearing and name calling ) and then it wouldn't have been racism it would have been facts.

Racist tirade..of course your quick to throw the racist card 🙄🙄🙄 Sure his way about it was a bit full on but he’s just saying what most of us are thinking anyway !!!!!!

There's a deep suspicion that some new arrivals are recieving lump some handouts( see driving in $40-50,000 vehicles ), the average working Aust citizen cannot afford those, and that the fed govtis covering it all up. Until the media investigate, poltician parasites in govt deny or confirm otherwise you'll probly see more of this shite behavoir. Lets face it Australian politicians are good at wasting $billions and not giving a [email protected]#s [email protected]#e about.

Wogs get the same treatment like this too discusting behavior if you were a foreigner how would you feel this kind of outburst you wouldn't like it suc it in we are not going anywhere soon you don't treat your dog like this so don't treat us that way too we are human and we have feeling like you

Yes Turnbull bring out a plebiscite on Muslim/ African immigration, dare you !

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6 hours ago

MTV Australia

"Lipstick Lady" is living proof dreams do come true... 💄💄💄

cc: Taylor Swift

I've not seen this one before... Go Via (well NOT Go Via, but pretending to be Go Via).

Ive not seen this one before... Go Via (well NOT Go Via, but pretending to be Go Via). 


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GoVia is, in it’s own right, a scam.

I got this the other day! I was suspicious so didn't click on any links and checked my account online. Glad I trusted my instincts.

Glen, Joshua

Pete Boyd

Matty Francis

Saajid Khan

Lucy Orazio

John Butz

Stewart Vlaanderen

Rod Warren


Andrew Daddow

Travis Ruckert

John El Gaupo Broomfield

Himanshu Arora

Mark McDonald

Edwin Monteclaro

Andrew Otto

Shane Kelly ... didn’t we get one of these???


Mark leeson

Paul O'Neill

Jasmine Manning

Keith Fullerton

Jennifer Smith Kirsten Tully

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Today is International 🦔 Hufflepuff Pride Day? Master 10 made a poster (and badges & video) #HP4eva
Tell your Harry Potter loving kids.
🐍 21st - Slytherin
🦁 22nd - Gryffindor
🦅 23rd - Ravenclaw


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Jenni Clark

Symone Ward

Anna Fleming Shantai Jackson

Zoey Anderson-Vaughan - I am sure you already knew but just in case