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Australia’s migrant intake is already being cut

Australia’s migrant intake is already being cut


COMMENT When we are so rich and blessed with this country compared with most people in the world, not to welcome people would seem rather churlish, writes Michael Pascoe in his last column for The Age.

There’s a certain irony in the PM and Peter Dutton having different recollections about whether they had discussed cutting immigration.

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[email protected]'s bear cub Mishka is celebrating her 1st birthday today. "She's growing so quickly. From 500g this time a year ago, to over 110kg today." Report on 7 News at 6pm. #7News

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Jayden Blackman the boys


Sonia Fernandes

Georgia Drake

Scott Hardman!

On Anzac Day our cricketers pay their respects to those who sacrficed so much. Lest we forget 🙏 ...


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I Love Steve Smith Borther

Didn't know Ryan Harris and Mitchell Johnson were still in the team

Like the theme and agree with the acknowledgement but wrong time to include Warner & smith

A well known Australian Test cricketer, Cotter was killed in the charge at Beersheba, regarded as the last great mounted charge in history.

Lest We Forget. Thanks to all. God rest Their Souls. Amen.

Well done lest we forget

Well done CA..


Thank you. ...

Thank you.

To all Guests visiting today, please note we will be observing ANZAC Day with a moment of silence at 11am throughout the park. ...

To all Guests visiting today, please note we will be observing ANZAC Day with a moment of silence at 11am throughout the park.


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#Respect ❤️

On Sachin Tendulkar's 45th birthday, some of our players decide who they prefer out of the Little Master and current India skipper Virat Kohli... ...


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Hey Australia. How's Smith and Warner doing? The other night I watched the video of them crying again. It's still funny😂😂😂😂.

virat is far better than sachin <3

Anyone that says kohli has no clue sachin was a once in a lifetime talent dominated the worlds best bowling at the time which was far superior to today’s bowling stocks sachin by a country mile

Tendulkar played against bowlers whom even Smith and Kohli would struggle to face. Murali, Warne , Mcgrath, Ambrose, Bond, Abdul qadir, Akram, Walsh, Waqar ,vettori, Donald..There are many more great bowlers I have left out. He played matches on spin friendly pitches , bouncy pitches in Australia and swinging conditions in England. He scored anywhere and everywhere. The quality of attack he faced is always superior than what today's best batsman are facing. That's not their fault though. Tendulkar should be remembered for the dedication he had for the game more than his stats.

Stupid comparison.. Think about the quality of bowlers Sachin faced.. Kohli is just a flat track bully

For the record, I'm not a Virat hater. I love him for the aggressiveness on the field. Without a doubt, the best player in any format while chasing. A leader, not a great one as Ganguly or Dhoni (his aggressiveness has gotten him into fight with his own teammates. He may turn to a great leader given the time). Easily the best batsmen in the world now. Great possibility to break most of the Sachin's records. Hands down. Before giving him the crown, just think of few facts. First of all, the quality of bowlers he is facing now. If I ask you to name 10 great bowlers in this era, you definitely would find it difficult. Where as in Sachin's time, you could get the '10' from Australia and Pakistan itself. 😀. He has faced the most fearsome bowlers. The bowlers were far more Superior when compared to this era. Again Kohli never had to deal with the never ending pressure like Sachin did. When Sachin was on the field, no one expected less than a half century( I'm just being lenient here. You know everyone wanted a century). If you don't believe me or find this silly, take this incident. 2003 world cup. It was Sachin's worldcup. He dominated like anything and he was the prime reason India reached the finals. The final was against Australia and they have set a humogous target of 360. Unlike the present day cricket, chasing 300 plus was not very often back then. So it was nearly impossible. Still because of that man, every one had the hope. But he cheaply got out to McGrath for just 4 runs and India lost the world cup. The funny part, he was blamed for losing the world cup. India never remembered the fact that India would have never gotten to the finals without him. You see what I'm saying. He was never supposed to lose because he was considered as what you call ' God of cricket'. So that's the kind of pressure he dealt with. Every single game. No one could disagree on this. Again, the opposition teams were really strong back then in terms of bowling and batting. Yes I said batting. Back then, we saw more great/consistent batsmen. There were equally good players as Sachin. Two names I'll take Lara and Pointing. I don't want to name anyone else because the list is long. So that's it. Kohli is not really tested to the limit in terms bowling neither he is having a tight competition in batting also. Sachin proved to the world he is the best in these two aspects. Maybe kohli is equally or can be more talented than Sachin. He can break the records and be supernatural. But another Sachin he'll never be. Because Sachin was lot more than just records, numbers. He was clearly an emotion. An emotion which will never be returned or felt again.

Without playing a single test match against Pakistani bowlers how come he would be compared with any test batsmen... 👎👎👎

Sachin easy...but what about Sunny Gavaskar..everyone seems to forget about him..Yes Sachin faced some good bowlers....but try Roberts/Holding/Croft/Clarke etc ...Willis. . Botham..Imran...Hadlee...For me Gavaskar was better than both(Sachin..Kohli ) of them..

Kohli is a spoiled, petulant little child who throws his toys out of the cot when things don’t go his way. Sachin was all class.........., apart from when he ball tampered.

Sachin all the way. Kohli very aggressive and that can only go so far. India is my favourite cricket team. Their dedication is awesome

Tendulkar much better cricketer and much better bloke

I think this question itself is a mistake..sachin and kohli can never be compared..they were different players from different cricketing generations..

Sachin cant be compared to any other player alive, he brought a whole nation to stand still whenever he went out there. Virat is a great player but lacks character and acceptance like the master blaster!!

Kholi best Indian batsman technique I’ve seen, but I’d take Sachin any day over Kholi if I was picking a team.

Agar akram ki ball khelta kohli to middle ki jagah edge hi lagta Walsh ki bouncer khelta to helmet ke saath khud hi idd jaata Mcgrath ki bowling hoti to choka kya single bh nh le pata Waqar ki yorker khelta to har baar kiliya udvata Murli ki ball sirf pad pe hi khata Aur warne ki ball pe stump hi hota Abhi to inke bh baap richard hadlee, imran khan, saqlain n many more ke naam nh liye Today's era is batsman dominated n kohli does better than anyone, but sachin nh h vo. Ek starc aur narine ke alava bowler ginva do. Aur in dono ke against bh kohli kuch khas nh kar payega. Iski naak tutegi to hospital bhaag lega. Sachin ne uske baad bh akram, waqar ko khela. Abdul kadir yaad h - magician - ek over mein ghar bhej diya tha baap ne. If Ipl would hve been in Sachin's starting era. Har season mein 700-800 minimum the. Sachin didn't had a strong team like kohli. Kohli ke out hone pe kitne log tv bandh karte h??? Sachin ke out hote hi tc pe curfew lag jaata tha India mein. Kohli is good, but Sachin is where the table starts n ends. HAIL GOD!!

Dead pitches ,no lethal bowlers how can u compare virat with Sachin Sachin faced fearsome bowlers like macgraths,Ambrose's,Donald and waqar,Lee,and wasim.Nowadays bowlers are not so my vote definitely Sachin who also has a wonderful character

Tendulkar!! No contest seen many of innings when everone else failed with the bat but him... he wasnt no ones bunny thats for sure.

I like virat..but I am great fan of sachin..Right time most of the grounds has been changed in favour of Sachin period has not been like there any bowlers now like Mcrath,Akram,Donald,waqar,Akhtar,Brett lee,Chamantha vaas?

Dear In the 1990s, if you were an Indian cricket fan and Sachin Tendulkar had just been given out in a one-day international, the unwritten rule was simple: “Switch the TV off.” - I still remember ... we did the same many times... Sachin was the face of cricket for India.... sorry .... still .... No doubt - Virat Kohli is a genius and best in the world.... brilliant batsman ...

Even virat won't say that.....the best bowling attacks were in 90s and sachin had dominated them....Even Bradman would have failed....

ഓസ്ട്രേലിയ കളിക്കാർ ഊടായിപ്പോടെ ആണ് കളികൾ എല്ലാം ജയിച്ചത്..നിങ്ങൾ നേടിയ വേൾഡ് കപ്പ് കൊണ്ട് പോയി ഉപ്പിലിട്ട് വെക്ക്..മണ്ഡൂശുനകന്മാർ..ബ്രാഡ്മാന്റെ അച്ഛനാവാൻ നോക്കുന്ന സ്മിത്ത് ഏതു കക്കൂസ് ആണോ ഇപ്പോ കഴുക്കുന്നെ.. കക്കൂസ് പണിയെങ്കിലും മാറിയതക് ചെയ്യടാ..

No doubt Virat is a great player, even I am a fan. But Sachin played cricket against & with 3 generations or you can say 3and Half Generations. Modern Indian cricket transformed with him. There was a time when he gets out cheaply entire Indian bating use to collapse, e.g 96 WC Semi-final, His 136 against Pak in Chippuk, 175 against Aus to name a few. Many a times he bats & rest of the team fails. Of course he use to be a bit nervous in 90s as the public expectation use to be huge on his shoulder, but calling him selfish proves that you are a kid of T20 generation who only looks for results & not the process. From quality of bowlers to pitch conditions to shape and size of bat, many things have changed since 1989; and the most unique thing about him is, he kept on changing his technique according to his injuries & condition (I am yet to see such thing in cricket). Again Virat is great but that does't make Sachin small.

With all due respect to Kohli, Sachin by light years especially in his prime. That said if I want a match winner in prime I'd go neither and pick WI Brian Lara.

First of all comparison is the worst thing you could do in cricket after ball tampering. Yet something you need to consider are different pitches different playing conditions different oppositions different rules of the games(powerplays came into the game much later and were not that easy to take advantage earlier) Something to think upon Lastly why should we ask Aussies for their opinion on our legends

It's SACHIN on any given day in any PITCHES be it swinging or spinning and in any weather conditions against the best bowling attack in the WORLD. KOHLI is good modern day BATSMAN but there is a vast differences of current flat PITCHES and challenging conditions of 90's and early 2000.

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Aaron Finch is in action for @Kings XI Punjab tonight and plenty reckon he is our biggest hitter! ...


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Aron Finch will smash third class indian bowlers

Two golden ducks as of now.. #Biggesthitter


Get him some sand paper.

Lol joke of the day 2 ducks 🦆 in first two matches and 2 runs tonight. Set his record of 2 ducks 🦆 back to back 😂

Finch is going to pinch on कुल्ली कबाड़ी rendian bowler. All the best Finchy.

Wait till the end Brock Mclachlan 😂

What's happen finch

Finchy is a really big hitter of the world.

#Lynn #Maxwell🔥🔥

Out for 2 off 4balls lol

In my point of view Chris Lynn is one of the most powerful hitter I have ever seen in Australia

Yep, a solid 2.

I went to Bunnings the other day.... funny enough they were sold out of 80grit sandpaper

Chris Lynn 😍🏏😍 6 6 6 6 6

Actually Aaron finch is world biggest hitter

LOL! he scored 2 runs & given 2 fours by misfielding😂

Maxwell out for 12 lol

Its clearly lynn... in bbl at least

lynn already played great game

bbl best player/ big hiter #Lynn

Glenn Maxwell 🔥🔥

Not tonight

Chris lynn

Chris lynn

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Yes, we're open this ANZAC day, 10am - 5pm! ...


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Krystal Burton would u go on this ride then lol

Adam Spencer

Benjamin Andrew Purves

Kiri Fonotia round two

Brock Brodie

Maddison Paley 🎡🎢

Stayc Freeth

Devi Maskey Shasha Kanchi Shrestha Rasmi Adhikari Mijula Buddhacharya Sara La Subba soniya rozy n Sabee KC let go 😆😉

Lisa Shaw

Yes going

Luke E Muscedere this one too!

OPEN TODAY. Back in the swing of things, AW is open 10am - 5pm - have an AWesome day! #AWgoliath ...

OPEN TODAY. Back in the swing of things, AW is open 10am - 5pm  - have an AWesome day! #AWgoliath


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Aly Joy Gillard


Larnie Turner 😍

Monique Van Den Elzen Luke E Muscedere .... this is like the funnest ride ever!

CLOSED TODAY. Unfortunately due to the persistent poor weather forecasted, AW will be closed today. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. ...

CLOSED TODAY. Unfortunately due to the persistent poor weather forecasted, AW will be closed today. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.